What Are the Advantages to Using an RJ45 Cable – read here!

RJ45 cables and connectors are one of the preferred mechanisms to use in connecting to Ethernet. RJ45s are most commonly seen in offices where the strain on the Internet is significant. Computers, printers, network storage, cable models, DSL models, and more.

What type of RJ45 cable do I need to use?

There are two types of RJ45 cables. ‘Standard patch cables’ are used to connect a device or computer to a network router or switch. Then, there are ‘crossover cables’ which are used to connect two computers without a router or switch between them. In most cases, and to most homeowners or small business owners, they will choose a standard patch RJ45 cable.

RJ45 cables as an alternative to fiber optic tech

Fiber optic is a competing technology to RJ45 cables. The biggest disadvantage to fiber optics are that they are very expensive to install, despite the fact that it’s usually faster than an RJ45. There are two big disadvantages to a fiber optic connection compared to an RJ45 cable. Any data you want to transmit over a wireless connection can’t be transmitted at the speed of an RJ45 cable. Also, a wireless connection opens yourself up to others hacking in and exposes this data to possible interception.

Can I use an RJ45 cable outside?

Yes, you can use an RJ45 cable for Ethernet connection outdoors, such as to network between homes or other buildings. To do so however, you will need a specific outdoor RJ45 burial patch cable. These are built with higher quality materials, such as pure copper and with gold-plated connectors. An RJ45 patch cable like this is weatherproofed to a degree and exceeds the functionality that a regular Ethernet cable will be able to give you.

Why wouldn’t I just go wireless?

You can try to use a wireless connection between buildings but if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know connection quality can vary, you open yourself up to electromagnetic interference, and it’s plainly not worth it if speed and security are a priority.

Can I just use an ordinary Ethernet cable for outdoors?

If you try to use a standard non-outdoors Ethernet cable – such as a Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable – it will work temporarily. That said, any sort of semi-extreme temperature and humidity is going to slowly damage the cable and reduce its usefulness. Considering how labour-intensive installation can be to get an RJ45 cable to connect between buildings, it makes more sense to do it right the first time and to use a cable that’s actually built to last.

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Is a Wired Nintendo Switch Controller Better than a Wireless – in some cases, yes!

Nintendo Switch launched in early 2017 as a hybrid gaming console bringing together the advantages of portability with being a stationary gaming console. With the Nintendo Switch, wireless controllers were included with advanced technology to allow for tactile feedback, motion sensing, and more.

As impressive and efficient as a Nintendo Switch wireless controller is, in some cases, a wired controller is still preferred by some users. With the wireless controller being so good, who would ever want to have to go back to a wired connection? Well, going beyond the nostalgia of a controller connected by wire, there are certainly a few advantages.

Lag-free performance

Browsing the specifications of a wired controller for Nintendo Switch console, the biggest reason to buy is improved performance in gameplay. You’re getting no lag as it’s a direct connection right into the console. In your hands, it also feels like a classic Nintendo controller so for classic games like Mario Kart, Pokemon, and others, a wired controller is a much loved purchase.

Long playing times

When you have a wireless controller, it needs a charge otherwise it’s not going to work. Though some can last a long time, when you’re gaming, you don’t want your time interrupted when a controller goes out. If you’re playing for extended hours, definitely invest in a wired controller! Especially for playing with friends or having a marathon day of gaming, you don’t want any interruptions.

More affordable

With a wired Nintendo Switch controller, you’re shaving a lot off the price. The Pro controller, comparatively, is super expensive despite having arguably better functionality. For example, multiple wired Nintendo controllers can be bought for the same price of a Pro wireless Switch controller.

Less functionality

If you’re really into the idea of motion controls, rumble, and such, these are areas where some controllers fail. That said, a lot of third party Nintendo Switch controllers still provide vibration functions and others, maintaining that same level of immersive gameplay. If you ever have problems with interference or lag, you may actually find any sort of lack in high-tech appearances, or in functionality, can be forgiven.

For home gaming, wired is the way to go

For home gaming or non-professional gamers, a wired Nintendo controller is a solid choice. If you’re buying for a young child or someone who isn’t playing games relying on gyro or any physical motion, it’s the perfect choice. For these uses, there’s virtually no reason to buy a Nintendo Switch wireless controller.

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How Do Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Work and Are They Worth it – see the answer

You may have seen the terms ‘noise cancelling’ and ‘active noise cancelling’ on headphone packaging. These aren’t just terms thrown around. The technology is very real and works well if you’re someone who has to combat distracting background noise around you. Here’s how noise cancelling technology works.

A lot of active noise cancelling technology is used in headphones as opposed to earbuds. This is because earbuds have never been great at blocking out the noise around a person. Unless you turn up the sound of your music or podcast to high volume, with earbuds, you may always have some difficulty cutting down on the outside noise. Alternatively, with headphones, they fit oftentimes over the ear and are far more practical in cutting down on external noise.

