Best Android TV Box Apps to Use for Streaming Movies, Shows, And Browsing Internet

There are millions upon millions of hours of free content available on Android TV boxes. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear where to find it.

Having recently bought an Android 9.0 TV Box Amlogic for large-code streaming video, many apps are available that either offer free TV and movies or which allow you to build your own catalogue. Here are the best Android TV box apps in Canada to check out.

a TV box and a remote controller
Android 9.0 TV Box Amlogic S905X2 4GB + 64GB BT 4.1 2.4G/5G Dual Wifi, UL Power – PrimeCables­®


Though YouTube comes preloaded on many Android boxes, we shouldn’t discount it. There’s something on YouTube for everyone, whether you’re a musician, car enthusiast, tiny home aficionado, beauty lover, or movie-watcher.


So obvious but so needed. Arguably, there’s no better streaming option on a smart TV box than Netflix. Browse all sorts of TV and movie content in various languages from all over the world as well as some of the most popular series of all-time.


Unlike Netflix, Twitch is completely free. The Twitch app is an opportunity to watch live programming from gamers and other broadcasters.


KODI is an open-source media player that lets you play content off your Android phones, computers and laptops, or other devices. KODI itself comes with many add-ons and plugins including a lot of free content out there. Although it can be more complex to use for the inexperienced, once you know your way around KODI on your Android box, there’s a lot to explore here.


CBC has several apps depending on what you’re into i.e. news, television shows, etc. Free programming on CBC includes shows from all over the world as well as Canadian favourites including Murdoch Mysteries, Schitt’s Creek, Dragons’ Den, and more.


CTV offers another great app where you can watch previews of shows yet to be aired and re-watch shows you may have missed. Although not as full as CBC’s programming slate, CTV’s collection of unique content can’t be found anywhere else.


Like CTV and CBC, if you’re buying an Android TV box in Canada, you want your Global app installed. You get a wide range of programming available exclusively through Global, such as Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Stephen Colbert, and more.


Plex is very similar to KODI. It is a media center that allows you to load in media you’ve downloaded and create your own library of shows, movies, and more. For those who enjoy downloading and keeping media on hard drives, an app like Plex alone can make buying an Android box worth it.

These are just some of the basics of how to use an Android TV box. On any TV, an Android box provides you the chance to tap into a wealth of content completely free over-the-Internet. Choose yours today at

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A Simple Security Safe Box to Keep Your Valuables In that You Can Rely On

“How do I keep my valuables safe?”

This question is something we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another. Whether it’s something of emotional value, jewelry, cash, passports, or an important document, we can’t leave these sorts of things in drawers or under our floorboards.

The best way to protect high-value items are in an electronic security safe box. Regardless of whether you have an intruder, a natural disaster like a flood, or something else threatening these valuables, if they’re in your safe box, they’re fully protected.

a black safe box
0.5 Cubic Feet Electronic Security Safe Box – PrimeCables® has a high-quality 0.5 cubic feet safe that is a great starting point. It’s small enough to accommodate the items mentioned, is affordably priced, and comes with free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

On all sides of this safe, you have 3mm thick steel construction. This might not seem like a lot to some but it’s everything you need to prevent someone unauthorized from getting in. The extremely compact design makes it easy to hide this safe or position it somewhere out-of-sight.

Investing in a safe is a smart move if you have things that cannot be replaced. An important document, jewelry, or heirlooms certainly all fit the bill.

An electronic security safe box works one of two ways when it comes to entry. You have an electronic password. There are also two emergency override keys should you forget your password. For seniors who need some added peace of mind and safety around certain items, consider it.

Another advantage to having a small security safe box is that it’s heavy but not too heavy or sizeable to be portable. You can take it with you if you’re going somewhere or are moving permanently. In your travels, rest assured that everything inside is protected.

You have 3mm thick solid steel on every side as mentioned, in addition to a 4mm front door equipped with two live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinge.

Once you’ve set the password, how to open a security safe box is easy. Enter your passcode through the keypad at the front and then turn the knob clockwise. The only time the override emergency keys should be needed is if the batteries inside the safe die or if you forget the passcode.

Perfect for small items, this is how you keep the important things safe. It’s the ultimate security measure 100% hack-proof. A simple safe security box from – get yours today.

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5 Ways A Smartphone Mount For Your Car Makes Driving Easier

When you can operate your smartphone with one hand, driving becomes much safer. For commutes and long road trips alike, fumbling on your smartphone while driving is not only dangerous but illegal. A smartphone mount circumvents the risk.

