Buy these Holiday Gifts for any tech Lover on your 2019 Christmas Shopping List

‘The most wonderful time of year’ is our biggest sales season at Shoppers coming to are saving $100s on common home tech products. Above the holiday parties you’re going to be attending, the intimate evenings spent with family and friends, and any retail shopping you might be doing, consider dropping in on to find some amazing holiday tech deals perfect for all the technology-addicted family you’ll be buying for this Christmas.

2-in-1 single serve coffee maker – $29.99

A great coffee maker perfect for brewing, ground, and capsule for any single-serve, set it up at home or in the office as needed. Ideal for almost any space, this 2-in-1 coffee maker’s container can brew up to three cups of coffee before it needs a refill. Features include an adjustable drop trap, a design that’s easy to clean, and safe to use with ETL approval. As one of’s curated Christmas tech deals, enjoy a product we know absolutely any coffee-lover will appreciate.

Smart scale Bluetooth and wireless – $21.99

Capable of storing up to eight different profiles, enjoy a wide variety of measurements helping a user to analyze their health. As a Christmas gift, of course, be careful who you buy this for! You don’t want to make someone feel like they need to lose weight. If you’re buying for a tech lover this Christmas with a fitness addiction, a Bluetooth smart scale is perfect and something you know they’ll keep out in their bathroom to keep them on track with all of their health goals!

Ultrasonic humidifier with filter – $36.99

A perfect Christmas gift for a mother,’s cool mist ultrasonic humidifier comes with adjustable mist, large capacity, and is great set up in a bedroom, in the living room, or somewhere in an office. Features include auto shut-off, an essential oil tray, and a ceramic filter bead. Help with allergies, clearing sinuses, coughs, and purify the air around you. If you’ve never used a humidifier like this, it helps with anti-bacteria, anti-microbial, and is a hypoallergenic natural ionizer!

See a wide array of holiday gifts for tech lovers including simple home products like a 4-slice stainless steel toaster for $36.99, a ceramic tower heater 1,500-watts for $71.99, a 16-in-1 multi-use programmable pressure cooker for $59.99, and an LED toilet night light glow motion for $4.99. has a wide array of tech holiday deals perfect for the Christmas gift buyer in need of tech accessories or sleek, trendy gadgets for family and friends. Across a whole range of price points, get all your tech shopping done with and save potentially $100s!

What’s the Best USB Type-C cable in Canada for Charging Smartphones – read here!

The best charging cables in Canada are available for purchase from PrimeCables. Browse USB Type-C cables, Apple-certified lightning cables, USB 3.0 cables, USB adapters and accessories, and so much more.

primecables cable charing

Whether you’re using an iPhone, Android phone, USB-C laptop, or any of the micro-powered USB gadgets like headphones or Kindles, you want a high quality charging cable you can rely on. There’s nothing worse than having a charging cable quit out on you. Thankfully, buying from PrimeCables, you can stock up on your favourite USB Type-C cables all at affordable prices and ensure you always have one on-hand to pull.


USB Type-C cables are a great choice in USB cable for many reasons. They charge faster than other cables, and any USB Type-C cable manufactured and distributed by PrimeCables are also very durable compared to other cable types. Strong and universal, use them to charge any and all USB devices with ease. These USB cables can be purchased in a range of colors, lengths, and can be modified according to what you need them. They are some of the biggest selling cables in Canada, for all these reasons in addition to them being a very affordable cable.


There are two top choices we can put forth to suggest them as the ‘best USB Type-C cable in Canada’. There’s the 2-metre long USB-C to USB-A charge and sync cable for $13.99 from PrimeCables. If you need a lengthy cable that is still quick charging, this is your best bet. USB-C compliant and with transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps, this cable is a great choice. Secondly, there’s the 1-metre in length USB-C to USB 3.1 sync and charge cable with aluminum alloy connector for $5.99. The most affordable USB Type-C cable you’ll find, enjoy transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps, 56k ohm pull-up resistor safe for any and all devices, and a user-friendly reversible design.


If you’re looking for the best charging cable, the best long charging cable, the best universal charging cable, the most durable charging cable, or the best USB-C cable overall, an argument can be made for either of the two mentioned or any of the more than dozen models contained in the PrimeCables catalogue.


Any time you buy a USB-C cable from PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping on any order above $49, free returns included, and a 1-year product guarantee. We do cables better than anyone and Canadians love us. Join PrimeCables today and begin shopping.

Using a Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar to raise the Bar of your Home Theater Sound

PrimeCables is delighted to introduce an alternative to the traditional surround sound systems, multimedia speakers, and bookshelf speakers that occupy home theater systems around Canada.


A wireless Bluetooth soundbar implemented into your home theater sound, you can instantly see the bar raise with that same high quality sound you’ve always wanted in addition to being able to pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled devices.


More and more, we are seeing home theater systems move towards being completely wireless. This is understandable. After all, home entertainment centers are notoriously filled with all sorts of cables.


Now more than ever, with so many devices to connect, we have sound cables, HDMI cables, USB cables, TV cables, speaker cables, and all sorts of necessary accessories. Although necessary, wouldn’t it be great to go wireless – consider it.


