Should I Use a Projector for my Home Theater and How to Connect your Smartphone

Although so many of are chasing 4K TVs, 1080p TVs, and all sorts of flat-screens, going with a projector for your home theater system can be way more affordable alternative.

Let us share a little secret about home theater projectors. The screen size is adjustable and you can connect your smartphone and/or almost any device to your projector. Whether you’re watching Netflix, enjoying a full-length movie on your Blu-ray player, or catching up with something on your DVR, you can still enjoy all these things on a projector.


All in all, you won’t need to spend $1,000s on a massive flat-screen. You can get the same sized screen with a projector at a fraction of what you’d spend on a 4K TV. There’s almost no comparison, cost-wise. This is a massive reason why many Canadians choose to go with a projector over a screen.


Using a projector, you’ll also notice how it saves on space. For example, you can mount a projector against the back wall and you don’t need to contend with setting it up on a table. You’ll also save on not having a big screen on a mount or TV table. It can be a big change for some households but we’ve heard very few regrets after they’ve made the change. You don’t even need to have a projector screen set up per se in order to enjoy your projector.


If you’re looking to connect your smartphone, it’s very easy to do. If your projector or anything connected to it such as a media streaming box is not Bluetooth-enabled, you can use an HDMI to USB cable or adapter to make that connection. As long as you have the right equipment, it’s as easy as plugging in your smartphone to get it synced up.


Universally speaking, so much of us prefer flat-screens but we haven’t tried a projector as an alternative. If you’re serious about creating a theatrical home theater system, a projector really does make it feel like you’re watching in a theater. It’s a great way to enjoy 1080p movies, binge-watching Netflix, watching sports with friends, or enjoying yourself on a night-off. Consider it the next time you’re looking to upgrade to something new for your home theater system.


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4 Top Picks for the Ultimate DIY Home Theater System

Take us up on top-notch gear for your DIY home theater system and instantly turn your home theater system into something even bigger. Whether it’s to binge-watch your favourite Netflix series, to entertain a passion as an amateur movie buff, or you simply want to enjoy having a home entertainment center all your friends can be jealous of, here’s top 4 picks on how to do it.


You gotta have a great TV

There’s a number of affordable 4K TVs and 1080p TVs available that can work wonders at increasing the appeal of a regular TV room. Ideally, you never want to shoot lower than 720p in high-definition picture quality. The wider the color gamut, the more HDR brightness, and the more inputs, the better. Consider one preferably with at least two HDMI ports.

PrimeCables tv box
PrimeCables tv box

A Bluetooth soundbar is a big upgrade

Although surround sound used to be where it’s at, these days, it’s less about being surrounded and more about what you can do with your home theater audio sound. A wireless Bluetooth soundbar is compact, sleek and modern, and provides high quality sound in a very smart way. Bluetooth-enabled devices can also sync up with this soundbar very easily, making it a simple process to listen to podcasts, play music, and broadcast directly from your smartphone.


Connect a media streaming device

If you don’t already have a media streaming box in your home theater accessory collection, it’s almost a necessity in this day and age to have one. A media streaming box can be used to connect with social media, Netflix, streaming platforms, and to stream your very own media. Streaming your favourite TV shows and media has never been easier with your home entertainment devices, as long as it’s paired with a quality Apple TV-esque media streaming box.


HDTV antenna

In this day and ago, more Canadians are getting rid of their cable subscriptions. Although there’s thousands of hours of media available on platforms like YouTube and Netflix, it doesn’t hurt to have some local programming thrown in there. Through using an HDTV antenna, indoor or outdoor, there’s the opportunity to pick up up to 20 channels of predominantly local and regional programming.


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2018 Cyber Monday Deals in Canada – a PrimeCables Exclusive!

Cyber Monday deals in Canada have never been easier to find. November’s Black Friday weekend just got a whole lot more interesting. This year, Cyber Monday falls on November 26. You won’t want to miss any of the deals, discounts, and exclusives.

Cyber Monday 2018 Canada
Cyber Monday 2018 Canada

Stereo-powered speaker and subwoofer

You won’t want to miss this great offer on a home theater stereo-powered speaker and subwoofer. Home theater accessories are making up a lot of the offers available on the biggest online shopping day of the year. Enjoy this 2.1 system with classic box design, wooden cabinets ensuring an amazing acoustic performance, a bass reflex tunnel for deeper bass, and a master volume control panel. It’s all available for under $25 this Cyber Monday.


Dual screen gas-spring monitor mount

See features from this dual screen gas-spring monitor mount including full rotation 360-degrees across any position, support for up to a 30-inch monitor, and double arms for two monitors. Shop from your home this Cyber Monday and take advantage of the best online discounts on computer accessories like this. Forego having to do the lines at Walmart, Best Buy, or waiting for Amazon to get their stuff together.


