Car Accessories to Make Your Drive to Work and Errands A Little More Fun

A vehicle used to be a far more common product than it is today. Every family and household had one.

Unfortunately, due to rising living costs and environmental standards, among other reasons, the majority of people don’t own a vehicle.

The fortunate who do, however, have the luxury of running errands, going to work, and taking road trips any time they want.

If you’re in the latter, there are a few car accessories we think are worth a buy. To anyone with a license actually, there’s probably at least a few products on this list that merit consideration. Spending time in a car just got a little more fun.


A dashcam is used to record the action in and around your vehicle. A great product for this is Cansonic’s Camcoder CDV280. Capture 720p HD video in a wide-angle lens with 270-degree rotation, an anti-shake design, and support for external GPS logging.

Cansonic Camcoder CDV280

USB Car Charger

New cars have built-in USB ports. Older vehicles do not. This doesn’t mean you can’t charge a smartphone or mobile device though. A USB car charger plugs into your dashboard and allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Bluetooth Transmitter for Car

A Bluetooth transmitter for a car upgrades your vehicle to give you the chance to transmit Bluetooth signals to your speakers. Simply tune the transmitter to an FM radio signal of your choosing and then connect the Bluetooth to your smartphone. Anything you play comes out of your speakers.

Smartphone Car Mount

Drive safely. Do so with a smartphone car mount. Position your phone at eye level and make it easy on yourself if you need to answer a call, skip a song in your playlist, or follow your journey on Google Maps.

Portable Car Jump Starter

In an emergency situation where your car battery dies, you don’t always have another vehicle there to connect booster cables to and get you on your way. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait. Equip yourself for the ‘worst-case scenario’ with a 10,000mAh portable car jump starter. Use it to connect to your battery and jump-start it in an emergency or, alternatively, use it as a phone charger.

Portable Tire Inflator And Air Compressor

If you need a boost to a flat tire while out on the road, take out your portable tire inflator and instantly, you’re good to go. Again, you have to prepare for the worst. If you’re ready, should anything go down, you know exactly what to do.

Car accessories like these are both fun and practical. Get them today from Make your drives that much more entertaining to you and your passengers, and include some safety picks in there as well. Check out these products and more at today.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use A TV Wall Mount For Your Flat-Screen

A flat-screen can be quite large. Even a modest 32” screen is still going to take up space on a table or stand of some kind.

Chances are, you’re here because you’re thinking about buying a TV wall mount. A mount reduces the space a flat-screen takes by lifting it and setting it against the wall like one would a painting.

Through a TV mount, you prevent a flat-screen from taking up floor space which would be otherwise wasted.

Here is how to mount your TV the right way. This is how to do it so that it looks modern and clean, and stays secure.

TV Wall Mount Classic Swivel and Tilt For 23″- 42″ LED, LCD flat panel TVs PrimeCables®

Step 1 – Buy the Right TV Wall Mount

Note your flat-screen’s weight and VESA specifications. These should match to the flat-screen mount you’re about to buy.

You also have different types of mounts, including fixed, tilt, and full-motion. This may take some research and time to decide what the best mount is for your home theater.

Step 2 – Decide Where You Want to Put Your Flat-Screen

So you have your TV and you have your TV wall mount. Now, where do you want to put it – consider all possibilities.

If your mount doesn’t have a tilt, installing it opposite a window will reflect glare. Although this may be unavoidable in some houses, it’s worth mentioning as it’s an issue every homeowner deals with regardless of whether the television is mounted or not.

Step 3 – Find the Studs and Attach the Mount to the Wall

Use a stud finder to locate studs in the wall. Studs are built to support the weight of a flat-screen. You can’t install a mount without them.

Once you have your studs located, start drilling. Use a drill bit that matches the size of the mount’s bolts. Follow the instructions to affix the first part of the mount to the wall. Ensure it is fully secure before moving onto the next step.

