Is A Laptop PC Gaming Monitor Elevator Stand With Sturdy Black Metal A Must-Have For Your Setup?

Do you enjoy gaming on a PC laptop? Us, too. They’re very handy to have. Unlike desktop computers, a laptop is portable. You can game on the couch, in bed, at the library, go to a friend’s place, or wherever you want.

With the right specs, laptop PC gaming can have just as much power as a desktop. For those specs to work though, it can take a lot of effort on behalf of the processor. You need to keep a laptop cool for it to work for hour after hour. On top of that, it’s not uncommon to have aches, pains, and discomforts gaming for extended periods when you aren’t prioritizing ergonomics.

A laptop PC gaming monitor elevator stand with sturdy black metal construction is one workaround.

Why A PC Gaming Monitor Elevator Stand And Ergonomics Are Important

We don’t realize how we put our bodies when we’re deeply concentrating on something at a laptop. We strain our core. Our bodies are leaning, putting stress on the neck, upper back, and lower back. You may get discomfort in your shoulders and sometimes your hips. This sort of prolonged sitting or leaning can lead to chronic discomfort.

A laptop gaming monitor allows you to adjust the height of your laptop, moving from sitting to standing. You can change position and continue gaming without taking a break. A monitor elevator stand like this has pre-set height settings. You can decide what you want to set it at and from there, can customize the laptop experience to how you like.

Through ergonomics, you avoid the aches and discomforts of gaming, and can improve your performance.

Benefits Of A PC Gaming Monitor Elevator Stand

  • Lift your PC laptop or monitor to the height you desire.
  • Using non-skid rubber, your laptop or screen will be safely positioned. The non-skid rubber also makes it possible to stack these two or three high, creating temporary shelving in your vicinity.
  • This is a high-quality, premium-grade build for your laptop PC gaming monitor elevator stand with sturdy black metal construction.
  • A mesh hold design allows for easy airflow, keeping your laptop cool and preventing overheating.
  • Repurpose your monitor stand. Use it as a way to hold other items, such as books, accessories, or other electronic devices.

There are lots of ways you can maximize the use of your laptop PC gaming monitor stand. While you’re partaking in an action-packed game on-screen, set yourself up to be able to play for longer, deliver on your gaming experience, and be overall comfortable. That’s the power of a monitor stand and prioritizing ergonomics in your gaming station.

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Is A Slim Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo Worth It For My Work From Home Office?

‘Cutting the cord’ is usually referred to cable TV but it can also apply to home computers. A wireless keyboard and mouse combo allows you to go without wires, tidying up the look of a desktop instantly.

Lots of brands sell wireless keyboards. Some are fairly typical keyboards and others can get quite fanciful. Especially if you decide to buy a wireless keyboard online, you can find some very beautiful keyboard and mouse combo designs, personalized and tailored to you.

For a work-from-home office, you may not think a wireless keyboard to be worth it but there’s an argument to be made that it’s an essential piece to a WFH workstation. In terms of aiding performance and comfort, as well as ergonomics, a wireless keyboard and mouse is a smart investment, and has been adopted by many remote workers throughout the past few years.

How A Wireless Keyboard Works

A slim wireless keyboard and mouse combo works via Bluetooth. How to get that Bluetooth connection going is through the USB port.

When you buy a wireless keyboard, it comes with a small USB piece. It is slightly larger than a fingernail. You plug in the USB piece into your computer. It then automatically syncs up the keyboard and mouse to the computer. It’s that easy.

Benefits Of A Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

If you aren’t sure about getting a new keyboard, there are several advantages to buying a slim wireless keyboard and mouse combo with 110 color round keycaps for PC laptop Mac. In performance, quality, design, and comfort in a work-from-home setting, here’s what to know about using a wireless keyboard and mouse.

  • You make it easier to adopt a sitting or standing position, such as if you have a height-adjustable desk.
  • Position yourself more comfortably, not restricted by a wire or your computer, minimizing leaning or uncomfortable positions you may adopt in order to type or work.
  • If your existing laptop or computer keyboard is not working properly, you can effectively replace it with a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • The round keycaps, most find, are easier to move across and use, in addition to looking very attractive and colorful.
  • Be able to move around the room within up to 10 metres. This allows you to type away from your desk or to use your keyboard at a distance, such as if your screen is on a projector, on a flat-screen, or in a multi-monitor situation.