Home theater enthusiasts looking for a way to make an affordable upgrade, you can go wireless now with any of PrimeCables’ Bluetooth soundbar. We actually have a few different options that have been bookmarked by thousands of Canadians.


There’s the stereo Bluetooth soundbar and wired subwoofer for w/ free shipping included to anywhere in Canada for $99.99.


There’s also the stereo soundbar Bluetooth 2.0 wired and wireless speakers w/ free shipping included for $56.99.


If you’re living in a smaller room, small apartment, or small condo and have an appropriately sized small TV, there’s also a small portable Bluetooth mini home theater system for $39.99.


Across these products, you’ll enjoy superior sound quality, high-resolution audio, smart functionality, and a sleek, modern design.


Fill every corner of your room with a strong, multi-dimensional sound in a way you haven’t been able to, in the past. When you want to sync up a podcast or some music from your smartphone, you don’t need some elaborate wire or cable setup. All you need to do is enable the Bluetooth on your device and get it in. Incredibly convenient, you’ll be glad to have it. These soundbar models are among the best in Canada, especially at their price point.


Getting set up with an affordable and wireless Bluetooth soundbar has never been easier. Blending affordability, style, and technology, enjoy your wireless Bluetooth soundbar on your terms. Experience the full benefits of your home theater system and expand its capability. Do so with PrimeCables and enjoy that fast, free shipping we offer on any order above $49. Innovation has never been so affordable. See an amazing, versatile performance in any of the Bluetooth products available on PrimeCables.

Should I Use a Projector for my Home Theater and How to Connect your Smartphone

Although so many of are chasing 4K TVs, 1080p TVs, and all sorts of flat-screens, going with a projector for your home theater system can be way more affordable alternative.

Let us share a little secret about home theater projectors. The screen size is adjustable and you can connect your smartphone and/or almost any device to your projector. Whether you’re watching Netflix, enjoying a full-length movie on your Blu-ray player, or catching up with something on your DVR, you can still enjoy all these things on a projector.


All in all, you won’t need to spend $1,000s on a massive flat-screen. You can get the same sized screen with a projector at a fraction of what you’d spend on a 4K TV. There’s almost no comparison, cost-wise. This is a massive reason why many Canadians choose to go with a projector over a screen.


Using a projector, you’ll also notice how it saves on space. For example, you can mount a projector against the back wall and you don’t need to contend with setting it up on a table. You’ll also save on not having a big screen on a mount or TV table. It can be a big change for some households but we’ve heard very few regrets after they’ve made the change. You don’t even need to have a projector screen set up per se in order to enjoy your projector.


If you’re looking to connect your smartphone, it’s very easy to do. If your projector or anything connected to it such as a media streaming box is not Bluetooth-enabled, you can use an HDMI to USB cable or adapter to make that connection. As long as you have the right equipment, it’s as easy as plugging in your smartphone to get it synced up.


Universally speaking, so much of us prefer flat-screens but we haven’t tried a projector as an alternative. If you’re serious about creating a theatrical home theater system, a projector really does make it feel like you’re watching in a theater. It’s a great way to enjoy 1080p movies, binge-watching Netflix, watching sports with friends, or enjoying yourself on a night-off. Consider it the next time you’re looking to upgrade to something new for your home theater system.


Shop projectors, projector mounts, and projector screens at PrimeCables, and see big discounts you won’t find anywhere else. Affordable and yet amazingly powerful, projectors make for an amazing tool in your home theater arsenal. Shop these products and more at Canada’s own PrimeCables.

See the Best Ergonomic Desks, Mounts, and more for Gamers

For any PC gamer, having an ergonomic setup is a great choice to make. Things like ergonomically designed desks, mounts, and accessories take the stress off the body and lets you enjoy gaming while you’re most comfortable.


Anyone who intends to spend hours a day at their gamestation, consider ergonomics when selecting the furniture that surrounds you. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, being in a position for an extended period of time puts stress of the body. It could lead to issues with your lower back, your hips, your shoulders, your neck, or elsewhere. Long-term, you can even become injured or experience health complications like heart disease. This might not be something we think about consistently but it’s something that any gamer should weigh when deciding how to build the ultimate gaming room for them.


Height adjustable ergonomic sit-standing desks are a great selection for a gaming station, allowing you to move up and down from sitting to standing as needed. Sit-standing desks can come in both electric and non-electric form. They come in all shapes and sizes, any of which is more appropriate depending on your monitor size.


Speaking of monitors, choosing a monitor mount is another height adjustable and angle-adjustable choice that can help take pressure off your neck, shoulders, and back. Browsing monitor mounts at PrimeCables, you’ll find mounts for single monitors, dual monitors, a triple monitor mount, or more.


Now let’s say you’re not gaming in a desk and chair setup. You may prefer gaming on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. That’s no problem because you can still use ergonomic accessories and products to make gaming that much easier. As it pertains to a laptop, one such example is a height adjustable laptop stand suitable for any laptop or tablet up to 15” in screen size.