Step 4 – Affix Both Braces Securely and Attach the TV to the Mount

There’s a brace that will go on the wall and a brace that will go on the back of your TV. Ensure each brace is secure.

Then, mount your TV aligning the two halves of the bracket. Once completed, you can tighten the fastening screws and this will hold everything in place.

Step 5 – Fix Up Your Cables

You don’t want TV cables hanging down from your TV in a way where someone could accidentally hook them. Consider a cable trunk, cable ties, or a discreet way to at least tie the cables together to avoid a hazard.

As you can tell, how to wall mount a TV is a very simple process. Be sure to combine this guide with the instructions that have come with your mount. Buy a home theater TV wall mount today at

Your Ultimate Guide to Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are an affordable way to protect your tech from power spikes.

They also add extra outlets, including some that can be USB rather than the standard electric outlet.

For the sake of your gear, if you don’t already have one, buy a surge protector. Here’s a little about surge protectors – what they are, how they work, and what makes an excellent-quality surge protector.

Spacing Between Sockets

Consider what you’re plugging in. Wider spacing between sockets or sockets which can be rotated is particularly advantageous for households accommodating bulky plugs.

Check the USB Amps

A surge protector with USB is very popular now, however, they aren’t all built equal in power. Check the amp rating. They usually come in 1 or 2 amps, measured as 1A or 2A. This indicates how much charge your USB devices will receive. At least 2 amps is required for fast-charging. A single amp, however, will still work.

Protection is Measured in Joules

The more joules your surge protector has the better. Over time, your surge protector can wear down. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to know or measure how well your surge protection is functioning. Most will say it’s best to replace old surge protectors every few years when you suspect they’re beginning to lose effectiveness.

You Don’t Need A Power Conditioner

A lot of products claim to offer ‘power conditioning’. You don’t need it in a high-quality surge protector because your gear already has conditioning in its own design. Electronics with a power supply that receives an incoming wall current is already filtering it for noise, converting it to the electricity needed, and is doing the conditioning.

Bloc multiprise de protection contre les surtensions à 2 prises avec 1 port USB C et 2 ports USB A

Surge Protectors Are Not Power Strips

Power strips are similar in look but all they do is expand the amount of wall outlets you have. Oftentimes, they incorporate a circuit breaker in their design but it doesn’t offer the sort of protection one expects with a surge protector. Come a power spike, you can’t rely on a power strip.

Always Get More Outlets Than You Need

This is the rule. Don’t forget it. When you buy a surge protector, don’t buy for today – buy for tomorrow. Eventually, you will need more outlets. If a multi-outlet surge protector is available at comparable pricing to a smaller version, it’s worth the investment to go for the larger surge protector. That is, unless you have minimal space and want something small.

If you have a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer at home, get a surge protector. Any home theater system should be supported with a surge protector as well. There’s no reason not to include these in your tech network. All it takes is one thunderstorm and electricity surge to fry everything. As unlikely as it is to happen, just in case, a surge protector from is recommended.

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Why HDMI 2.0 Cables Could Be Better Than HDMI 2.1 for Your Home Theater System

By the end of this year, a new set of gaming consoles will have arrived, new graphic cards are coming up on the horizon, and home theater and entertainment tech will jump into a new year.

Although HDMI 2.1 cables are being hyped up for being bigger, badder, and overall better, there are a few reasons why you may want to wait to buy them.

Convertisseur adaptateur VGA vers HDMI portable avec audio et alimentation USB, 1080P – PrimeCables®

A lot of what one hopes to accomplish with HDMI 2.1 is already capable of being done with quality-made HDMI 2.0 cables.

Bandwidth Differences

The big difference in HDMI cables comes in the form of transmission speed. An HDMI 1.4 cable transmits at a maximum rate of 10.2 Gbps. HDMI 2.0 transmits at 18 Gbps. Comparatively, HDMI 2.1 transmits at an impressive 48 Gbps.

