Brand Story about Primecables – AKA Canadian Monoprice!

Welcome to our new Primecables blog, for the one who still do not know about our PrimeCables brand story, feel free to spend the following 2 minutes to read the complete story!

The establishment of the Primecables brand started with a true story that happened during the harsh winter of 2013, when one of our colleague- Andrew, accidentally had his cable destroyed by his beloved cat Zuzu. Considering his mobile phone was one of his essentials just like anybody else, he had no choice but to purchase a new cable as soon as possible to charge his phone for the next morning. With no doubt in mind, he stormed out in the middle of the freezing winter night just to get a charging cable, when he finally got his cable, he thought he was in luck, but this is just half of the story.

Cat chew your cables? Not a problem, Primecables will help !

Even though he managed to get the cable that he needed, because of the low quality or perhaps bad luck, the cable just didn’t work.  Eventually, he had no choice but to return to the store where he bought it to get a refund.  He wasn’t too happy about that.

Feeling so disappointed and frustrated because the bad customer experience, it led him to have an idea for promoting pet friendly high quality cables. Since the market was filled with cheap un-braded cables, the cable product team had to come out with a recognizable name for the customers to remember it, and this is how the name Primecables was chosen. Please believe us, it was based from a true story!

To define what Primecables actually mean to us, you can look up the word ‘’Prime’’ in Google dictionary to find out:

1) Of first importance; main, major, first
2) Of the best possible quality; excellent.
3) A state or time of greatest strength, vigor, or success in a person’s life.

What is Primecables and how do we differentiate us from other cable brands?

The name Primecables represents our original success principle: to provide higher quality standardized cables and accessories at the most competitive price possible, by being a retailer that sells a large quantity of custom cables as well as home theater, networking and studio cable accessories, we have profound knowledge on how to make the best cables possible to our customers.  By consistently improving our product quality with industry technology, we always stand behind our brand and work with our customers to ensure that Primecables is the ultimate and trouble-free website for people who need different types of cables.

We want to establish Primecables as the ultimate website which specializes in general cables, professional cables and related products. We are specialized on audio video cables as well as home theatre, networking and studio accessories and with our fast shipping within Canada, we are confident to say that we are the most reliable online source for purchasing cables in Canada.

How are we  different compare to Monoprice cable: 

We offer huge varieties of Monoprice cables and we are one of the Monoprice distributors from Canada, the only differences that we have are our prices, shipping, and services. Since Primecables is base on Canada, we are able to provide you with our rocket speed shipping, customers no longer need to pay huge custom or shipping fee (Monoprice is from U.S.), and also, we charge Canadian dollar instead of US dollar, the currency will greatly help our Canadian customer to save much cost from ordering online.

Feel free to check some of our Monoprice brand items:

Monoprice TV wall mount
Monoprice CAT6 network cable
Monoprice lightning cable

Why are our cables stronger than others?

  • Our cables are pet chew resistant
  • Our cables can handle both high and cold temperature environments
  • Our nylon jacket protection give a significant protection against abrasion
  • Our nylon jacket protection cables are corrosion resistant
  • Our nylon jacket protection solve the problem with wire tangle
  • Our Primecables brand cables have a lifetime warranty

Last but not the least, if you have any question or concern about cables or related items, feel free to hashtag us at #AskPrimeCablesGuy on social media and we will reply you shortly !

Use our hashtag #AskPrimeCablesGuy on social
Use our hashtag #AskPrimeCablesGuy on social

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