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5 Things To Consider When Buying A Full Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount

A high-quality full motion dual monitor desk mount will instantly improve your home office workspace.

Two monitors can take up a lot of space, even on a large desk. If you are flustered with the limited space you’ve got to work with on your office desk, you may want to think about taking your monitors up with a full motion dual monitor desk mount for 13”-27” monitors. Gain valuable real estate while offering a more impressive overall aesthetic.

Before you buy just any dual monitor desk mount though, here are 5 things to consider.

Monitor Height For A Mount

The height of your monitors and the monitor desk mount matters. You want to know you can elevate your screens to the height you’re expecting. Some mounts are limited in their scope. Furthermore, any oddly shaped monitors or those with a tall height could mean difficulty installing both of them in the mount.

Monitor Size For A Mount

Pay attention to the monitor size limits when buying a monitor mount. Each mount is designed to support a specific monitor size and weight. Exceeding that, you could run into fitting problems. Heavier or larger-than-recommended monitors in a mount will weigh it down and cause an undeniable hazard.

Adjustability For A Monitor Mount

A full motion monitor desk mount is best if you want maximum adjustability. That said, not all monitor mounts are full motion. Some are very limited in their movement. How you adjust the positioning of monitors is restricted by what your mount is capable of. To get the most function, find a mount that can turn, swivel, rotate, and that has that full motion capability.

Mounting Method For Your Mount

Monitor arms or monitor desk mounts usually attach to your desk either through a clamp or a grommet mount. Check beforehand to make sure the thickness of your desk is appropriate for what you’re using for a monitor mount.

How You Will Manage Monitor Cables

Cables make a silly mess. Try to think of what you can do to keep your cords organized. This is often as simple as wrapping them together with tape and feeding them down a cable management channel.

If you’re stuck at your computer for big chunks of the day, improve the ergonomics of your workstation and buy for yourself a full motion dual monitor desk mount from today.

How Fast Is a USB-C To USB-C Fast Charging Cord?

Minimize the time that your smartphone has to stay plugged into its USB-C cable syncing or charging. A high-speed USB-C fast charging cable is the way there. Although the device being charged is limited as to how much power and data it can handle at once, an equipped USB cable will allow you to reach its maximum numbers.

A USB-C to USB-C fast charging cord can mean a lot of things. For example, earlier in 2022, the very first 240W USB-C 2.1 cables in the world were manufactured with up to 40Gbps of data transfer. Even though they are made, they aren’t widely circulating yet and aren’t available in retail.

Even if a 240W USB-C cable was available, no smartphone has the technology to take in that charging power at once. Instead of focusing on the highest of high-speed USB-C cables and overspending on a number that isn’t even possible to hit yet, look at far more affordable smartphone sync and charge cables that are still in the high speed category.

What Is A High-Speed USB-C Cable?

A high-speed USB-C cable is designed to charge and sync at speeds above what an average manufacturer-provided cable provides. Depending on the device, a high-speed USB cable typically has data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps and wattage of 60-100W on average, although this varies.

Try for a USB-C to UBS-C fast charging cord with at least 60W of power and data transfer speeds of 480Mbps. This will provide you the chance to charge quickly and without overspending. Available today at for only $5.99, they’re very inexpensive when bought online without compromise to their quality.

A few big advantages to the USB-C fast charging cable are that it has a right-angle connector and an LED indicator to let you know when it is charging. The right-angle connector is particularly beneficial as it reduces wear-and-tear on the end and reduces any bending of the cable which can harm the wire inside over time.

60W/480Mbps may seem a long way away from 240W/10Gbps but it’s not too noticeable, especially with smartphones. Unless you are doing massive transfers of data every day, a fast charging cord at 60W/480Mbps still beats out most average USB cables. For example, most computer USB ports supply only 2.5W at one time. Think about the jump from 2.5W to 60W when plugging your device into a wall outlet. That’s huge!

If you are in the market for a new high-speed fast charging USB-C cable, try to line up your purchase with what your device can handle. Never overspend. Shop a high-quality USB-C cable today at

Do You Need A Sit-Standing Height Adjustable Desk Or Riser For Your Ergonomic Office?