These are maximum speeds and there’s no guarantee one will achieve these with their HDMI cables.

Receive 4K Signals with HDMI 2.0

If you want HDMI 2.1 to have 4K signals, know that you have 4K capability with HDMI 2.0 cables.

You already have the technology to carry uncompressed 4K signals at 60 frames a second in eight-bit color. For UHD Blu-ray signals, gaming consoles, and more, 4K HDMI 2.0 cables are everything you need.

Regarding HDMI 2.1, it is understandably an upgrade. You get uncompressed 8K signals at 60 frames per second and in 12-bit color.

That said, unless you have an 8K TV and everything 8K-capable, this means little. It’s a wholly unnecessary upgrade.

Why Gamers May Feel Different

If you’re looking to buy the newest gaming console or to upgrade your graphics card, an advanced HDMI cable may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Assuming your TV supports HDMI 2.1 and your console is either an Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, or comparable model, having an HDMI 2.1 cable is the only way you’re going to be able to get those graphics and gameplay as advertised.

For everyday home theater users, HDMI 2.1 cables are still a few years away from being in widespread use.

Especially with the unexpected consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the video game industry, we may not see HDMI 2.1 cables as the standard until at the very least 2025 although at this point, it’s hard to predict where tech is headed.

Where Can I Buy HDMI Cables in Canada?

If you’re looking for HDMI cables for your home theater or gaming station, is your ticket. Upgrade your system today with high-quality 4K HDMI cables that are ready to deliver premium-level video.

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What is the Best Ethernet Cable

WiFi is Internet. Internet is WiFi. For most homes, this is the rule. They won’t even entertain the thought of a cabled connection.

As convenient as wireless Internet is, guess what – wired Ethernet cables provide a more stable, faster connection.

Ethernet is king. The best Ethernet cable is still way, way faster than any sort of comparative WiFi.

If you aren’t familiar with Ethernet and want to know what the best Ethernet cable is for you, check this out.

Different Types of Ethernet Cable

Selecting an Ethernet cable, you will notice there are different classifications. The oldest networking standard is Cat 5. Then, there’s Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 7, and the newest being Cat 8 cables.

Don’t Buy Lesser Than Cat 5e Cables

At minimum, when buying Ethernet cables, you don’t want anything lower than Cat 5e. Transmission speeds begin to fall off considerably when you go below a Cat 5e cable. Most households and businesses using Ethernet are either on a Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 6a connection.

Why It’s Important to Know What Ethernet Cable You’re Buying

Buy the wrong Ethernet cable and you will find you either end up overpaying, impairing performance, or the link simply will not work.

Why Businesses Choose Ethernet over WiFi

Businesses with four or more users will ideally be plugged into Ethernet wired Internet to avoid slower Internet speeds.

Why Ethernet is More Reliable Than WiFi

It’s often a mistaken belief that Ethernet is old technology. It isn’t. Just like WiFi continues to progress so does Ethernet. WiFi relies on your location, distance to the router, and any obstacles that may exist between you and said router. Ethernet is a cable. You plug in and you’re connected. It’s more reliable Internet.

Do I Need the Fastest Ethernet Cable?

Naturally, one might think that a Cat 8 Ethernet cable is the best because it’s the newest. Not necessarily so. An average Cat5e Ethernet cable is perfect for general Internet surfing. When you’re transferring files, streaming video, streaming games, and doing similar things which do require a lot of Internet, you will want the fastest speeds you can get. In those examples, an Ethernet Cat 8 cable is the way to go.

Multimode duplex LC/LC 50 microns OM4 cable fibre aqua – 2mm OFNP – 1,5p

Ethernet Cables Are Surprisingly Flexible

Ethernet cables are interchangeable, backward-compatible, and work with any route with a connection. Unlike other cable types, old cables work with new modems as will newer, more advanced cables with old modems.

