If you’re Buying a Guitar for your Kid as a Christmas Present, accessories are going to be important

Musical instruments are a very popular Christmas gift this season. Guitars in particular are an ideal starting instrument for any child. Buying a simple guitar though may not necessarily be enough to encourage a child to learn and master an instrument. Sometimes, providing a few extra accessories may show enough encouragement to get them to play.


Professional audio cables for guitars are relatively inexpensive and when paired with an amp, provides a kid with a real good setup to get going making cool electric guitar sounds. Prime Cables specializes in selling audio cables at the lowest prices in Canada. DJs, musicians, engineers, and audio geeks have all made instrument accessory purchases and cable purchases from us in the past year.


Though you might pay upwards of $20 at the local guitar store, buying a guitar cable for Christmas through Prime Cables costs anywhere from $4.49 and up. Depending on your preference of cable, you can chop off a fair bit of cash and help put that money towards something else.


If you want to give your child the best shot at picking up the guitar, buying an affordable, starter electric guitar, a cheap amp, and an affordable guitar cable is more than enough to get going. Most amps manufactured today also have headphone jacks, making it easy for any late night guitar players who may not want to make such a ruckus after everyone’s gone to bed.


In addition to these basics, there are other cheap guitar accessories that you may not even be thinking of but that are sort of necessary to get going. Any kid is going to want a guitar pick, an extra set of strings in case one of the existing ones break, and a guitar strap so that they can wear it standing up. There are some parents who may insist on purchasing a guitar tuner as well though there are several free apps available on both iPhone and Android smartphones that can be used to tune a guitar.


This Christmas, come to Prime Cables for all of your audio and instrument accessory needs. When it comes to cables, no one else does us better. Get high quality cables at a fraction of the cost of similar brands!


Also, any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada so be sure to stack up on a few different items if your purchase does not eclipse the threshold. The Prime Cables catalogue is long and stocked up in categories such as adapters, tools and appliances, home theater, network solutions, and mounts and sit-stands.



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