Ethernet cable

Ethernet cable is a great way to upgrade your home theater system and Internet connection in the home. Browse Cat7 network Ethernet cable, Cat6 network Ethernet cable, Cat5e network Ethernet cable, phone cables, bulk network cables, Cat8 network Ethernet cable, and fiber optic cables. Combine it with keystone jacks, network routers, switches, and more to save on shipping costs this Cyber Monday.


HDMI cables

For anywhere from less than $12 to upwards of $25 per order, HDMI cables are an inexpensive home theater accessory to add to your Cyber Monday 2018 haul. Load up your cart with accessories like this and when you meet a minimum of $49 per-tax, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Get your HDMI cables and so many other gifts sent right to your door from one of Canada’s favourite eCommerce sources.


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Cables you need to install your home theatre available at

Home theatre installation can involve climbing a pretty steep learning curve, so we here at would like to take the time to clarify the various types of A/V cables you might be considering when preparing to DIY and create your very first home theatre setup.

If you’re a simple person looking for the simple answer: HDMI.

We recommend HDMI cables because they transmit audio and video signals flawlessly and in high definition across a multitude of devices. Whether you’re intending on inserting a sound system, game console, cable box, multimedia center, or desktop into your home theatre, HDMI delivers uncompressed audio via 8 channels, providing full 7.1 surround sound compatibility that comes standard with Blu-Ray players, as well as high def video, including 3D and 4K formats.

We have a huge selection of HDMI cables and adapters in our catalogue, although our number one top selling HDMI cable is the PrimeCables® Licensed HDMI® 2.0 Cable (with Zinc-Alloy), regularly priced $7.99, on sale now until the end of October for just $5.99. Featuring gold-plated connectors, 4K and 3D video support, up to 32 audio channel output, and built-in HDMI Ethernet capability, this is one of the best HDMI cables available on the Canadian market right now.

You might have special hardware or A/V demands in your home theatre, and that’s fine. Here’s everything you need to know:

There’s Optical / Toslink, which works via transmission by light pulses, once more prevalent than it is today. Although less commonplace now because of the predominance of cheaper HDMI cables, Toslink provides minimal signal degradation. But, even though it delivers optimal sound quality, it is limited to providing only up to 5.1 surround sound. Our recommended Toslink cable is the PrimeCables® 5.0mm Optical Toslink Cable, available in a variety of lengths starting at just $1.99 each.

There’s also Digital Coax, which delivers 5.1 surround sound audio, and remains in common use. Usually, its purpose is to connect your subwoofer to your audio receiver, providing superior sound quality much like optical / Toslink.

Last, but not least, is RCA cables, probably something your mom or dad used back in the day. These analog cords are reliable and capable of delivering surround sound with multiple connections. Because of their design purpose to provide analog sound, they can degrade sound quality in digital recording playback. They work great for heirloom hardware and old school setups, though!

Our recommended RCA cable is the Monoprice® Premium RCA M/M 22AWG Cable, sold two per package in a variety of lengths starting as low as $4.29 for the pair. This high-quality RG59U, 75ohm cable gives you flawless audio playback for all your old vinyl records.

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The Best Wireless TV Headphones for your Home Theater

One of the best things about buying a home theater system is the amazing bass-rupturing sound that can be achieved. Sometimes though, the subsequent worst thing about a home theater system is how loud and obnoxious said sound can be to other members of the household. For anyone trying to sleep or who just doesn’t want to hear it at a given moment, a concert, sports game, or even the news can be a headache waiting to happen.


Home theater headphones are a recommended home theater accessory purchase for this reason. Any time you want to listen to TV or watch a concert on your home entertainment setup, you can do so without having to ask permission. For the best wired and wireless TV headphones for your home theater system, PrimeCables has several models that might be worth considering. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce sites for home theater systems, we’ve tested all the best products, selecting the most affordable for our growing Canadian clientele.


The main pair of wireless headphones we have in the catalogue are a great Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones with built-in microphone for $118.99. Complete with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, this set of wireless Bluetooth home theater headphones features some incredible sound, a built-in 450mAh lithium battery, and a custom digital sound processor. Combing through our back to back listening comparison, this is one of the best reviewed headphones in our catalogue and a top choice for any home theater system!