Lengths Vary Widely

The last thing we want to mention is length. Ethernet cables can be as short as six inches or 20 metres and above. Be sure to always select a length that gives you a little slack to work with. You don’t want to be caught out with a shorter length than you need.

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See the Best Gaming Accessories in Canada Cheap, Wireless, and Packed With Features!

New gaming accessories come out every year. They’re expensive, trendy, and are all sorts of persuasive.

A lot of gamers jump on these new releases and end up overpaying on overrated or underdeveloped technology. continues to build out its gaming accessories list in Canada. So far, you’ll find dozens of cheap gaming accessories feature-packed.

A great way to get started on building a gaming station and environment that fully immerses you into your chosen games, here are the must-haves you may want to add to your collection.

Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse with 7200 DPI high-performance is a beautiful addition to any gaming environment. Move around in new ways. Tap into gaming features you may have struggled to access before.

Gaming Mouse

Gaming Headset

A gaming headset is a relatively basic gaming accessory and a must-own. The backlit, colorful design closes over the ear with soft-cushioned leather ensure long-term comfort. It is self-adjustable and with a built-in volume control. If gaming’s a social experience where easy communication is necessary, you’ve got to have a gaming headset.

Gaming Keyboard

The biggest advantage of a rainbow backlight gaming keyboard is it allows you to play in low-light and dark conditions. Features include USB plug-in, a 1.5-metre cable, anti-ghosting capabilities with 19-key rollover support, multimedia keys, and Gap 3 color switch mixing light.

LED Gaming Mouse Pad

Try using a mouse in dark conditions without an LED gaming mouse pad. For many of us, we’d unfortunately be lost. Transparent decals and edges, lighting brightness controls, and a larger sized space ensure one can move around their mouse with ease. Even at night or in low-light conditions, you’re set.

Crucial Ballistix Sport Red 16GB RAM

Computers that are being used for heavy gaming should have a little extra to support them. Crucial Ballistix Sport Red 16GB RAM promises faster speeds and responsiveness and maximized data rates. For gamers, if lagging is a problem or if you’re noticing your computer just can’t maintain its speed, switch out the RAM for something a little more powerful – like this.

Laptop Adjustable Stand w/ Fans

Laptops are a whole other challenge when it comes to gaming with them. If you find yours overheating, pair it with a laptop adjustable stand with fans. For laptops up to 16” in size, the airflow will keep it working at its best speeds consistently throughout gameplay. You also get the added benefit of being able to adjust the angle according to the perspective you want.

There are a lot of expensive offenders in the gaming space. Save your money and find these gaming accessories and more at See more discounts, deals, and savings than anywhere else!

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Can You Use A Digital Infrared Thermometer to Identify Persons Infected with COVID-19

A digital infrared thermometer makes no contact with a person. It is used on the forehead to provide the user with one’s body temperature.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, digital non-contact thermometers like the infrared variety have been used by businesses to diagnose employees and prevent customers with temperature symptoms from entering the premises.

A lot of people doubt the use of infrared thermometers, however. They argue asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 exist. They have no fever and could easily bring the coronavirus into a workplace.

While that’s true, there are a lot of reasons why small businesses should continue using digital thermometers like this.

Digital non-contact thermometer

They’re Safe

A lot of people worry that because it says ‘infrared’ that these thermometers use infrared rays. Infrared thermometers do not transmit rays or any form of radiation. They measure infrared wavelengths coming from the body. They don’t send any signal and are 100% safe for everyone.

It’s Low-Cost

The cost of doing any sort of COVID-19 testing right now is exorbitant. If you have even a dozen employees working for you on any given day, you’re quickly going to rack up $1,000s in fees. An infrared thermometer isn’t perfect but it’s a one-time purchase that gives you one way to successfully screen and test people that are about to work with you.