The most comfortable headphones in Canada with this noise cancelling technology is given components that a normal pair doesn’t have. First off, how the tech works is with a miniature microphone to record ambient noise – things like traffic, air conditioning systems, and chatter.

Electronics in your headphone then create a sound wave that’s 180 degrees out of phase with what the microphone has captured. This wave cancels out the noise it’s duplicating, cancelling out those sounds that are distracting. Cancellation tech like this works entirely off batteries so the battery is another element of noise cancelling headphones you will find.

Now, not all noise cancelling headphones are ‘active’. Some are ‘passive’ which means a pair covers the ears to physically block out external noises as opposed to producing a technological response to what’s going on. Ideally, you want a pair of high quality headphones that will both cover the ear and which also use active noise cancelling technology to block out as much background noise as one can.

If you buy active noise cancelling headphones, the battery must be charged to properly deliver performance. Some headphones’ battery can have limited hours. Ideally, what you want to search for is a pair with at least 17 hours of play time.

One of the best uses of active noise cancelling tech in headphones in Canada is from PrimeCables. You’re hitting on the 17 hours of play time minimum as well as have advanced Bluetooth functionality, a foldable design making them easy to carry or pack, high quality sound of course, soft leather over-the-ear comfort, and adaptability to different head sizes. If you’re choosing noise cancelling headphones, definitely consider a shop at PrimeCables. You won’t beat them on price and even better, receive free shipping anywhere in Canada on these!

Receive $10 off a Portable Vocal Recording Booth for Podcasts, Music Recording, and YouTube

When inspiration hits, capture it. A portable vocal recording booth makes it easy to set up wherever you are out in the world and get high quality vocals. A mini vocal recording booth like this is available all September long with $10 off and fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada.

Simple enough to set up, reduce room echo and ambient noise giving your microphone the chance to capture voice and voice only. The following are the top uses of portable recording booths.

  • In a home recording studio, you might not have the money to perfectly design a vocal booth. If you don’t, here’s your alternative. Combine it with the right microphone and get everything you have to have to nail down a top live vocal.
  • Have you ever downloaded a podcast only to find that you can barely hear one of the speakers? If you’re doing a podcast, record it right with a mini portable vocal recording booth. This isolate field gives you a direct route from voice to microphone.
  • YouTube voiceovers and audio capture also hinges on high quality sound. You want a quality microphone and an isolation shield like this, especially if you’re not recording at home. This way, you won’t need to worry about your voice sound being low quality.
  • Mobile recordings can also be notoriously difficult to capture. If you’re on the road and in hotel rooms or similar interchangeable settings, recording your voice can be tough. Any voice recording takes on the sound of the room. With a vocal recording booth, you can count on the same sound in the isolation booth no matter what room you’re in.

What’s great about the PrimeCables design is that it folds up, making it easy to pack and keep ready to go for when you need to hit the road. For in-field recording, you’re covered. While shopping this portable vocal recording booth, you may also want to pick up a professional broadcasting and recording condenser microphone. A condenser microphone is the right microphone. You’ll honestly be shocked at how good it sounds.

No matter what you need your portable voice recording booth for, what you can count on is sound that’s clear, noise-free, and most importantly controlled. In less than ideal conditions, you can give yourself some space to do your thing without having to compromise. Get your vocal recording booth today and isolate your voice so that your performance sounds top-notch no matter what is around you or where you are.

What is a 4K TV and Do You Really Need it For Your Home Theater System – read here!

4K high-definition TV might seem like just some marketing keyword to up the cost on consumers but there’s a lot of science behind it. There are some key differences between 720p, 1080p, 4K, 8K, and so on that are worth understanding if you’re building a home entertainment setup.

What is 4K?

4K refers to the pixel resolution of your TV. On a 1080p TV, you’re receiving a pixel resolution of 1920×1080 which essentially puts the cap of high-definition at these parameters. On a 4K flat-screen, this resolution expands to 3840×2160 or 4096×2160 which evidently means a sharper, colorful, and more vibrant picture overall.

Will buying a 4K TV mean a better picture?

Yes but also no. Let’s say you have a 4K flat-screen TV, if the signal you’re receiving is 4K, you receive a 4K viewing experience. If the quality of the signal or video file isn’t 4K, you may only receive a 1080p, 720p, or 480p standard non high definition picture. What a 4K TV gets you is technology to allow you to see a crisp picture when and if you have a 4K signal.

Do I actually need a 4K TV?

To answer the question of whether you need a 4K TV for a home theater system, the answer’s ultimately yours to answer. Most TVs 50” and above sold today are 4K. Having it isn’t a bad thing however do you need it – for most people, probably not. Most TV signals, Internet signals, and video files will come in 1080p HD. Granted, this is still high-definition so it’s going to look great but it won’t be 4K. Some people still prefer 4K as when you get a 4K video file or signal, it looks impressive as heck!