Imagine placing your phone somewhere that’s strong, stable, and which will protect it. A smartphone mount accomplishes just that. All you have to do is place your smartphone on the magnet or in its holder and you don’t have to worry about it again.

If you haven’t yet purchased a smartphone mount, here are 5 ways it can make your driving easier.

Magnetic Car Mount, 360 Degree Rotatable Universal Car Phone Mount Holder – PrimeCables®

Phone Calls

When you’re driving and you receive a call, if your smartphone’s mounted it’s no challenge answering it. You hit your button for speakerphone and that’s it. Answering calls while driving is much easier.

Texts, Messages, and Emails

If you’re waiting to hear back from someone via personal message or text, a smartphone car mount keeps the screen at eye level. When a message comes in, it lights up and even while driving, you don’t miss a thing.

Navigate with Ease

Unfortunately, we all get lost on occasion. If you don’t have a GPS navigation system in your vehicle, any smartphone maps app will do. When it’s mounted somewhere easily visible, you aren’t splitting your vision between trying to see your map and focusing on the road. You’ll be thankful you have it when you are driving on unfamiliar streets or somewhere you don’t recognize.

Change Music With Ease

Especially on long journeys, a lot of us have music playlists or podcasts to keep us entertained. When you want to skip a song or forward past a podcast advertisement, taking your attention away from the road isn’t an option. A 360-degree universal car mount for smartphones gives access for you to make these sorts of changes without putting you at risk.

You Know Where Your Smartphone Is

We take our smartphones out when we drive and for various reasons. When not in use, we may put them in the cup holder, on the seat next to you, or in your pocket. A lot of us have had smartphones fall to the floor and end up caught in a near-unreachable location under our seats. When you put your smartphone is in a magnetic car mount and you make it a habit to keep it there, you always know where to find it.

A 360-degree smartphone car mount only adds to your journey. Affixing your smartphone to an area you can see it, you get more functionality and ease in your day-to-day driving. Find car mounts and more at

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Why HDMI 2.0 is the Best Way to Transfer Audio And Video Signals in a Single Cable

HDMI 2.0 is the most advanced consumer-based HDMI cable on the market. Although the rumours of HDMI 2.1 have been percolating since late 2017, they have yet to find their way into public release. For the time being, HDMI 2.0 cables remain the highest standard there is.

HDMI 2.0 Cable High Speed 4K HDMI Cable UHD 3D Gold Plated 6FT – PrimeCables®

HDMI 2.0 is a Dynamic Cable

There are many cables out there that can carry audio, video, or both. An HDMI 2.0 cable is dynamic in its ability to do this in home theater and entertainment settings, and is used in live broadcasts, commercial equipment, and gaming consoles.

HDMI is Kind Of Like A USB Cable

HDMI cables are so popular in large part because HDMI is as simple and convenient as a USB cable. It’s used very much in the same way. The connector’s a similar design and like USB, throughout the past decade, HDMI standards have continually improved.

Every leap forward in HDMI cables has mirrored what’s going on with the flat-screen industry. Because of widespread adoption, HDMI is now the standard in all flat-screen design. Every standalone entertainment screen larger than a tablet now comes with HDMI connectivity built in.

From a consumer standpoint, you know that when you buy USB cables, they can be used on various devices. They’re built well and they do their job. This isn’t a meek cable. HDMI 4K cables are top of the line and used by everyone from homeowners to offices.

If You Have A 4K TV, Choose HDMI 2.0

Over time, HDMI cables have come to incorporate various new features. They’ve improved on refresh rates, variability in media, dynamic high-definition picture, and more. For gamers and home theater lovers, it’s a dream of a cable.

4K TVs give you a flat-screen capable of handling 4K signal. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a cable capable of handling a 4K-quality signal, you won’t receive the 4K signal you expect. You have to ensure everything in your signal transmission chain is capable of carrying 4K. HDMI 4K cables work.

On the subject of 4K, even if you don’t have a 4K flat-screen, a capable HDMI cable is future-proof. It’ll be there when you need it. The industry is still adjusting to 4K TVs and the introduction of 8K TVs.

The more advanced consumer tech becomes, requiring high resolution and high frame rates, HDMI will continue to be a key part of making it possible and affordable for all to enjoy. For Canada’s best HDMI cables, visit today.

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What is a VESA Monitor Mount?

Finding the right monitor mount, desk mount, or monitor arm is so much easier when you know exactly what you’re looking for. A VESA monitor mount lifts your monitor from the desk and connects it to a metal arm that is then affixed with screws to your desk.

