7 Ways You Can Use An Angle Grinder in Your Garage

An angle grinder is an underrated and diverse tradesman tool. Though some see them and naturally think they’re only used for grinding, angle grinders are so much more than that one action.

An angle grinder uses a rotating disc spun at very high speeds. They come in different sizes, the average of which being 4.5-inch grinders. An angle grinder can cut. It can sharpen. It can sand and polish. And more.

Cut Metal

A cutting wheel, among other attachments, can cut through metal rods, bars, and bolts. Construction workers use metal-cutting chop saws and angle grinders to cut rebars meant to reinforce concrete. Though heavy-duty work, if you have enough power in your angle grinder, you can get it done.

Clean Metal

A wire wheel can remove rust and flaking paint very efficiently. Hard-to-reach areas, including corners and crevices, are no match for a high-quality angle grinder with a wire wheel. Tag yours with a cup brush and you will also be able to remove rust and paint off flat areas.

Polish Metal

A buffing wheel on an angle grinder can help to polish aluminum and steel. Before you start, remove deep marks and burrs with a proper grinding disc.

Cutting Masonry

A diamond-cutting wheel on a 750-watt angle grinder can cut through brick and masonry. Unfortunately, due to the roughness of materials like this, it will wear down the motor quickly. The more power behind your grinder, the better.

Remove Old Mortar

A skilled angle grinder DIY artist can remove old mortar without damaging bricks. Once again, ensuring the attachment is strong enough to do the job is key. A diamond tuckpointing wheel similar in thickness to the width of the mortar is best.

Cutting Tile and Concrete

Tile and concrete can easily be cut with an angle grinder, although a professional tile saw is a better option for the task. Using an angle grinder, you will need a dry-cut diamond disc. For a homeowner, this makes replacing old tiles easier than ever.

Grinding and Sharpening

The most common use of angle grinders is to grind and sharpen flat surfaces. You can remove excess material, weld joints, and more. Most DIY renovators and homeowner handymen love having an angle grinder for this ability alone.

Angle grinders in Canada are very versatile. As long as you find the right attachment, you can greatly open up the possibilities of what you can do with it. Find your high-quality 750W angle grinder today at PrimeCables.ca.

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7 Smartphone Accessories that Make For the Most Perfect Birthday Gift

Here is your guide to birthday gift smartphone ideas. From affordable to extraordinary, smartphone users will love these easy-to-buy gifts from PrimeCables.ca. Give them some excitement around their smartphone.

Dual Port USB Charger

A dual port USB car charger ensures when they’re on their next road trip, they always have somewhere to get a quick charge on their devices. Using SmartIC Tech, plug the charger into the car’s outlet and then you’re good to go.

Nylon-Braided USB Cables

A durable Nylon-braided cable resists tangles, pet bites, and damage. Built for long-term, these are way more durable than what comes with your device. Encourage switching to a Nylon-braided USB cable where you know you won’t ever have to buy a replacement.

Portable Power Bank

A portable external power bank is a power-filled battery that supports USB fast-charging for smartphones. When they’re out in commute, on the bus, at a friend’s place, or anywhere sans connection to charge their phone, they just need to plug their USB cable into the power bank.

Bluetooth Speaker

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker upgrades what’s possible with a smartphone. Though a smartphone speaker is alright to listen to, if you want to crank the music loud, you can’t. A Bluetooth speaker beside you or clipped to your bag, you can listen to podcasts or music with friends, family, or around the pool.

Remote Control Camera Timer

A Bluetooth-operated remote control smartphone camera timer is a great gift for parents, grandparents, and photographers who are using their devices to capture high-quality photography. Able to be paired with any iPhone, iPad, Android, or Samsung, they’ll get the perspective they want and without sacrificing their ability to take the picture.

Magnetic Car Mount

A 360-degree rotatable smartphone car mount holder is a safe way to have their phone positioned in front while they drive. Use it as a GPS, see phone calls as they come up, and see playlists as they turn over track after track. Every car owner should have a smartphone mount inside.

Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth true wireless earbuds are perfect for people who like to take their devices with them running, to the gym, or on hiking trips. Cut the wires out of the equation. With built-in noise cancellation, these are the best on the market for under $50.

For must-have smartphone accessories, there’s no cheaper place to shop them than at PrimeCables.ca. See high-quality products at discount prices. From audio to USB cables, great smartphone accessories and gifts are waiting. Shop them today.

