Our PrimeCables DisplayPort Cables in Full Stock

buy display port cable at primecables
buy display port cable at primecables

PrimeCables is Canada’s top eCommerce retailer for DisplayPort cables and related accessories. Browse through our extensive catalogue of DisplayPort cables at some of the most affordable pricing in Canada, complete with exclusive deals and promotions.


Receive fast, free shipping on any orders above $49 to anywhere in the country, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee maximizing customer satisfaction. PrimeCables DisplayPort cables are in full stock. These are just some of the cables we have available through the PrimeCables store.


DisplayPort cables come complete with next generation display interfaces, capable of transmitting ultra-high definition digital signals between computers, displays, projectors, and other high-definition content applications.


Mini DisplayPort cables makes it easy to connect high-definition digital audio and video from computer through to display. For affordable Mini DisplayPort cables, shopping with PrimeCables can help save big money in the long-term, especially in addition to other purchases.


Apple Mini DisplayPort cables are an Apple-exclusive, used for digital displays to connect video sources. This type of DisplayPort cable is also equipped to transmit audio, USB, and other forms of data as requested.


DisplayPort adapters make it easy to sync up different digital display interfaces. The only thing required is the correct Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) rating. With this and a DisplayPort adapter, one can connect their monitor, carry audio within the cable, and enjoy other forms of data transfer.


Computer and laptop cables also fall within our DisplayPort cable categories, providing additional deals and promotions on HDMI cables, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort Thunderbolt, USB cables, and network cables.


PrimeCables is a major Canadian carrier of DisplayPort cables, at the lowest costs on the market. Among some of the products included in the PrimeCables’ DisplayPort catalogue are the DisplayPort to VGA Female Cable Adapter for $8.99, the PrimeCables® DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable M/M 6ft for $7.99, the PrimeCables® DisplayPort 1.2V to DVI-D Dual link 28AWG Cable 6Ft for $9.99, and the PrimeCables® 6ft Premium 28AWG DisplayPort 1.2 Male to Male Cable -Support 4K@60Hz- Black for $8.99.


As a Canadian company, we stand by the quality of our cables, our high standards of customer service, and the competitive pricing. Take your home entertainment consumer experience to the next level with the right DisplayPort cable in the mix. Connecting video sources to displays has never been easier and that is thanks to the many suppliers we work with, bringing the absolute best in quality and pricing to Canadian consumers everywhere.

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