Whether you work from a public office or work from home, you face the same issue many Canadians face every day. That is the fact that many of us sit down for hour after hour while working.

Numerous studies show us how sitting is bad for short-term and long-term health. Hunching will strain the back, neck, and shoulders, potentially paving the way for chronic pain. Being bent at the waist will tighten the hips and abdominal muscles. You also will have elevated risks of cardiovascular and heart-related diseases.

The only way to stop sitting so long while continuing to work is through a modification like a sit standing height adjustable desk ergo riser ADR for monitors 35” wide.

Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Desk Ergo Riser

A height adjustable desk ergo riser allows you to alternate from sitting to standing. You can maintain better posture this way, keep your limbs loose and body active, and easily switch positions every 45-60 minutes.

This is done through the height adjustability of the desktop as it raises and lowers according to what you want.

The downside to height adjustable sit-standing desks are how expensive many are. After all, a motor’s being added to a regular computer desk with added functionality. It’s got to lift the weight of everything that’s on top of your desk which means a lot of extra design considerations. A workaround is what’s called a riser.

Why A Height Adjustable Riser Is Better Than A Sit-Standing Desk

A sit standing height adjustable desk ergo riser ADR for monitors 35” wide costs a lot less than a desk, first and foremost. A riser will easily shave hundreds off the price of an ergonomic desk. A riser’s a smaller version of a sit-standing desk, a motorized surface that you place on top of an existing desk and allows you to raise and lower it to your desired settings. Here are the benefits of a riser compared to a desk.

  • Use the desk you already own, allowing you to keep its storage and aesthetic.
  • Work more comfortably, no matter where your office desk is positioned and how large your existing workspace is.
  • A riser has less usable workspace to move up and down but this can be an advantage when it comes to decluttering your desk and keeping things looking modern and professional.

Shop sit standing height adjustable desks and risers at today and receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

Does A Universal Single Port USB Wall Charger Charge Faster?

How you make your smartphone charge faster is by focusing on the cable, yes, but also the source. A lot of people mistakenly buy a fast-charging USB sync and charge cable, thinking it’s going to provide increased charging speed. However, if you’re charging from a device like a laptop or computer, no matter how fast the charging cable is, you’re still limited by the output.

By comparison, a universal single port USB wall charger plugs into your wall and redirects that electricity singularly into charging your phone. It doesn’t need to power a laptop or any other device. Everything’s going into your smartphone or device that’s being charged. That’s why a universal USB wall charger is always faster. If you don’t have one and aren’t sure about it yet, here’s some more information that may sway you.

How Fast A Laptop Is Charging A Smartphone

An average USB cable used in a laptop produces about 600-900 mA of charge. A wall socket charge, however, doubles that at about 1,000-2,000 mA.

In some cases, fully charging a phone from 0% to 100% can take several hours or even overnight.

Now add to that when you’re using a fast-charging USB-C cable compared to the average smartphone sync and charge cable. An average USB cable charges from 0% to roughly 30% in thirty minutes. A USB-C cable charges from 0% to 55% or more in the same time frame. When selecting a fast-charging USB cable and having a USB wall charger, you minimize total charging time.

How Fast A Universal Single Port USB Wall Charger Is

A premium USB wall charger has an output of 5V 2.4Am DC and an input of 100V-240V AC.

You will notice, from the moment you plug in your phone into the USB wall charger, how much faster it charges. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about it over-charging or receiving too much signal. Wall charges have protections in the form of over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, over-heating, surge, and overload.

Something to watch for, however, with the best USB wall chargers are how compatible they are. Unfortunately, not all USB wall chargers are ‘universal’. A ‘universal USB wall charger’ is what to look for. These will be able to charge iPhones, Androids, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, and any devices with USB compatibility.

We all carry at least a smartphone with us on a daily basis. For that reason alone, every household should have a USB wall charger to receive the best charging time possible on their smartphone and all devices. Check out universal USB wall chargers and other USB accessories at

7 Reasons To Buy A Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

A full motion articulating TV wall mount is a great investment for a family-friendly space or gathering area where you don’t want space taken up unnecessarily. Lift up your screen and position it against the wall, creating a theatre in your very own home.

