Can you Really Increase your Productivity with a Sit-Stand Desk – yes, actually!

There’s a growing amount of studies being produced on ergonomically designed height adjustable sit standing desks. An area that has a lot of people interested is in how they impact productivity. A lot of sit-stand desk sellers claim that these ergonomic desks can improve productivity but can they actually do that – well, let’s take a look.


When we work, it’s a habit to sit in a chair and in front of a desk. If you’re an office worker in Canada, that’s what you do. All day long, we’re sitting – at work, in our cars, on the subway or bus, watching TV, and eating. The more that we sit, the less we spend time on other things. I mean, think about it. Eight hours a day sitting down, eight hours a day sleeping, plus all those other activities, and it all adds up to the majority of our days being spend sedentary.


When it comes time to get to work, people who are have less motion in their daily lives tend to move slower, think slower, and their productivity can be impacted by that. Of course, this may not apply to everyone but it applies to a lot of people who live sedentary lives. Sit-standing desks were created to encourage standing at work because when we stand, physically, we’re engaged and that extends our concentration.


A recent study published by the Texas A&M University shared how employees who stood at work as opposed to sitting increased their productivity by 23 percent in the first month of doing so and then, within six months, their productivity had increased by 63 percent. Naturally though, no one wants to be standing all day long. So ergonomic height adjustable desks are usually preferred, allowing an employee to move the desk to different heights depending on whether they want to be standing or seated.


Sit-stand desks are not there to take away sitting. What it’s there for is to combat prolonged sitting by providing a second option on what to do with your body while you work. Anyone who sits eight hours a day is physically idle and it’s only a matter of time until that impacts their mental state. Physically speaking, the less engaged you are, the less your mental instincts will be. That’s what we want to avoid.


For anyone looking to improve their work performance, either for personal or professional reasons, consider purchasing an ergonomically designed height adjustable sit-standing desk. Believe us when we say that you will notice a difference. And, should you not enjoy the whole ‘standing while you work’ gig, no worries because you can always convert your sit-standing desk back into a seated position whenever you please.

4 ways to Maximize your 4K TV Viewing with a TV Wall Mount

To get the most out of your 4K TV, one of the things that works best is buying a TV wall mount. If you’ve recently bought your very first 4K TV, that’s awesome news. Be sure to set aside some money to give it everything it needs to look great and maximize the home entertainment experience. With any luck, a TV wall mount will work to bring your family even more joy and entertainment in the years ahead.


Setting up your 4K TV

Using a TV wall mount, you want to be careful where you set up your 4K TV as to minimize light glare, as well as to consider the arrangement of sofas, furniture, and doorways. Should you choose to purchase a TV wall mount with tilt included, this can help combat reflections of light from your windows or emanating from lamps or light fixtures. If you don’t have a tilt, you want to be more careful regarding where to place your TV and against what wall.

PrimeCables tv wall mount
PrimeCables tv wall mount

Now it’s cable-time for your 4K TV

After your TV has been properly mounted and set up, now you’ve got to connect your devices and any associated cables. Consider upgrading your HDMI cables while you’re here, ensuring they’re capable of 4K signals. Whether you’re connecting a satellite box, Blu-ray player, media streaming device, soundbar, or surround sound system, trying to figure out how these cables are supposed to work together may require a cable organizer.


Calibrating and testing everything


After your flat-screen is firmly placed in a TV wall mount and once you have your devices connected, it’s now time to test everything and calibrate your contrast, color, brightness, and color temperature. Especially with a 4K TV, you want to make sure you’re getting everything out of its picture. If there’s a setup disc or should you choose to rely on your eye to calibrate, the important thing is taking the time to get its’ settings just right.


Connecting your soundbar or speakers


The last thing that should come after your 4K TV and TV wall mount is a good set of speakers. 4K TVs get you great picture quality but they don’t promise anything about sound. Consider a multimedia speaker set, a surround sound speaker set, or a Bluetooth soundbar to really give your 4K TV everything it needs to be optimum as a home theater source.


Before you sit down for your next binge-watching marathon, help your home theater system perform just a little better with a more theatrical setup. Absorb yourself into your home entertainment system with these easy-to-do, cost-effective tips.

4 Top Picks for the Ultimate DIY Home Theater System

Take us up on top-notch gear for your DIY home theater system and instantly turn your home theater system into something even bigger. Whether it’s to binge-watch your favourite Netflix series, to entertain a passion as an amateur movie buff, or you simply want to enjoy having a home entertainment center all your friends can be jealous of, here’s top 4 picks on how to do it.


You gotta have a great TV

There’s a number of affordable 4K TVs and 1080p TVs available that can work wonders at increasing the appeal of a regular TV room. Ideally, you never want to shoot lower than 720p in high-definition picture quality. The wider the color gamut, the more HDR brightness, and the more inputs, the better. Consider one preferably with at least two HDMI ports.

