4 Port USB 480 Mbps 2.0 USB Hub only Sells for under 5 Bucks!


The wide variety of USB hubs exemplify the importance of choosing a high quality hub that works. In general, the cheaper the USB hub, one might think the worse off the quality will be.

Imagine what it would be like if you could find a multi-port USB hub for under 5 bucks that was actually a high quality, high-performing product. That’s what we sought to accomplish at PrimeCables, a Canadian-based ecommerce company that prides itself on offering high quality products at more affordable prices.

Buy the Prime Cables’ 4-port USB 480 Mbps 2.0 USB Hub for a limited time only at a $4.85 price point. Charge up to 4 devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and more. The high-speed ports make it easy to interchange devices as you need them charged. The USB hub is fully compliant with USB 2.0 specification, supports a data transfer rate of 1.5, 12 and 480 Mbps, and is a simple plug-and-play with no driver required. Combine this $4.85 USB hub with other products to reach a minimum order of $49 and receive fast, free shipping from PrimeCables to anywhere in Canada. Even better, on this exclusive USB hub offer, a 1-year guarantee and free returns are included.


USB hub chargers are more popular than they’ve ever been among Canadian households and buyers. As we add to the collection of devices we already own, hubs like these ensure consumers can charge multiple at the same time. There are plenty of low quality hubs at this price point that do not function properly, are prone to low charges, and that do not fit the performance standard that they claim to. The PrimeCables 4-port USB 480 Mbps 2.0 USB Hub is different – a lot different. Its performance has tested consistently strong and it’s been the recipient of numerous five-star reviews, each highlighting satisfaction with the product.


This 4-port USB hub makes for the absolute perfect gift and an ideal accessory to add to anyone’s tech collection. If you’ve been looking for a low-cost way to charge multiple devices at the same time without ending up in tangled mess of wires, this is the solution. Enjoy the benefits of a 4-port hub and above all the advantages in its performance, you don’t have to spend more than five bucks to order. Visit PrimeCables for more information on this exclusive product and see why so many Canadians are rushing to buy.

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