What is USB Type C 3.1 Cable?

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buy usb type c cable

USB Type-C 3.1 is the most advanced and newest version of the USB standard cable in the Canadian marketplace today. For connecting computers, electronic devices, and mobile devices, there is nothing that comes with more speed and power than USB Type-C 3.1.


To see truly how powerful the USB Type-C 3.1 cable is, know that it has a data transfer speed up to 10 Gpbs. Though 3.1 is commonly associated with Type-C connector types, it also has the capability to use a variety of other types, as needed. That said, in order to achieve the connection speeds and power advertised, one must have a host connection and device that supports USB 3.1.


USB has long been a reliable port standard throughout the years and its performance has gradually progressed over time, getting better and better. Those tasked with overseeing its development is known as the USB Implementers Forum, a coordinated group of members from Intel, Microsoft, Apple, and other companies. USB 3.1 is the latest version of the USB standard and most devices that have come out into the marketplace in the last year are all compatible with it. The vast majority of consumers, particularly those using devices manufactured before 2014, USB 2.0 is probably what you are saddled with.


It does bear noting that USB 2.0, USB 3.1, etc. do not affect the shape of the ports on the computer or on the cable. USB 3.1 refers to the technology inside the cable. USB 3.1 devices and computers are actually able to accept Type-A plugs (rectangular) and Type-B (square-shaped). There are also smaller plugs, such as those found on Mini-USB and Micro USB which may or may not be compatible. Depending on what device being used, there may be specific cables or adapters that can be used to help increase charging speeds and transfer speeds. The best advice that one can receive is to do their research into the make and model of the phone to determine what the best cable is.


2017 and beyond has been met with primarily Type-C ports which have found their way into tablets and smartphones being sold to market. Type-C is a much smaller size and provides a reversible design as well that can be handy depending on the cable you have. Though some of these ports are equipped with USB 3.1 acceptance, not all are.


USB Type-C 3.1 is the most advanced USB cable on the market and if you’re one of the lucky ones to be able to have its full functionality, take advantage of it. For all of your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone cable needs, browse Prime Cables’ catalogue today.

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