Single Monitor Desk Mount Adjustable Articulating Stand – PrimeCables®

What Does VESA Mean?

VESA is a measurement. It refers to the back of the screen and defines the distance in millimeters between the horizontal distance and vertical distance. VESA is used in mounts and mounting systems.

Where Can I Find My Monitor’s VESA Specification?

Your monitor’s VESA specifications should be indicated on the back of your monitor. Ensure your mount’s of the right VESA specification. The only way you can mount a monitor is by using VESA measurements.

Are Monitor Mounts Universal?

Every monitor mount comes with different requirements for weight and in VESA specifications. Monitor mounts are not universal in this sense. The two things that matter most when selecting a mount are weight and the VESA measurements.

Can My Desk Handle A Monitor Mount?

Any computer desk can handle a monitor mount if it is built well. Some desks end up carrying multiple monitor mounts, including single arm mounts, triple mounts, and more. For gamers, musicians, photographers, creators, and people working from home, monitor mounts serve incredibly well.

Can You Mount A Curved Monitor?

Curved gaming monitors can be difficult to mount. Flat screens are flush with anything adjacent and do not require much in terms of a mounting plate. For a curved monitor, though some can be mounted, do check to verify that the monitor mount you’ve selected is appropriately designed for the job.

Do I Need Special Screws to VESA Mount Monitors?

No, you do not need special screws to mount a monitor. That said, we recommend using the manufacturer’s screws. They are almost always a guaranteed fit and are best for the job.

Is It Safe to Mount Multiple Monitors on the Same Mount?

You may look at a dual monitor desk mount or triple monitor mount and wonder how safe they are to use. As long as you follow the weight specifications, you shouldn’t have any trouble mounting multiple monitors. There are even some desk mounts that accommodate six or more monitors! If your desk and mount are built well, don’t hesitate as long as your monitors are within the specifications given.

Find Canada’s best monitor mounts with VESA specifications ranging from 50mm to 100mm for single monitors, dual monitors, three monitors, four monitors, or six from Shop your favourite desktop mount today and build the ultimate work-desk, gaming station, or entertainment center.

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Pros And Cons of a Hi-Fi Speaker Amplifier

Re-designing your home’s sound system, you may be looking at buying an amplifier. Like with every other audio product, there are pros and cons to an amplifier and variances between brands.

Pro – Wattage Varies

Amplifiers aren’t all built equal. You have more models upwards of 200 watts of power and far more affordable tube amplifiers as little as 25 watts. In a home setting, you don’t need much wattage to create loudness.

a Hi-Fi Speaker Amplifier
Tube Amp 25W Stereo Hybrid Hi-Fi Speaker Amplifier with Bluetooth – PrimeCables®

Con – Inputs Vary

Some amplifiers are unfortunately not built for modern functionality. Older speaker amplifiers provide RCA inputs and that’s more or less it. Newer models thankfully often carry USB inputs in design. Consider this if you’re shopping an amplifier for home use.

Pro – Sound is Better

Compared to other sound systems and non-amplifier audio, a hi-fi speaker amplifier offers unparalleled quality in sound. With a wide-ranging frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz, it’s professional-grade sound that when compared with the right speakers will blow you away!

Pro – Customize Your Home Audio

Home audio sound systems are yours to design. An amplifier is just one component. It’s your starting point though. A tube amp mixed with the right speakers gives you a punchy, natural-sounding midrange, tight and deep bass, and sweet, gentle high-end. Customize according to preference.

Con – Tubes Can Damage

A tube amplifier can be easily damaged. Even with protective caging, if you drop the amplifier or if something falls on top of it, you run a good chance to ruining your tubes. They can be replaced though that comes at a cost.

Pro – Treble/Bass

For a lot of consumers, a hi-fi amplifier is their introduction to working with pro-level high-quality sound. As you might guess, we all have different preferences with how we listen to music – increasing treble or bass is a necessity in any audiophile’s sound system. The chance to use bass/treble equalization ensures you’re always listening to the sound you want.

Pro – Some Come With Bluetooth

Some amplifiers are Bluetooth-enabled. This makes it easier than ever to connect a playlist or smartphone to your sound speakers and play your music loud. If you use it a lot, a Bluetooth speaker amplifier can help cut out other products inconvenient to set up.

Browse amplifiers, speaker systems, and home theater audio at today. Your listening habits deserve a hi-fi speaker system that gives you the functionality you want. See Bluetooth, USB-connected amplifiers and speaker systems of all varieties. Visit

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How Do You Choose A Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk – read here!

