The Ultimate Guide to Twitch Streaming Accessories

Twitch is a platform anyone can jump on to watch people from around the world play video games. Every day, all day long, there are thousands of people out there playing games on the world’s biggest video game streaming platform, Twitch. The growing site has professional video game tournaments, video game talk shows, and all sorts of advantages to video game enthusiasts.


For anyone searching for some amazing Twitch streaming accessories, drop into PrimeCables. Specializing in cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, ergonomic office accessories, home theater accessories, and PC accessories, there’s a lot out there you can connect to your video game setup. It might be something as simple and inexpensive as an HDMI cable to get you connected to the Internet’s greatest gaming streams. Join the gaming community and watch your Twitch video game stream on your big-screen with a high-definition audio-video connection like this.


If video game sound is a priority, consider picking up a 2.1 multimedia stereo powered speaker and subwoofer set. For less than $25, instantly provide an upgrade on whatever quality your computer is putting out. You’ll be glad to have the upgrade. Jumping towards your viewing experience, if you don’t want to use an HDMI cable to connect things to a big screen, using your existing monitor setup can be the trick. Just pair it with a single desk mount or dual screen gas-spring 360-degree desktop mount. Using one of these heavy duty designs, you’ll instantly notice the difference in how immersive the Twitch video game watching experience is.

budget twitch accessories for gamers from PrimeCables
budget twitch accessories for gamers from PrimeCables

Let’s say you want to keep things strictly on your laptop, and you don’t have time to set up a whole thing on your desk, monitors, or flat-screen – that’s ok too. Available only in Canada, PrimeCables has itself a high-quality height adjustable laptop and tablet stand portable in ergonomic design at 75% discount for only $5.99. Watch Twitch from bed or anywhere. Using this height adjustable portable stand, it makes it easy to get involved in a Twitch stream from anywhere in the home or outside the house.


Some of the other possible Twitch streaming accessories to consider from PrimeCables includes ergonomic earbud headphones with a mic and volume control, which is great for anyone interested in setting up their own video game streaming channel.


Twitch has millions of dedicated fans who tune in daily to watch their favourites. Twitch has a growing collection of personalities with hundreds of thousands of social media followers supporting them. If you’re looking to connect to others on Twitch, watch, or create your own following, visit PrimeCables for all the PC accessories and Twitch accessories you’ll need to get going.