Top USB Travel Accessories For 2021

Even in travel, each one of us carries a lot of tech with us. Our smartphones alone are music players, email servers, internet browsers, gaming consoles, banking machines, and yes, you can make calls with them!

Of course, you want your smartphone to keep its charge as well as any other devices you’re holding on your person while travelling. Here are the top USB travel accessories for 2021 to remember to pack with you for car road trips, plane travel, and hotel rooms.

Power Banks

The #1 travel accessory used by commuters in Canada are external power banks. You charge them at home and then you have a battery wherever you go. Just remember to bring your best USB cable with you!

USB Adapters

If you have multiple USB sync and charge devices, instead of packing two or three USB cables, use an adapter instead. USB adapters attach onto the end of a USB cable and can convert the connection into the indicated USB standard.

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Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Whether you’re on the plane and you just want to close your eyes and zone out, or you’re commuting and you want to catch up on the latest podcast, wireless Bluetooth earbuds are freeing, easy to wear, and let you customize travel that isn’t always ideal.

Car Mount Or Laptop Stand

You don’t want your smartphone rolling around your car while you drive. If you bring a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with you, consider a phone mount for your car or a smartphone stand. Angle your devices to your line of view. Never have to compromise your body’s positioning or comfort again.

Nylon Braided USB Cable

Have a high-quality reliable Nylon braided USB cable with you. For iPhone users, this will be an Apple-certified lightning cable. For Android users, depending on the year the phone was manufactured, it’s probably a USB Type-C cable. Regardless, you may even want to pack an extra for longer journeys.

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Dual Port USB Wall Charger

You’re going to arrive at your destination, be it hotel, cabin, or wherever. Conserve your smartphone charge. Take your USB cable and plug it into a dual-port USB wall charger for fast charging and watch your battery percentage shoot up in minutes.

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This season, don’t walk out of the house without packing a USB cable and the necessary USB accessories to ensure whatever happens, you always have a way to tap into a charge. has fast-charging USB Type-C cables, lightning cables, USB wall chargers, and more on sale today. Shop all your USB accessories today and buy in bulk!