Chronic backaches. After sitting at a desk for days, weeks, and months, eventually they hit everyone.

The recent uptick in work-from-home Canadians due to COVID-19 has meant working in unfortunate areas of the home for some.

If you’re looking to buy a new desk or reduce those ugly backaches, consider switching to a sit-stand desk.

A height-adjustable sit-stand desk gives you the chance to maintain an ergonomic position without disturbing your work.

a black desk mount with a computer monitor, a laptop and a tablet on it
Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 35″ Wide – Black PrimeCables®

Give It A Test

Unless you’re average height and of an average build, not every desk will work. When sitting or standing at your desk, forearms should be parallel to the ground, with feet flat on the floor, elbows preferably at a 90-degree angle, and hips and knees also at a 90-degree angle.

Manual or Electric

Electric sit-stand desks cost more. Manual sit-stand desks are affordable and work inarguably equally well. If you’re interested in a sit-stand desk, consider what your preference is in manual and electric models.

Maximize Available Space

A height-adjustable desk doesn’t usually have a lot of space on it. You want to consider what you’re intending on putting on this desk and what you actually need it for. Also, if you’re using a laptop, you might be able to get away with a smaller model which can help minimize costs.

Look For Adjustability And Not Just A Standing Desk

Sometimes you’re going to want to sit and work. Other times, you can stand. You want a workstation with height-adjustability. This way, you’re constantly challenging your body and removing any stress that’s building up.

If A Full Desk is Expensive, Choose A Conversion Desk

A conversion sit-stand desk sits on top of an existing desk. It raises the keyboard and monitor to standing height and then back down. This is most often done through a spring-assisted mechanism. Conversion desks are a lot more affordable than buying a larger desk and, fortunately, they allow you to keep your existing desk.

Where Can I Shop Ergonomic Desks in Canada? offers high-quality ergonomic desks and office accessories perfect for ongoing work-from-home arrangements. See top models, manual and electric, and full models and conversion desks.

How to choose a standing desk involves considering all these elements – cost, quality, size, functionality, and space. The difference you will feel afterwards will be like night-and-day. In standing and sitting, you prioritize your comfort and productivity. Choose a model that works quickly, easily, and effectively. Change your workstation around today and visit

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5 Reasons to Buy A TV Wall Mount For Your Flat-Screen

The best TV wall amounts are, above all else, useful. They give your home theater system something extra to help elevate it. It’s a way to make an impression on yourself and visitors, maximizing the viewing experience at an affordable cost.

TV wall mounts for flat-screens can range from very basic models to those with a tilt, angle, articulating arm, full-motion, and pull-down functionality. There are also ceiling mounts that provide households the chance to hang flat-screens down from a height.

a black tv mount
Heavy-Duty TV Ceiling Mount for Most 37″-80″ TV – PrimeCables®

If you aren’t already convinced, here are 5 reasons to buy a TV wall mount for your home entertainment system.

TV Wall Mounts Install Easy

TV wall mount installation is very simple. All you need to install a mount is to use a stud finder to find the studs behind your wall and the ability to drill the mount’s wall plates in. It only takes 10 minutes or less. Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction guide.

TV Wall Mounts Save Space

Whether you live in a small condo or your home theater room is sizeable, clutter makes for unnecessary space-taking. With a mount, you lift your TV up and place it on the wall akin to artwork. Normally, you’d have a TV stand or table on which a flat-screen would rest. A mount immediately saves that space and gives you a chance to make different use of it.

TV Wall Mounts Help You Find A Better Angle

We watch our flat-screens in living rooms, bedrooms, and plenty elsewhere. Common issues include not finding the optimum angle to watch at and glare from a light source. A tilt TV wall mount is adjustable. Find the right angle for now and set it. Then, still have the ability to make changes later when you have guests over or when you’re watching from a different perspective.

TV Wall Mounts Make Your Flat-Screen Look Even Bigger

Large, high-definition flat-screens look their best set in a TV wall mount. They look even more glorious than when set on a table or stand. All in all, this creates a more immersive watch experience and if you enjoy playing video games, it really takes things up a notch. This also perhaps unintentionally results in an ergonomic design, reducing strain on your neck and shoulders.

TV Wall Mounts Offer Functionality You Won’t Get Otherwise

Like we said from the get-go, you have a lot of functionality there. Angle and swivel your flat-screen up and down. If you have a pull-down or full-motion model, you can also re-angle the screen to accommodate guests who may be in the room. You can have one type of configuration when on your own and another when you have company. That’s the beauty of having a TV wall mount.