Is 8K better than 4K?

Yes, 8K is technically more advanced than 4K with an impressive pixel count of 7680×4320. Remember when we said about most signals not being in 4K though? When today’s content producers struggle to get 4K quality, you can rest assured that you’ll find it extremely challenging trying to find anything that’s close to 8K quality. While 8K provides better quality video than 4K, you don’t need it this year and you won’t need it next. If we’re being honest, industry is still catching up to 4K technology.

We hope we’ve cleared up any misconceptions there may be with the strength and limitations of 4K televisions. In 2019 and beyond, don’t settle for 1080p or less. Elevate your 4K home theater system to the best quality picture you’ve ever had with the best 4K TV in Canada from PrimeCables.

Why a Guitar In-Tune and a Guitar Tuner is So Important for Live Performances and Recording

Guitarists who show up to play live or record a track without a guitar tuner are unprepared, unprofessional, and are limiting their ability to play. It might seem cool to play out-of-tune or to ‘tune by ear’ but this isn’t as precise or as aesthetically amazing as one may think. In the digital age and living in a world filled with more talented musicians than perhaps ever, having your instrument in-tune is an absolute must.

Using a guitar tuner live

When you play live, people have come to both see your show and hear it. If you’re playing with other instruments, such as a bass guitar, it’s important you are both in sync and in-tune. Now adding to this a digital keyword or piano which you know is fully tuned up, any guitarist will sound terrible not having pre-tuned their guitar. This could also mess up your singer’s performance. Afterwards, you may find yourself without a lot of praise from band members or the audience having played a show without proper tuning.

Now if you bring with you a recharging clip-on guitar tuner, you have a tuner right there. If you suspect you’re playing out of tune, you can check your guitar between songs. You can also tune your strings up before the show, ensuring you kick it off with a proper bang. If you are using more than one tuning in your show, a guitar tuner can also ensure any guitarist is locked in with the correct tuning. Especially for playing live, needless to say, always – ALWAYS! – bring a guitar tuner.

Using a guitar tuner while recording

Although a clip-on guitar tuner is used best when playing live, a guitar in-tune while recording’s equally important. So much recording is digital now, meaning in-tune digital instruments are added on top of real instruments, remixes are made, and the effects added on top of vocals rely on things being in-tune. If you play even your greatest performance with a guitar improperly tuned, you’re going to ruin the entire track. There’s nothing you’ll be able to add on top and editing will become more or less impossible.

When you record your next track, even if all it’s supposed to be is a guitar and vocals, your performance relies on being in tune. You’ll save yourself time, money, and effort with precision tuning. Don’t do it by ear. This isn’t the 1950s. Affordable guitar tuners are readily available. Purchasing a clip-on model, all you have to do is clip it on to your guitar neck’s end and it’ll pick up on the notes. Adjust the tension on the strings as needed. You’ll be thankful you have it!

What’s a Wireless Display Adapter and How Does it Work

A wireless display adapter allows you to project what’s on your smartphone to your television screen. This makes it easier to share photos, videos, or web content with family and friends. No crowding around your phone needed. If you have something you want to show everybody, screen sharing at its best is found with a wireless display adapter. Here’s a little more info on the specs and where to find one in Canada.

A 4K WiFi Display Dongle can be paired with a TV or projector, taking images and video from Android, Apple, Windows or Linux systems. It’s as easy as plug and play, using an HDMI port. PrimeCables’ model supports 4K UHD display, AirPlay, DLNA, Miracast, and wireless connection. For many home theater smartphone users, having this device can be a big upgrade. It doesn’t get any better than 4K!

Some other creative uses of a wireless adapter in a home theater system is sharing of Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, casting web pages to the TV screen, and playing games. Immediately you will notice when you use one of these that it runs smooth and with no delay. Not all adapters or functionality like this is as smooth. In fact, a lot of the built-in casting systems have such an ugly delay that, for a lot of people, it’s almost not worth using. With this wireless display adapter, you’re good to go with high quality 4K image.

All it takes is plugging it in. Share a funny video at a family gathering, share travel photos with friends, or use it in a professional business presentation. You don’t need excessive wires or computers to make it work. It enlarges the exact image from your smartphone – or laptop – and sends it direct on the big screen in front of everybody. The alternative is using an MHL cable, providing a wired connection to do the same. A wireless display adapter evidently is way more convenient and simple to use.

Buy a wireless adapter in Canada today, connect it into a TV’s HDMI port, and use Miracast to pair your device with it. Anything you feel the need to share, go for it. You can even play downloaded videos or music. This can make DJing a party infinitely more easy to do. Give your image a big, broad presentation without any sacrifice in quality. This is screen transferring or casting at its absolute finest. Get yours today from PrimeCables.