5 Great Deals for Upgrading Your Home Theater this Summer

Our theaters are empty. Though the economy’s reopened, a lot of us are still stuck at home without opportunity to do much else other than bask in the glow of our home theater systems.

Fortunately, there’s a bottomless pit of content to enjoy, from sports to documentaries and journalism to entertainment. Though nothing can replace the cinema, a homeowner can try. Taking your home theater to the next level starts with a few easy upgrades.

TV Wall Mount for A Real Theatrical Experience

From colossal 4K TV screens to smaller flat-panel displays, what they can all benefit from is a mounting. You get a real immersive theatrical experience when you pair your screen with a TV wall mount. Connect the mount with the studs in your wall to safely and securely mount a TV anywhere in the room. Choose from basic models to more design-heavy pull-down full-motion models.

An HD TV Antenna to Capture Local, Live TV

From simple indoor HDTV antennas to extended-range outdoor TV antennas, there could be dozens of free TV channels in your neighborhood that you’re not getting. Especially if you live in close proximity to downtown in a city, chances are you have a lot of over-the-air TV an HDTV antenna will capture and transfer to your screen.

A New Screen or Going All-Out With A Projector

Sticking with a screen, there are curved gaming monitors that can double as a home entertainment screen. You also have your average 1080p HD TV screens which if you don’t already have one, it’s worth buying. Another alternative is to beam 1080p HD picture with a projector for home theater settings.

Bluetooth Soundbar to Connect to Your Smartphone

A home theater in the twenty-first century isn’t about bulk. It’s about function. A Bluetooth soundbar is an easy way to listen to music, podcasts, connect to your smartphone and also act as your home theater speaker system. Bluetooth earphones or headphones can’t do that. Equipping your home with a full-on Bluetooth sound system is the ultimate way to enjoy wireless listening.

Android Smart TV Box to Turn Your Screen into Media Central

You can’t do a lot with a screen that lacks an Internet connection these days. An Android box instantly turns your flat-screen into a smart TV. Tap into thousands of apps, including all your subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other key content providers. You’ll never be without something to watch on your Android smart TV box.

Why Having A Spare Ethernet Cable is Never A Bad Thing For A Laptop

Have you ever noticed an unmarked square port on the side of your laptop – that’s used for Ethernet.

Ethernet is essentially cabled Internet. Before everyone went wireless, all we had was wired Internet. Ethernet cables were all the rage. Unfortunately, cables aren’t always convenient. Wireless went trendy and with that, Ethernet was out.

Even so, Ethernet has a lot of benefits to it. Recent advancements have also made it equal or better than many wireless connections. If you have a laptop, don’t discount the potential of Ethernet to help you get and stay connected.

Benefits of Ethernet

Once you get used to using Ethernet, you won’t want to stop. Have a spare cable on you at all times. Hooking up to an Internet network will be so easy.

  • Superior signal stability.
  • Superior Internet reliability.
  • Maximum security and access control.
  • Scalable to wide area networks.
  • Fast speeds, sometimes faster than wireless.

Ethernet network cables are ultimately a lovely accessory to have with numerous advantages. They allow you to have a fast, private Internet connection that is unhackable. Ethernet is seen as more secure and reliable than any wireless signal. There’s no reason for the signal to drop considering you’re connected by a cable.

Why Two Cables Are Better Than One

There are Cat7 cables, Cat6a and Cat6 cables, and Cat5e cables. They also come in varying lengths. It doesn’t hurt to have a couple of cables – preferably a short one and a longer one. Multiple cables can easily be purchased at PrimeCables.ca on discount.

This ‘have two’ mentality isn’t a bad approach to other cable types either. USB cables can become damaged over time. When they do, you don’t want to have to wait to charge or sync your phone. Whatever cables you use, always ensure you have a second one ready to go. Inconveniences won’t impact your productivity and you’ll be able to keep on keeping on.

What You Can Do on Ethernet Better Than You Can on WiFi

You’re cutting down latency to its absolute minimum when using an Ethernet cable. For live streaming, this means you’re getting the best signal possible. For video conferencing, a wired connection provides more stable Internet which means better quality. For gamers, this means Internet issues are non-existent. For any intensive use of the Internet or if you have security concerns, nothing beats Ethernet.

Find high-quality Ethernet cables in Canada from PrimeCables. It’s a practical way to gain security, speed, and reliability on your Internet.

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Where to Find iPhone-Compatible USB Cables in Canada for Easy Charging

USB cables for smartphones are not tough to find. They’re everywhere, from Walmart to local corner stores.