PrimeCables tv box
PrimeCables tv box

A Bluetooth soundbar is a big upgrade

Although surround sound used to be where it’s at, these days, it’s less about being surrounded and more about what you can do with your home theater audio sound. A wireless Bluetooth soundbar is compact, sleek and modern, and provides high quality sound in a very smart way. Bluetooth-enabled devices can also sync up with this soundbar very easily, making it a simple process to listen to podcasts, play music, and broadcast directly from your smartphone.


Connect a media streaming device

If you don’t already have a media streaming box in your home theater accessory collection, it’s almost a necessity in this day and age to have one. A media streaming box can be used to connect with social media, Netflix, streaming platforms, and to stream your very own media. Streaming your favourite TV shows and media has never been easier with your home entertainment devices, as long as it’s paired with a quality Apple TV-esque media streaming box.


HDTV antenna

In this day and ago, more Canadians are getting rid of their cable subscriptions. Although there’s thousands of hours of media available on platforms like YouTube and Netflix, it doesn’t hurt to have some local programming thrown in there. Through using an HDTV antenna, indoor or outdoor, there’s the opportunity to pick up up to 20 channels of predominantly local and regional programming.


If you’re building your own home theater system, come to PrimeCables. Here, you’ll find up to 70 percent off home theater essentials and more. Buy in bulk and enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49.

Your Guide to the Ultimate 2019 New Year’s Monthly Sale to kick off the New Year

This New Year, start it in style alongside Canada’s favourite eCommerce platform PrimeCables. The ultimate list of after-Christmas sales are about to roll out with deals on cables, adapters, ergonomic office accessories, and so much more.

January 1st might not be a day where we first think of online shopping. After a long night, no one wants to be waking up early to go shopping. As an eCommerce site though, PrimeCables is not your traditional New Year’s market. Visit anytime, claim your deals, and check out with your purchases.

Some of the magical New Year’s Eve deals on the table includes the PrimeCables full-motion TV wall mount for curved and flat-panel TVs up to 90” in size, a 100” portable, collapsible projector screen, high-performance two-way bookshelf speakers, a 30-watt mini-amplifier, and various smart home accessories from receptacles through to plugs, security systems, and cameras.

As much of a gold rush as the Christmas season has been for us, we want January to be just as exciting. We’ve got a lot going on sale. We don’t want the party to stop. If you’re looking to supplement Christmas gifts you have or didn’t quite receive what you had hoped over the holidays, this is the New Year’s sale you want. Don’t let the holidays come to an abrupt end. It’s going to be gangbusters fun in the post-holiday season to shop with PrimeCables this January. Receive ‘free shipping’ on all orders above $49, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee.

Among the categories PrimeCables has become so well-known for, we are Canada’s #1 source for all sit to stand desk solutions. See New Year’s deals like our electric sit to stand adjustable desk riser frame table top not included for $259.99, a 3-stage reverse triple motor corner electric sit-stand desk frame for $399.99, and the dual-leg height adjustable electric sit and stand frame for an L-shaped desk for $399.99.

This is just the beginning to the 2019 New Year’s Day sale. Spend on some great deals, stretch your dollar as far as it can go, and set yourself up for some post-Christmas fun. Consider this treat as a gift to you. Get yourself the things no one thought to get you for Christmas!

Shop PrimeCables this January for extended year-end deals maximizing our need for post-holiday overstock and clearance items. Expect to find the best deals in home theater accessories, ergonomic office desks, and USB accessories.

The Best New Year’s Sales in Canada you can Shop right Now!

After Christmas and Boxing Day have passed, you won’t find very many brands going on the offensive sales-wise. For a lot of companies, they’re focused in replenishing inventory sold in the lead-up to the holidays and for others, they’re maintaining until the next big sales season come springtime. For shoppers with a little extra in their pockets this post-holiday season though, there are still a few New Year’s sales in Canada you can shop right now.


PrimeCables is one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites, specializing in the sale of hundreds of products in cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, and network solutions. For the best New Year’s sales in Canada, shop PrimeCables to see where you can save $100s. Shop top products ranging from ergonomic height adjustable sit-standing desks to TV wall mounts, Ethernet cables, and more.


For anything you may have missed this Christmas or anything you may want to compliment the gifts given to you by family and friends, now’s a good time to capitalize. Plenty of Canadians this Christmas received all sorts of products that work wonderfully alongside a USB Type-C cable, an HDMI cable, and/or any of the other accessories in the PrimeCables catalogue. If you don’t quite get the gifts you wanted for Christmas, no worries there because PrimeCables has everything. See some amazing accessories like smartphone holders, sync and charging cables, and 360-degree magnetic mounts to be used with any smartphone in any vehicle.


If you’ve recently purchased a new TV or have some new home theater components to try, there’s no shortage of speakers, mounts, wireless Bluetooth speakers, or more to choose from. PrimeCables also has media streaming devices, projectors and projector screens, headphones, and numerous electronic products that range in expense from the affordable to luxe.