Here are 7 reasons to buy a full motion articulating TV wall mount for 37” to 70” flat panel TVs at

Save Space

There is no need for a table on which to put your flat-screen TV. You can clear out any table or surface you’d normally have a TV on. Instead, you put it up against the wall, suspended with a mount.


A full motion articulating mount has several design features to it, including the ability to tilt the screen, move it left and right, and combat common issues, such as glare from the windows or lamps.

Blends Into Your Aesthetic

A TV wall mount blends your screen in with your home décor and other home entertainment accessories. If you’re aiming to make the room look as luxurious and media-friendly as possible, having a mounted flat-screen can feel like going to the movie theatre.

Adjust The Angle

You probably watch TV from a different spot than you would with family or friends at home. Depending on where you need the TV, a full motion articulating TV wall mount allows you to readjust the angle according to where you need the screen to be.

Make It Easier To Watch

For large gatherings, where you want what’s on the screen to be a focal point of what’s happening in the room, it can be tough getting everyone into it when your TV isn’t visible. TV mounts elevate your screen to the right height, making it easier to enjoy media, movies, sports, and more.

Easy To Install

A TV wall mount is not difficult to install. After you have found the studs behind the wall, the next steps are straightforward. You can install a TV wall mount in a matter of a half-hour or less, transforming your home theater room.

Enhanced Safety

When a flat panel TV wall mount is correctly installed, it provides maximum security. There is no possibility of the TV getting knocked over. The mounts at have been thoroughly tested for safety and security, made from premium materials.

Find full motion TV wall mounts at for a stylish solution to how to present your screen in a home theater setting. You’ll be relieved and impressed by the difference a simple mount makes.

Are Standing Desks Good For Your Health?

Before buying a standing desk, you might wonder about the health benefits of a sit and stand workstation. Upgrading to a sit stand desk can have a very positive effect on one’s overall condition, although you’ve got to play it smart and know your limits. Here is what you need to know about sitting, standing, and moving your desk up and down as you go along your day.

Reduce Neck Pain

You can eliminate neck pain and upper back pain associated with straining and poor posture switching to an ergonomic work desk.

Increase Blood Flow

Blood flow helps the body in so many ways. As you stand, you engage your muscles, more circulation passes through, you get stronger, and you feel overall more engaged from a physical standpoint.

Improve Your Energy

As you stand up at your desk, you get energy moving and that helps with energy production as well as mood. More energy helps to keep away those feelings of fatigue and tiredness that can plague one’s day.

Mental Health Benefits

It’s easy for some to get caught up in a pattern of negative thoughts, anxiety, and even depression when working in an office. A sit stand desk engages your body and therefore your mind. A lot of people report feeling more focused, have more productivity, and feelings of anxiousness and depression can lower as well.

Break Up Long Periods Of Time

If you move from sitting all day to standing all day, you’re going to hurt. It’s not going to be pleasant. You could end up with more aches and pains if you stand all day, just like sitting. Be sure to listen to your body, switch it up, and keep in mind that prolonged standing can hurt.

You Motivate Weight Loss

You’re burning more calories when you’re standing as opposed to sitting all day. Prolonged sitting slows your metabolism down but moving from standing to sitting and vice versa as needed will stimulate weight loss and increase your energy expenditure.

Keep In Mind It Is Not Exercise

Let’s be clear about the health benefits of standing desks: it doesn’t replace exercise. While standing burns more calories than sitting, it isn’t a weight loss plan by any means. It is no doubt a healthier choice though.

Your Long-Term Health Numbers Improve

If you look at long-term studies of sit stand desks, you will discover all sorts of benefits. Less risk of cardiovascular disease. Less risk of chronic conditions. Less risk of obesity and obesity-related conditions. These are real benefits that exist long-term for people who aren’t caught sitting all day.

There are real benefits to a standing desk and so long as you’re realistic about how you use a standing desk, they are good for your health. Get your ergonomic office desk today at and see the advantages of this useful, versatile office furniture.

What Is The Difference Between Cat5e And Cat6 Ethernet Cables?

Ethernet cables promise a wired Internet connection, unbreakable, un-hackable, and fast and efficient. Looking at different types of Ethernet cables though and eventually you run into the difference between Cat5e and Cat6. Both feature exceptional bandwidth speed and noise reduction, however, either or is appropriate for very specific scenarios.