With USB cables, you get some good and some bad. There are USB cables built well, reliable, quality-tested, and from brands you trust. Then, there are knock-off USB cables that can be downright dangerous to use with your device.

If you’re an iPhone user, you don’t want to be messing around with no low-quality, cheap USB cable. Ideally, we all want a cable that’s going to charge fast, easy, and reliably. The market’s grown to such a degree that there are all sorts of cables out there claiming to do just this.

PrimeCables.ca has made it our mission to offer Canadians only the best USB cables. With the demand for high-quality USB cables at an all-time high, we don’t want to see customers overpaying on a cable that isn’t going to work. Come and shop with us.

User-friendly iPhone USB cables are available at PrimeCables.ca and ready to ship to your front door.

The most frustrating thing about Apple products – a very short list, mind you – is that they’re constantly changing the charging standard. Trying to keep up can be challenging. Apple-branded USB cables are also very costly.

Apple knows how inconvenient this constant ‘upgrade’ culture is which is why there’s a large market of ‘Apple-approved cables’. These are USB cables that pass the Apple standard for performance but which aren’t manufactured directly by the corporation.

Apple-certified USB cables are a lot cheaper, avoid the dangers of other USB cables, and performance-wise you aren’t going to find a better cable. Find Apple MFi-certified cables with charge and synchronization ready for all Apple devices at PrimeCables.ca.

Think of where any of us iPhone users would be without our sync-and-charge USB cables. Unfortunately, we’ve all run into that experience where a cable breaks, is torn apart by a pet, goes missing, or we lend it to someone only to have it not be returned. This is why it’s not a bad recommendation to consider carrying an extra USB cable or two on you or at home.

Regardless of how many USB cables you need or whether you’re looking to charge an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, PrimeCables.ca is where to find it. Search out USB cables ideal for use at home, in the car, at the office, or by the bed stand. Find Nylon-braided USB cables with high-quality charging speed and more. Drop by PrimeCables.ca today.

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What Pro Audio Cables for Musicians Are You Missing – Get Them at PrimeCables.ca

Music in the studio and live doesn’t work without cables. High-quality cables are needed on everything from instruments to microphones, speakers, and computers. As a pro musician or hobbyist, there are a few cables that you should just have. You never know when you might require a spare. Here are the pro audio cables to get your hands on and keep with your instrument.

XLR Cables

Anyone speaking into a microphone is having a signal sent out through an XLR cable at the opposite end. XLR cables are very important in live performance and should be professional-grade, balanced and premium-made.

Quarter-Inch Cables

Quarter-inch cables are for guitars, pianos, and any electric instruments. They come in varying lengths and designs. You have right-angle connectors and straight connectors, depending on where an input is located.

XLR to 1/4-Inch Cable

The tough thing about having a few different cable standards is that they don’t always line up perfectly. Sometimes you need to use an adapter or get a conversion cable. An XLR to 1/4-inch cable for musicians is most commonly used to carry audio signal from a mixer to the speaker though you can also see it used elsewhere on stage and in the studio.

XLR to RCA Cable

No adapter needed! Convert a balanced audio signal into an unbalanced one with this premium-quality cable. An XLR to RCA cable will be a major help any time you need to send audio from an XLR source to an RCA input.

6-Inch Quarter-Inch Cables

For guitarists with a set of guitar pedals, they need very short cables to connect one after the other. A set of 6-inch quarter-inch cables are what you want. The beautiful thing about these is you can daisy-chain them without an end in sight.

8-Channel Snake Cables

You have multi-channel snake cables for use in live performances and studio recording. An 8-channel XLR snake cable is the most popular version of this. They are used to connect various inputs into a console or board of some kind, such as a mixing board or a soundboard. Your average musician may not need this but if you have a PA system or have a DAW with more than two inputs, you may want to consider some snake cables like these.

Music cables aren’t cheap. When you have the chance to buy them, get them in bulk and decently priced. PrimeCables.ca has long been a go-to for cables, adapters, and pro audio accessories. They’re a great resource for bedroom musicians, professional touring musicians, studio engineers, and more. If you’re looking for premium-made music cables, check out PrimeCables.ca.

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Top 4 Long-Range Indoor HDTV Antennas in 2020 to Watch Free TV With

Every day, free TV signals surround us. It’s in the air. All you need is an antenna to capture it, converting the waves into a visual.