An Infrared Thermometer Will Identify Fevers

At the very least, a thermometer will let you know if someone has a fever. If they do, you’ve prevented a potential massive outbreak at your place of work. That’s a good thing. Although asymptomatic carriers exist, there’s no excuse for letting someone with a fever come into your workplace and spreading what could be a fatal virus.

Widespread COVID-19 Testing Isn’t Yet Available

Provinces are still struggling to provide their citizens with the amount of testing that’s needed. Business-wise, there’s no way for you to test your employees in a way that’s as cheap and as instantaneous as what you get from a digital forehead thermometer.

You Get to See the Results Instantly

There’s no waiting game. Even if you did have the means of registering legitimate COVID-19 testing day-in and day-out, it takes time to process those results. With infrared detecting technology, you get a reading instantly.

Trusted Brands Are Using Them

Some of Canada’s most trusted authorities and brands are using non-contact infrared thermometers as a screening tool. They’re being used at various entry points as well and by government officials. As long as it’s high-quality – and there are low-quality thermometers unfortunately out there – you’re set. Look for a CE-certified/FDA-certified model. continues to do what it can to ensure small businesses and everyday Canadians have the necessities to keep themselves safe, screened, and protected. Get your infrared thermometer today.

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Where You Can Buy in Canada Work-From-Home Office Furniture You Forgot You Needed

A remote work-from-home situation relies heavily on the furniture and equipment around us.

Unfortunately, an employer cannot provide an employee with everything they need to be comfortable and productive working from home.

For that, it’s on us. It’s on the people working from home most days to provide their households the funds needed to make it through another month.

If you visit a Walmart, IKEA, Best Buy, or Staples, you’ll see a lot of work-from-home office furniture has been sold out. What hasn’t is often available at high prices just because the demand’s increased to such an extreme degree.

Fortunately, you can buy work-from-home essentials at a fair price from and receive them at your doorstep contact-free.

What Work-From-Home Office Furniture Do You Need?

  • A desk. We all need a high-quality professional-grade desk to work from. A height-adjustable desk is what we always recommend as this provides a way to maximize comfortability throughout the workday.
  • A multi-outlet surge protector is a key essential for working from home. If you don’t already, you will have multiple cables that need somewhere to be plugged. A high-quality surge protector a purchase that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • A glass tabletop riser or a single monitor mount lifts your screen and creates more space on your desk.

What Work-From-Home Accessories Could You Be Forgetting?

  • A height-adjustable laptop desk allows you to work in bed, on the couch, or almost anywhere. If you don’t have a dedicated workstation or occasionally work elsewhere, take with you this portable laptop bed table.
  • USB cables make it easy to charge your devices while you work. There are also USB hubs wherein you can connect multiple devices to your computer, should you be using a number of hard drives.
  • Bluetooth earbuds or a computer speaker system is a work-from-home accessory often ignored. Though not a necessity, wearing earbuds make it easier to listen to music or communicate with customers or co-workers during a Zoom call. Alternatively, you may decide a multimedia speaker system is more advantageous to you.

This is just a little glimpse into where to start. For a lot of us working from home is something new. You may discover you need other things a la 1080p HD webcams, new computer monitors, mounts, cables, adapters, and more. You can find it all at

When it comes to COVID-19 work from home schedules, has been a major resource for Canadians all over the map. If you’re scrambling to upgrade or buy new home office equipment, simply drop in to our marketplace and locate everything you need for a basic furniture setup.

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Why A Curved Monitor is Better than a Flat Monitor

A monitor is a top piece of tech. For work-from-home offices to gamers, the monitor you have impacts how much you enjoy what you do.

A curved monitor is ideal for gaming and activities requiring strong, deep visuals. It is so much more than this though. There’s a lot more to the features of a curved monitor and its overall presentation.

Exceeding the tech in flat monitors, here’s why a curved monitor is better – in most cases – than any similar flat monitor.