Benefits Of A Cat5e Cable

Future-proof your networking with a Cat5e cable. First introduced in 1999, Cat5e is still used to this day.

At the time of its release, it increased Internet speeds up to 10 times over compared to Cat5 cables. It delivered a more efficient performance, usually with 24-gauge twisted pair wires, supporting gigabit Ethernet for up to 100 metres. An all-around excellent Ethernet cable.

Like Cat6, Cat5e cables use copper, typically twisted four over per cable.

Benefits Of A Cat6 Cable

A Cat6 cable was considered an upgrade over Cat5e in a lot of ways, first released in the early 2000s.

Cat6 Ethernet cables are backwards-compatible with Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat3 standards. Cat6 supports gigabit Ethernet for up to 100 metres but also has the ability to maintain 10-gigabit Ethernet albeit over a very limited distance.

If you decide to tap into 10-gigabit connections, expect the distance to drop to 50-55 metres.

Cat5e or Cat6, Which Is Better?

Both Cat5e and Cat6 are similar in the speed the cable can deliver which is 1,000 Mbps. Most connections are under 500 Mbsp. Having a Cat5e cable is no faster than Cat6.

There is a difference though in the bandwidth. Cat6 supports frequencies up to 250 MHz. Cat5e supports frequencies up to 100 MHz. A Cat6 cable can process more data simultaneously, handling more traffic.

If you are trying to choose an Ethernet cable for a home office, work-from-home space, or a commercial office, something like a Cat5e 24AWG UTP Solid Bulk Cable is an excellent and recommended buy.

Why we’d opt for a Cat5e cable over a Cat6 is simple. Cat6 is often priced higher than Cat5e, unnecessarily so as well when most properties’ networks wouldn’t ever exceed the limitations of Cat5e. While it can seem like a nice thought to invest in a more premium, longer-lasting Ethernet cable, unless you’re running a very big office where there is hardware, infrastructure, and performance that justifies a Cat6 cable, going with a Cat5e cable will knock off a few bucks and show no difference in overall Internet performance.

Buying Ethernet cable for you, have a close look at the difference between Cat5e and Cat6. Choose Ethernet over WiFi for faster, more reliable Internet and buy your cables at today.

Upgrade To A Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer To Work Fast At The Sink

Most homes only have one kitchen sink. The sink faucet you choose matters a lot, considering kitchen sinks get used multiple times a day. Imagine being able to work a little faster and more efficiently, especially when it comes to doing things like washing dishes, rinsing off bulky kitchen pans and pots, filling jugs and pots up with water, and washing vegetables.

This is what you get with a kitchen faucet with sprayer. An overall improved experience.

Why Updating Your Sink Faucet Makes Sense

It’s easy to take a kitchen faucet for granted but we use ours every day. Your faucet should be equipped for all of its uses.

Every sink faucet is a little different, depending on the size of the sink, the room (i.e. kitchen or bathroom), if it’s a large commercial kitchen or a simple home kitchen, and other factors. Without question, a pull-down faucet can be an essential for a lot of home kitchens.

The #1 request when it comes to kitchen faucets and sinks is the ability to angle the sprayer. Unfortunately, for a long time, residential kitchen faucets focused on anything but incorporating a spray wand. These days though, a pull-down faucet in stainless steel is a very popular faucet choice.

Benefits Of A Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer

If your faucet is breaking down, if you want a replacement, or you’re looking for more function, here are some of the benefits of a pull-down spring kitchen faucet with sprayer to consider.

  • Alter the direction of water, pulling down the faucet and angling the stream to where you need it.
  • Swivel the spout for complete access over the sink, covering every inch with water as needed.
  • A high-arc spout allows you to fit more under the tap, meaning large, bulky items that might have been difficult to clean in the past no longer have to be.
  • A single lever allows you to control water temperature.
  • Choose from modern brushed nickel or matte black to match the faucet to the kitchen aesthetic.

Where To Buy Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets Online

Kitchen faucets can very easily end up costing hundreds. The more features you add in, the costlier it is, particularly when we start adding LEDs and smart tech. Instead of paying $600+ for a simple kitchen faucet, search out one that impressive functionality but no bells and whistles you aren’t going to use.

Low in price, high in quality. That’s the key at with sink faucets. Find the best kitchen faucets, including a pull-down kitchen faucet with a sprayer, at