Some other examples of ergonomic accessories you may want to combine with your gaming setup includes an adjustable under-desk CPU mount, a height-adjustable footrest platform, a reading pillow with memory foam which is great for your lumbar, a monitor riser stand, and a document clip which can be great for hosting papers you may need to look at while you game.


Choosing ergonomic desks, mounts, and accessories, you always want to consider the products that are going make you happy while also preserving your health. Through a combination of ergonomic products like these, you can achieve optimal monitor placement, the ideal desk and chair height, and really craft the perfect and most valuable gaming station for you.

Ditch your Cable and Cut the Cord with these 4 Amazing Indoor HDTV Antennas

Do you want free TV in Canada? You can have it right now with an indoor high-definition TV antenna.


Cutting the cord has never been easier or more affordable than it is today. Be it in urban environments where you can grab up to 20 channels and sometimes more, or in a rural setting where HDTV antennas still can bring in several channels, consider it. Here are the top 4 indoor HDTV antennas in Canada, as recommended by our editorial staff.


Super thin indoor HDTV Antenna – $4.99

One of the most affordable HDTV antennas in Canada, this small yet powerful HDTV antenna receives high-definition TV broadcast signals, can be easily hidden from view, and is as fast for setup as unwrapping it, plugging it in, and scanning the channels. If you’re looking for a low investment and/or you don’t want to spend much, this is what you want to go with.

PrimeCables TV antenna
PrimeCables TV antenna

Digiwave BMX HDTV Antenna – $14.99

Currently on-sale from its original price of $29.99, the Digiwave BMX HDTV antenna is very thin, installable anywhere indoors, and comes with no monthly fees. Local broadcast TV shows, no assembly required, and stylish in a shiny black finish, this is a step up from the prior antenna. In terms of value to price, the Digiwave indoor HDTV antenna is our pick.


Large paper thin Monoprice HDTV Antenna – $29.99


The Monoprice large thin HDTV Antenna comes with a 35-mile range with full high-definition signals. Like with any of the other options on this list, you get crystal clear HD quality picture, all sorts of popular TV networks at no cost, and it can be easily installed mounted on a wall, in a window, or on a table.


Amplified digital Indoor Antenna – $39.99


The priciest HDTV antenna on our list, see this Digiwave amplified HDTV antenna on remarkable discount down by almost 50 percent. The reception distance is up to 100 km and you can boost your signal with up to 20 dB of amplification. This antenna is shielded to minimize interference, comes with high gain and low noise, and is as stylish as any of the other options here.


These aren’t your grandparents’ TV antennas. These feature modern, contemporary design, complete with a powerful reach beyond what was possible decades ago. If you don’t want to have an outdoor HDTV antenna hooked onto the side of your property, any of these indoor HDTV antennas are proven to work just as well. Shop them all at PrimeCables.

Cat5, Cat6, or Cat7 Ethernet Network Cables – Which One’s Best

Although wireless is all where it’s at right now, anyone serious about getting the fastest speeds from their Internet are using classic network Ethernet cables to achieve this. If we’re talking connectivity, there’s nothing quite like Ethernet cables, currently available in types ranging from Cat5 to Cat7. Selecting the right Ethernet cable for your home can be the key to a Pandora’s Box of Internet capability and if you’re wondering what the best Ethernet cable is, we can help.

network cable canada
network cable Canada

When you’re reading these things like ‘Cat1’, ‘Cat4’, ‘Cat5’, etc., the ‘Cat’ being referred to stands for Category. The higher the number, the higher the bandwidth speed your cable is capable of. Anything below Cat5 has been made obsolete and aren’t really used anymore in household connections. Cat5e Ethernet cable has become one of the most popular Ethernet cables – despite the fact that Cat6, Cat7, and Cat8 are in essence better and more advanced cables.


Comparatively, Cat5 is popular however has nearly been made obsolete by what’ come after. Improving upon what’s in the Cat5, the Cat5e cable stands for ‘Category 5 enhanced’. Some features consumers can enjoy using a Cat5e cable is reduced signal interference from other wires and a transmission speed of up to 1 Gbps. If you’re looking at what the most cost-effective Ethernet cable is, it has to be the Cat5e. It’s more than appropriate for wired connections in residential and commercial settings.


Now we come upon Cat6 Ethernet cables. Supporting transmission speeds up to 10 Gpbs, the unfortunate thing is that the longer the cable, the more speed is reduced. Even so, Cat6 cables continue to improve on the previous Cat5e and for that reason, is slightly more expensive. If you’re really looking to talk about extremes, we can refer you to the Cat7 cable which boasts a huge transmission speed of up to 40 Gpbs at fifty metres in length and a massive 100 Gpbs at distances up to 15 meters. Cat7 Ethernet cables are generally stiffer cables and they come with a higher price tag than the other Ethernet cables mentioned here.


So which one is best – the answer relies entirely on what you’re looking for. Cat5e is the most affordable while still providing a good performance. Cat5e Ethernet cables are also the most flexible physically speaking. That said, Cat6 Ethernet cables and Cat7 Ethernet cables boast higher speeds and an overall better performance.


For all your Ethernet cable needs, shop at PrimeCables and receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49.