A high-definition 1080p HDTV antenna is worth the buy. Even in these times of live streaming, locally-sourced programming is still tough to find in many areas. For your local news, you won’t see any of it broadcast over Netflix.

Normally, you’d have to pay for a cable subscription to have your local channels. Not with an HDTV antenna. You not only get local news and sports but so much more. Receive up to 20-25 channels through over-the-air TV including stations like NBC, CBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, and more.

With any free TV antenna, you want the longest range possible. You want to capture as many channels as are available to you in your area. Here are the best HDTV antennas designed to accomplish just that.

Super Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna – $6.99

The cheapest indoor HDTV antenna in Canada is the super-thin indoor HDTV antenna for $6.99. Unfortunately, you do sacrifice somewhat in range with this one. That said, you still receive FM/VHF/UHF signal and it does come in high-definition. If you live in the inner city or near a broadcast tower, you may not need more than this.

Digiwave BMX Super Flat TV Antenna – $18.39

The Digiwave BMX super-flat HDTV antenna is a great digital antenna for indoor use. The characteristic Digiwave design is razor-thin, slim, and compact. It’s easy to fit anywhere in the home. You may want to experiment with the direction. The installation is easy with no tools or assembly required.

Monoprice Active Curved HDTV Antenna – $45.99

Monoprice is a very reliable name when it comes to electronics and this product is no different. Have an Active Curved HDTV Antenna with a 60-mile range. Receive full HD digital UHF signals with a built-in wideband amplifier that optimizes performance. Like a few of the other HDTV antennas on this list, enjoy multidirectional reception with the Monoprice-branded model as well.

Amplified Digital Indoor Antenna – $68.99

Another Digiwave design, this antenna features SMD circuit tech, is shielded for minimal interference, has an external high-gain and low-noise amplifier, and captures every available digital, freeview, and analog TV signal out there. This is a great choice for maximum reach. Boost your HDTV antenna capabilities with an effective reception distance of 100 kilometres on the amplified digital HDTV indoor antenna.

Search out premium-made, affordable HDTV antennas in Canada today at PrimeCables.ca. Finally, you can say no to paying $100s every year on cable TV. Say bye-bye to those bills! Shop right now for the right indoor HDTV antenna for you.

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How to Build the Ultimate Gaming Station – A Guide for Gamers

Anyone can have a beautiful ergonomic gaming station to enjoy their favourite games at. PrimeCables.ca has dozens of gaming accessories even a gamer on a budget can afford. Customize according to preference. Here are a few places to look on how to build your personalized gaming station.


An SSD is faster than an HDD, offers a much better performance for gaming, has better loading times, and more. Though an SSD for gaming is more expensive, a solid-state drive has found its popularity for a reason. An HDD doesn’t compare on performance. It’s not even close and in gaming, performance is exactly what you’re chasing.


Invest in some decent-quality RAM. A good 16GB RAM is perfect for a gaming system. It’s more than enough to run games and multitask as needed. Also, if you’re doing any live streaming, you’re going to need gigabytes of RAM to back you up. Most games can get by on 8GB. The cushion 16GB RAM for gaming gives you though is very helpful especially on the more RAM-intensive games.


We often like to play games in low-light conditions. Once you get into the more advanced computer games, it also doesn’t hurt to have a programmable multi-color keyboard. Streamline your gameplay. Make it easy to maneuver with ease through your favourite games. A gaming keyboard’s color codes also increase visibility at night and can aid in increasing response time.


Next on the list is a gaming mouse. These are a little on the expensive side but a gaming mouse helps to make gameplay smoother, provides you with some extra buttons for more control, handles more DPI, and also sits ergonomically in the hand. If you have some additional cash left on your budget, a gaming mouse is worth buying.


From over-the-ear headphones to 2.1 Bluetooth stereo-powered speakers, a gamer has some options when it comes to how they want to set up their audio. If they live with roommates, headphones might be your best bet. If you regularly have multi-player gaming sessions or live alone, it doesn’t hurt to have a larger multimedia audio speaker setup.

There are so many other components to building the ultimate gaming station. A 1080p curved gaming monitor offers the most immersive gameplay possible. Ethernet cables offer faster connection speeds over WiFi. A high-quality surge protector is also going to protect all your electronics from damage due to electricity surges. Find all these gaming accessories at PrimeCables.ca today and build your dream gaming station!

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Why the Best Budget Webcam for Under $40 is Still Better Than Your Laptop’s Camera

Despite advancements in laptop and computer design, an aspect forgotten is always the camera. Most laptops – even the more impressive models – continue to come with low-quality cameras that don’t quite capture the clear 1080p video we all want.

