How Do I Keep My Computer Cables More Organized?

A computer desk can quickly end up with half a dozen to a full dozen cables that don’t have a route to take. These cables and wires often end up sprawled all over the place. Cables hanging down from your desk. Computer cables on the floor. They’re everywhere and it doesn’t look particularly motivating, tidy, or inspiring. To fix this trouble, fortunately, there are a few things you can do.

Use Less Devices

Although it’s probably not the way you want to go, you can always use less devices and will thereby have less cables on your hands.

Move Your Desktop Computer Tower

If you have a desktop computer tower on top of your desk, it’s taking up space and also is centralizing where your cables are leading. Do yourself a big favor and move it into an under-desk CPU mount.

This redirects where cables are leading to, reducing the mess or at least removing it from your immediate sightline.

Put Any Cables Not In Use Away

If there are cables, such as USB cables, that you use sometimes but not often, set aside a drawer or storage spot to put them in.

Any cables you find yourself not using day-to-day, put them somewhere close by so that they are accessible but not participating in the mess in front of you.

Use An Under Desk Cord Management Tray

An under-desk cord management tray is a hidden tray that sits at the back of your table for cables, surge protectors, or power strips to rest on.

If you are using an outlet-expanding surge protector, this is exactly the sort of thing you can use to move the mess from off your table. This tray’s designed to take your power strip or surge protector and keep it out of sight.

Buy A Few Magnetic Cable Management Channel

This is perhaps the most effective way to get a mess under control. One or two magnetic cable management channels can be put anywhere and are used as a filter down which you can feed wires and cables.

This sort of acts as a very loose cable tie. If you find cable ties unappealing or aren’t interested in removing the amount of cables you are using, use a cable management channel like this. You won’t regret deciding on it.

Here are a few things you can do to help keep your desk and cables a little more organized regardless of how many cables you’re using, the devices you need around, and any other variables that could be restricting the tidiness of your work area. For more cable management accessories and office help, shop all these at today.

Easy Tips for Organizing Your Cables and Wires

These days, we’ve all got cool electronics and fun gadgets in our homes, especially when it comes to home theatres and entertainment systems.

However, more toys means more wires and power cords. They can look messy after a while, especially when they get tangled from being shoved behind consoles and tucked under tables and stands. Not to mention that a pile of cords can be a safety hazard.

Here are a few simple and inexpensive tips to help you organize your electronic jungle.

Label Everything

One of the first things to do when you get set up new equipment is label your home theater cables, cords and wires.

Write the information on a small piece of paper and tape it onto the cord. Especially if you have a lot of cables, this works. You never know when the cat is going to go on a wild rip and disconnect half your wires at once. Labelling the cords can save an enormous amount of hassle in the long run.

Use Cable Ties

A handy way to organize cords is to use cable ties.

Plastic zip ties can be found in any hardware store, or step it up a notch with reusable wire ties and velcro wrap ties. Whichever you choose, ties are a quick and easy solution to help manage the mess.

Secure Cables

When possible, securing cables discreetly along baseboards and walls looks better overall and decreases the chance of tripping over a stray cord.

Flat PVC tubes can be used to cover up the cables, and the tubes can be painted or decorated any way you like, either to blend in with your decor, or accent your decor. The choice is yours and the look can be changed up at will.

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Choose Short Cables Over Long Cables

When everything is set up in its proper place, changing your cables with shorter versions is another decent option for getting organized. Shorter wires are easier to manage and hide, and will present a neater overall look.

When you shop HDMI cables and more for your home theater, keep length in mind in your criteria.

Where Will You Put Your Cables?

For convenience, one might prefer to mount a power strips to the wall behind their gadgets. Make sure to keep them easy to get at in case any changes need to be made.

This trick boosts the safety factor due to a decreased chance of tripping. This also increases the comfort factor by making the cables easier to reach, rather than being forced to crawl around underneath cabinets or trying to squeeze behind consoles.

These tips are easy to implement and won’t cost you a ton of money, while giving your home space some functional organization. Shop cable organizers and more at today.