If you don’t like the $118.99 price tag and are looking for cheap wireless headphones, we’ve got an option. Specific to home theater use, the PrimeCables-sponsored hi-fi Bluetooth active noise cancelling stereo headphones are on-sale right now for only $59.99. Also with free shipping included, enjoy up to sixteen hours of use with noise cancelling enabled and a built-in 500mAh lithium battery. In terms of cost to value ratio, you’d be troubled to find anything similar. From everything that’s currently available, these may get our pick for best wireless TV headphones for home theater based on price.


There are other wireless TV headphones to browse via PrimeCables including the Sonic Solace noise cancelling Bluetooth over-ear headphones for $139.99, the premium hi-di DJ-style over-the-ear professional Bluetooth headphones for $59.99, and the wireless Bluetooth earbuds for $49.99.


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The Best Gear for Building your Home Theater

Home theater systems are built based on customizations from the user. Depending on what you foresee needing for your home entertainment center, a home theater can mean very different things between Canadians.


At PrimeCables, we recognize that. Selecting only the best gear for building your home theater, browse hundreds of deals in the catalogue including TVs, projectors, projector accessories, wall mounts, ceiling mounts, headphones, media streaming devices, smart TV boxes, indoor and outdoor high-definition TV antennas, speaker systems, A/V receivers, home theater cables, network routers, adapters, switches, smartphone connections, laptop connections, HDMI connections, and even smart home accessories.


If you want to build the ultimate home theater system, it’s ultimately up to you to find what you need to make it happen. Speaker systems are a great example of this. Among the options are a dual pair of stereo bookshelf speakers, a surround sound system with speakers in multiples, and a singular Bluetooth stereo soundbar. Depending on size of room, preference, and budget, any of these options may appear more appealing than the next. Consider the possibilities of a projector screen or flat-screen TV, whether you want to go with a smart TV box or indoor TV antenna or possible both, and entertain all the other questions that come with building a home theater system.


Instead of having to go to the theater to watch a movie on the big screen, create the ultimate solution at home. Every year, PrimeCables works with the best manufacturers in Canada and abroad to find the absolute top home theater equipment we can offer on special sale budget price. No matter if you are looking at upgrading an existing living room or building a whole new dedicated home theater space, we can help. Across the home theater category, you can find discounts up to 90 percent off, in addition to a ‘free shipping’ coupon applied automatically across any order above $49, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee.


Everything you need in one place with PrimeCables, all the way through projector ceiling mounts to TV wall mounts. After looking into it, most Canadians are shocked at how little it can cost to upgrade one’s at-home setup to a fully blown home theater entertainment system.


For less than $1,000, you can get a lot from the PrimeCables catalogue and jump a huge step in quality. You may even end up with some money left over to splurge on other home theater accessories or something else altogether. For a high-performance home theater, achieve your wildest dreams with PrimeCables and get it all on deal today!

How to Set Up a Video Projector for Home Theater Viewing

Big screen entertainment is just a single ‘buy’ away with a video projector for home theater viewing available from PrimeCables.


If you’ve decided to make the move from a high definition flat-screen to a video projector, congratulations! There’s a lot of reason to make the switch, as more Canadians have been in recent years. For newbies, setting up a video projector however is not always the most straightforward process.


The first step is in deciding where you’re going to place your projector screen. Before you even purchase a projector, this comes first. After you’ve purchased both your projector and its accompanying projector screen, set up the screen first.


From there, you can unbox the projector and determine where you want to place it in relation. Most projectors can project towards the screen from the ceiling or from a table-type mount. To project from the ceiling or wall, you’ll require a projector mount. Ensure that when placement is complete, placement is not upside down. Before making any cuts into your ceiling to install a ceiling mount, determine the required distance you need between the projector to screen. This is different for everyone. Note that the distance from the screen is the same as it would be on the floor so there’s no need to hold it up high for minutes on end.


After you’ve installed your projector mount and your projector is ready to go up, connect all the sources you’ll be using. This might include game consoles, media streaming devices, smart TV boxes, cable boxes, laptop computers, home theater video outputs, and more. To this point, when buying a projector, you may want to consider the amount of inputs you have. You may require additional cables, adapters, or inputs. Thankfully, there’s plenty of home theater adapters available in the PrimeCables catalogue. You may benefit from picking up a few alongside your other projector accessories.


Now, follow your instructions to get the video projector turned on and to have the video image placed directly on screen. From there, you should be able to optimize picture qualify, adjusting colors, brightness, contrast, and more. You may have to toy with these settings a bit.


Depending on your experience with projectors and the size of the room, it may take as little as twenty minutes to an entire afternoon to set up a video projector for home theater viewing. Consider all moving components – video, speakers, any non-traditional accessories included in your home theater system, etc. Ensure everything’s connected and functioning. For more information on where you can pick up projectors, projector accessories, and more, visit PrimeCables today.