If you use your laptop to film videos, Skype, Zoom, video call, make movies, and more, the unfortunate truth about your laptop camera is that it’s probably close to terrible. A computer webcam is your next best bet.

Searching online, you will find a lot of cams for over $50 that are average to excellent. At PrimeCables.ca, we offer a full 1080p webcam for under $40 that will do everything you need without the high price tag of similar-quality cams.

Regardless of where you buy your webcam, 1080p is the quality to aim for. Though 720p is acceptable, 1080p is the sweet spot where you really capture that clear signal you want. For professional job-related video calls, you don’t want grainy, dark, low-quality video sent to managers, business partners, clients, or your peers. An external webcam is sure to improve the experience.

They’re not difficult to use. A USB laptop webcam plugs in through the USB port and that’s it. PrimeCables.ca’s model has pan and tilt allowing you to adjust the angle of the webcam. The camera also has a privacy cover in the design, a microphone, and support for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android systems. The video image format you capture is full 1080p 1920×1080 in YUV/MJPG/H.264.

There are other budget webcams in Canada, of course, but none at this price. You can set up your smartphone, if you can, to be your webcam although this is difficult, inconvenient, and inconsistent. If you already have DSLR gear to work with, you can probably rig it up to be your webcam. Once again, it’s not the easiest thing to do, is inconvenient, and isn’t pretty to look at.

Don’t expect laptop cameras to get any better. Laptop designs continue to get thinner. Manufacturers have limited space to put in hardware and other priorities have taken over, including graphics cards, processors, and storage. Most laptop makers use 720p webcams designed to be as small as possible. This doesn’t equate to the best quality hence why we recommend picking up a webcam replacement.

Shop your next 1080p webcam at PrimeCables.ca. Plugging it in, you will immediately see the difference it makes in picture quality. There’s no reason to settle for less than 1080p. If you’re suddenly working from home and/or you need a better webcam, shop it with PrimeCables.ca.

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HDMI Cables for 4K TVs Are On Sale Today at PrimeCables.ca

Buying HDMI cables for 4K flat-screen TVs aren’t as straightforward as they probably should be. Though HDMI cables across the board are rated excellent in quality and design, they don’t all support 4K transmission.

How Do I Know What HDMI Cable Supports 4K?

Some manufacturers are known to sell overpriced HDMI cables to customers who don’t know what they’re buying. When you’re searching for HDMI cables for 4K, look for a clear indication that they support 4K. This is a huge buying point for consumers and sellers know this. If the description doesn’t have any mention of 4K, it’s best to assume the cable doesn’t support 4K signals.

What Does ‘High-Speed Certification’ on an HDMI Cable Mean?

A true high-speed HDMI cable will feature the ‘High-Speed’ logo on the packaging. This logo indicates that your cable in fact does support Ultra HD 4K resolution. Most HDMI cables are 4K cables, however, it doesn’t hurt to verify that fact – especially if you’re buying online. Any packaging or description showing the term ‘high speed’ is a sure bet that it is a 4K cable.

Can I Use an HDMI 1.4 cable or lower for 4K?

You need at least an HDMI 1.4 cable to accept and transfer 4K signals. An HDMI 2.0 cable is, however, recommended by most experts and here’s why. An HDMI 2.0 cable is faster with a transfer speed of up to 18Gbps compared to HDMI 1.4 cables which offer up to 10.2Gbps. A difference like this might not make much of a difference to the average consumer but for consumers looking to put a lot of strain on their cable, you want to ensure it has the speed to handle it.

Is HDMI the Best Cable for 4K?

HDMI is the best cable for 4K TVs because of its affordability, strong quality, and function. The design of an HDMI cable is meant to encompass high-definition audio and video in a way no other cable does. HDMI cables are also widely the standard, whether you’re using them in a Playstation, Xbox, Apple TV, media player, flat-screen, or something else.

Where Can I Buy 4K HDMI Cables in Canada?

PrimeCables has a wide array of HDMI cables to choose from, including 4K HDMI 2.0 cables. Throughout the retailer’s online catalogue, you can also find HDMI cables with Ethernet, HDMI splitters and adapters, HDMI to VGA, HDMI to DVI, HDMI micro cables, HDMI mini cables, and HDMI flat-type and ultra-slim cables. If you’re looking for an HDMI cable, it’s almost a guarantee PrimeCables.ca has it.

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