They Replicate Real-Life

Curved monitors are often advertised with the tag of being ‘more immersive’. This is because they’re replicating real-life ocular perception. It makes you feel as if you’re there. In duplicating length, width, and height, it’s a more realistic visual than an image that is completely flat.

27″ Curved Gaming monitor 

Reduced Eye Strain

We don’t realize how much we put our eyes through when we’re seated in front of a monitor. Straining our eyes is a common side effect of this activity. Due to a modified field-of-view, the curving of the visual means less straining and a more healthy experience all-around.

Less Blurriness

When you enlarge an image, you get distortion and blurriness particularly at the edges. At least, when it’s flat. Using a curved 1080p monitor, you have far less distortion. This is because a flat monitor shows the image in a straight line. Curved screens have a different shape and will manipulate the image around the distortions that would normally present.

A Wider Field of View

Curved monitors direct light from all angles at the viewer’s eye as opposed to a flat monitor blasting everything at once. This creates a larger field of view and is why a curved monitor naturally feels larger.

They Can Be Mounted

A big complaint early on of curved HDTV monitors is that their shape made them difficult to use with a wall mount. This isn’t the case so much anymore. There are specific types of wall mounts made for curved monitors. They work exceptionally well.

Why Curved Monitors Are Better

This isn’t all to say that flat monitors are useless. They aren’t. Flat-screens are great. In a lot of comparisons though, curved monitors are better. Curved monitors offer precision, accuracy, refresh rates, and an image response time that flat monitors can’t.

Prices have also come down on curved monitors in the past couple of years. $100s have come off the price since they came to market. Find high-quality curved monitors in Canada from today.

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What Is An Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat – read here!

Sitting in moderation isn’t such a bad thing. It can actually be very relaxing.

For most of us though, we spend the majority of our day sitting. At work, in commute, on our couches, and to eat. That gets to be a lot of stress on our back, neck, and elsewhere.

Naturally, one might think the answer is standing. However, standing for prolonged periods has similar effects on the heels, back, legs, and shoulders.

The answer is then to switch between standing and sitting. At work, some have that option with height-adjustable desks. Some of us don’t though. Some of us are always standing. For those people, a standing mat works.

What Is An Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat?

An anti-fatigue standing mat is a product with multiple uses. It looks like a very thick piece of cushion. Ultimately, what it’s designed to do is assist you in standing for a period of time without putting unnecessary stress on your body.

Anti-fatigue Standing Mat Multi-Purpose Comfort Mat - PrimeCables®
Anti-fatigue Standing Mat Multi-Purpose Comfort Mat – PrimeCables®

A standing mat has contoured beveled edges to prevent tripping. The material itself is non-toxic PU material, soft on the feet and tear-resistant. The material is also often resistant to liquids, chemicals, and staining.

Who Uses A Standing Mat?

If you are getting off work and feel soreness in your mid-back, lower back, shoulders, hips, legs, and/or feet, and you know you’re standing in a single place for the majority of the day, an anti-fatigue standing mat can prove very beneficial.

When you’re walking, it’s not a problem. Weight is shifting. You’re adjusting the position every second. Standing in a single place though, it’s like placing all this weight on your body with no relief. A standing mat gives you some relief.

A standing mat is used in a lot of offices with height-adjustable sit-standing desks. Cashiers and similar service-based positions have used them to keep employees standing comfortably for longer periods.

They’re also common in warehouses and industrial settings as well as kitchens.

If you’re at home and working at your tool bench, and you aren’t creating a whole lot of movement, a standing mat can also help you here.

Where Can I Buy An Anti-Fatigue Mat?

You can buy some of the best anti-fatigue mats in Canada from

There’s no reason to walk around with tight, ache-ridden muscles. Free yourself. A standing mat could help your productivity in a big way and, most importantly, allow you to sit comfortably at the end of the day.

Try it and feel the difference. Standing too long is tough on the body but it doesn’t have to be. Check it out at today and invest in an anti-fatigue mat.

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