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Where Can I Use My Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – read here

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers, you can take with you in a wide variety of wet conditions. A decent-quality speaker with Bluetooth capability and in a waterproof design is the perfect summer accessory. Here are just a few of the places we’ve seen our speakers taken.

a black speaker


The #1 reason why people buy waterproof Bluetooth speakers is to take it to the beach. On a private or public beach, there’s nothing better than heading out to the edge close to where water meets sand and listening to your favourite summertime tracks while hanging with some friends.


On a boat, it can be frustratingly dull on some days. Even the best fishermen will tell you that. Though a loud Bluetooth speaker on a small boat can set vibrations out that dissuade fish from coming around, a wireless Bluetooth speaker at an appropriate volume will liven up the atmosphere a bit. Especially on average-to-large boats, it’s a nice way to spend a summer afternoon.


If you enjoy hiking or heading out camping, a Bluetooth speaker is the easiest way to enjoy listening to music in the privacy of the woods. All you need is a good charge on your wireless speaker. For day trips, a speaker like this is perfect. For week-long camping trips, you want an electrical outlet or an external battery pack to charge up devices like this.

Backyard Pool

If you have a backyard pool or a deck pool, a Bluetooth speaker sat out by your chair is an opportune way to connect your smartphone and share your best summer playlist with family or friends.

In the Shower

Shower radios used to be very popular. They aren’t so much anymore but some still love music while in the shower. If you’re worried about water damage on a stereo system or in your smartphone, pair it with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The speaker is fully protected in wet environments like a shower.

Backpack Adventures

Clip-on waterproof Bluetooth speakers go on your backpack and are great for hikers, day adventurers, and anyone who has a long trek to make. For when you’re on-the-go in unfamiliar territory, you want to have your ears open for potential hazards or warnings. Filling them with earbuds isn’t appropriate. A Bluetooth speaker still gives you the chance to listen to music or podcasts while keeping your senses tuned into what’s around you.

Don’t worry about hot, humid, and wet conditions ruining your speaker. When it’s waterproof, you’ll be able to sit poolside, go down by the beach, and not be afraid of a little surprise sunshower. Pick up yours today from

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4 Times Where Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Are Better Than Wired

The best hi-fi Bluetooth earbuds can assist you in a number of situations. If you’ve always been attached to a wire in your day-to-day movements, imagine the freedom there is in wireless earbuds.

For years, consumers and manufacturers have both been striving to reduce the wires that products like smartphones and music players use. Wireless Bluetooth earbuds have made it significantly easier to do a lot of things. Here are just 4 of our favourite activities where wireless earbuds come in handy.

a pair of white wireless Bluetooth earbuds


Whether it’s lifting weights, doing yoga, running, or practising your favourite sport, when you’re attached by wire to a device it’s a distraction. You’re always thinking about the wire connection, consciously or subconsciously. Wireless earbuds for exercising give you the chance to get in a workout without distraction. Focus on the weights and your form. Wireless earbuds minimize the chance of injury and are more convenient than having to carry around your gadget with you.

Public Transit

If you live in a city or you take public transit regularly, wireless Bluetooth earbuds can be very beneficial. No wires needed. If you’ve ever had your wires get caught on something and then yank out of your ear, it’s not fun. Playing a new podcast or some of your favourite pick-me-up tunes can help make a day more tolerable. Wireless earbuds are a great investment. You’ll be more comfortable wearing them as you walk, travel, and get around to your next destination.


Some of us run households. We have to make the beds in the morning, do the dishes, and run around the house or even outside. Don’t even get us started on spring-cleaning! Performing monotonous tasks become a lot more interesting when you’re wearing a pair of high-quality wireless Bluetooth buds. Though some use a Bluetooth speaker or stereo system to play music, unfortunately, you can’t take that with you in every room. Earbuds are portable. Try it.

Taking A Nap

Though not everyone likes to sleep with earbuds in, some do. Even if it’s just for a nap, a wired connection means when you roll over, you take your whole device with you. By Bluetooth connection, you can lie down comfortably and not have to worry about your wire entangling itself around your neck in the middle of the night or you rolling over on top of your device. Headphones and earbuds have no comparison, at least if you’re judging based purely on comfort.

Find wired Bluetooth earbuds, wireless Bluetooth earbuds, and more at today. Live your life the way you want to live it and do it wire-free.

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