Among the most requested gifts this December for the holiday season are the PrimeCables 70-piece 20-volt lithium ion compact cordless drill tool kit perfect for home project repair, the PrimeCables large full-motion TV wall mount for flat-screens between 50” and 90”, optical Toslink audio cables, the PrimeCables 100” projector screen which is both portable and collapsible mountable from both wall and ceiling, speaker wire, the PrimeCables mini-amplifier with two-way bookshelf speakers on-sale, and the PrimeCables free-standing adjustable footrest.


The best New Year’s sale in Canada is with PrimeCables! Shop your favourites today and enjoy ‘free shipping’ on any order above $49.

The Best New Year’s 2019 Sale Deals from Canada’s own PrimeCables

Save money this New Year’s with PrimeCables. The best New Year’s 2019 sale is only a click away with deep price cuts across the categories of cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, ergonomic office accessories, home theater accessories, tools, appliances, network Ethernet cables, smart home accessories, and more. The best sales deals are applied on everything from TVs down through to inexpensive USB accessories and little tech gadgets.

PrimeCables monitor mount series.PNG

After Christmas and Boxing Day, there’s not really a whole lot more to look forward to sales-wise until spring comes along. PrimeCables doesn’t want to wait that long and we know there are some Canadians who don’t want to wait, either. Although some of our New Year’s deals are already well and truly on, there are more set to hit on December 31 and then to run throughout January. We’re offering some big discounts on hundreds of products – some of which are sure to appeal.


One of the categories that has drawn a lot of interest this winter from PrimeCables is in our headphones and earbuds. Choose from several sales including our stereo ergonomic earbud headphones for $4.99, our wireless Bluetooth sports ergonomic earbuds for $9.99, DJ-style over-the-ear headphones for $19.99, our wireless Bluetooth earbuds with microphone for $49.99, and also, our premium hi-fi Bluetooth active noise cancelling headphones for $69.99.


Under home theater audio, there are also several New Year’s 2019 deals including high-performance bookshelf speakers for only $49.99, a stereo Bluetooth soundbar wired and wireless for $56.99, stereo desktop USB-powered multimedia speakers for $14.99, and an impressive 2.1 Bluetooth multimedia stereo-powered speaker and subwoofer set for $34.99. Depending on the size of your home theater system, any one of these could make for the right recommendation.


If you’re in the market for anything we’ve mentioned or would just like to supplement some Christmas gifts, PrimeCables is a great place to come to shop this January. Save a bit of cash when your order comes up to $49 and receive ‘free shipping’ to anywhere in Canada. Across PrimeCables’ catalogue you’ll find links to some of our best sellers, some new arrivals, and some of our editors’ favourites. Please feel free to go where things speak to you and select from the dozens of standout New Year’s sales in each product category.


Choose PrimeCables for big home theater buys, excellent cable deals, small appliance shopping, and more this New Year’s Day. After a very busy Christmas and Boxing Day, the best is yet to come!

Holiday Spending in Canada reaches Highest in 6 years and more Sales on the Way for New Year’s

According to a Mastercard report, holiday shopping spending in North America rose 5.1 percent this year which is the highest it’s been in six years. This is great news for Canada’s growing eCommerce sector, including one of its fastest growing brands PrimeCables.


2018 has been PrimeCables’ biggest year. A lot of that has to do with sales accumulated from Black Friday through to December 31. This January, we want to continue this pattern with New Year’s sales all month long on products ranging from mounts and sit-stands to cables, adapters, home theater accessories, smart home products, and more.


Canadian shoppers invested a lot into the economy in December, motivated by early discounts from brands like PrimeCables, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and others. So much cheer has been spread from corporate retail to small business eCommerce and all of this spending has also resulted in more employment. In provinces like Ontario, some have credited more spending to the rising minimum wage. Separating eCommerce sales from all around sales, eCommerce sales increased by almost 20 percent year over year according to this same Mastercard report.


This January, we invite you to drop into PrimeCables to shop New Year’s deals ranging from a 43” 1080p high-definition TV for $297.99 to a 110-piece accessory kit and 7.2-volt cordless rotary tool perfect for carving and engraving for $69.99, an adjustable and portable laptop stand for $9.99, a children’s multi-functional ergonomic desk and chair set for $109.99, the ZigBee LivingWise smart outlet for $25.99, a 360-degree rotating height adjustable laptop stand for $9.99, and the 27” flat gaming monitor in 4K 60Hz in ultra slim aluminum for $329.99.


There’s no need to wait until spring for your next big shopping spree. Even with limited funds, there’s something for everyone in the PrimeCables catalogue. Consumer sales activity is up in Canada and in celebration for the December we’ve had, this January we want to give a little back to shoppers who’ve shopped with us in 2018. That’s why we’re offering fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49, free returns, and 1-year product guarantee on anything you order.


Save potentially PrimeCables $100s off products like a wireless smartphone charger to wireless Bluetooth earbuds, noise cancelling headphones, an electric height adjustable sit-stand desk, a WiFi adapter, a 20-volt cordless power drill, a dual screen gas spring 360-degree dual monitor mount, and so much more. Shop Canada’s own PrimeCables this January.