Should My Child Have Their Own Desk At Home?

Is your child too young for a desk – this is a question a lot of parents ask themselves at a certain point.

A desk isn’t just a work desk. It’s a private space for a child. As adults, we desks as very work-oriented, professional areas where focus and attention are a necessity. No child has these associations. They see a desk and to them, it’s another area to play or like a toy.

There are a lot of other reasons to consider buying a children’s desk for your child’s room.

Your Child Isn’t Too Young

As parents, we like to think of our children as teeny babies. Unfortunately, they’re not anymore. They will grow and grow and grow, and with that, no child’s too young to have their own desk.

Helps To Focus Them

A children’s work desk shouldn’t be forced on them in any way. Not at all. If anything, the opposite’s true. Let them discover it on their own and let them decide how they wish to use it. A desk gives them a place to focus. Also, if your child is prone to being over-stimulated or being over-excited, a children’s desk is a safe area you can put them to color and calm down.

Your Child Has Somewhere To Do Their Work

Children may have homework to do come fall. If they do, you don’t want them doing it at the dining room table. Providing them their own quiet space can be very beneficial to getting homework done.

You Entertain A Child’s Interests

Your child may be interested in arts and crafts, drawing, writing, or painting, and have nowhere to do it. A children’s desk gives them that space. It’s somewhere that only they can touch, different from any other tabletop in your home.

Adapts With Their Age

A multi-functional children’s ergonomic desk is height-adjustable. This means a parent can change its shape and size as the child grows. This avoids you having to buy them a new desk repeatedly as they grow.

Improve Posture

By saddling up with an ergonomic desk at a young age, a child’s already getting used to maintaining good posture while at a desk. This is going to help them in the long run in relieving aches and discomforts should they ever work a desk job or have to sit through extended educational courses.

You Save Other Tables From Damage

Accidents happen, as the saying goes! A child might accidentally scribble on their table or damage it with scissors while cutting, spill some glue on it, or do something that could result in permanent imperfections. If you have a dining table you want to hold onto, you won’t want children doing arts and crafts on it.

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What Is A Children’s Ergonomic Desk?

Children need desks, too. They have to study. They have to do homework. And in the current landscape of home-based learning and with many schools being shut down countrywide, a children’s desk becomes all the more valuable.

Does My Child Need Their Own Desk?

A children’s desk for home is about giving them their own space. You’re providing them a comfortable area where they can not only study and do schoolwork but also pursue their own passions.

If your child enjoys art or writing, a desk is a great place to do it. In a way, you not only show an interest in what your child’s passionate about but you’re also ensuring they’re focused on schoolwork in this climate where at-home learning is incredibly common.

How Important Is An Ergonomic Desk for Children?

We normally hear about ergonomics as they apply to adults. Any of us who work at a desk regularly probably have aches and pains from being in a seated position eight hours a day. Children’s bodies are still growing and they’re younger. They don’t have these aches. Unfortunately, don’t mistake this for not having the same pressure.

Some seated positions are very unnatural on the body. An ergonomic children’s desk is put together to ensure a child is sitting at a comfortable height, that they aren’t leaning, and that they’re not learning bad habits around posture.

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What’s the Best Desk for A Child to Have?

Children tend to be interested in a lot of things. Their desks should reflect that with a multi-functional design that incorporates different storage areas for things like pencils, pens, office accessories, and more.

Height adjustability is also very important if you want the desk to last. Children are growing! For example, clothes you buy them today likely won’t fit a few years from now. Fortunately, a desk that’s height-adjustable can be raised and extended as a child grows. You can perfect the position of a desk as needed.

Where Can You Buy A Children’s Desk in Canada?

There are plenty of places for you to buy height-adjustable desks for adults in Canada but children’s desks aren’t always out in the open.

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On top of that, the best-selling children’s desk at has a desktop with a tilt mechanism. Keep it flat or angle the desktop to give your child the more comfortable position to write, read, and draw.

Visit us today to give your child the chance to set up their own desk. A big step in home learning, you’ll be thankful you did. Your little learner will be glad to have their very own desk as well! is the name.

How to Create a Study Space at Home For Your Child

Every child in school deserves to have a safe, quiet, dedicated space for them to complete homework at. A child who has to settle for doing homework at the kitchen table isn’t going to have the same focus as if they were alone in their own space.

In every home, there’s almost always a place to set up a study for a young student. Examples include a loft, an open closet, in the hallway, or even a quiet corner. The only thing you need to mark an area as a study space is a desk and chair.

Parents concerned about the long-term health impact of prolonged sitting thankfully have ergonomic desk options for children to choose from. The advantage of an ergonomic desk is primarily that it’s height adjustable. This is excellent for a growing child as the desk can be increasingly raised the older they get. Secondly, the height adjustability aspect means they can work while sitting or standing, minimizing the impact that sitting has on their health.

Does a child really need an ergonomic desk?

While a child may not need an ergonomic desk, it helps to build positive habits. Adults who experience aches and pains from desk jobs, this comes from slouching and poor posture. These habits are learned very early on and then get carried through for decades. An ergonomic desk cuts through all that, teaching how to work at a desk long before a child turns to adulthood.

An ergonomic desk also looks pretty cool. It’s fun, multi-functional, and tiltable which is an excellent feature for any child artists or designers out there. It’s easy to draw, write, and read at, and it gives them their own space. That’s the really important part of creating an inviting study space – it’s the child’s own.

What else is there to know about setting up a child’s study space?

The spot you choose for this study space should be conveniently accessible. You want it to be somewhere a child can focus, concentrate, and enjoy so no TVs and no distractions. It should be a place that is organized, preferably with places to put paper and keep pens. It doesn’t hurt to provide some storage options as well as a trash can of some kind. Also, encourage the child to personalize their space. If you want, you can make it a project for you and them, and ask them what they would like in their study space. Get them excited!

All of this starts with an ergonomic desk for children to build around. It begins with a great kids’ desk! Give them a study space to call their own, and keep it focused and concentrated, comfortable, and well-lit. Get your desk today at PrimeCables.

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