Why it’s a Bad Idea to Buy a USB Type-C Cable from eBay

Why you need a legit company for buying USB c cable
Why you need a legit company for buying USB c cable

As much as companies may claim otherwise, there are a lot of very poorly made USB Type-C cables out there. Popular eCommerce marketplaces such as eBay are known to sell USB Type-C cables that may not always fully conform to the standard.


When buying a USB-C cable, ideally, you want to obtain it from a reliable source with positive reviews and independent testing to back up any claims the company may make. Speaking with the independent testers we use to verify PrimeCables’ USB Type-C catalogue, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing cables for sale on eBay that claim to but who do not meet USB Type-C specification standards.


Though you might not think USB Type-C cables that fail to meet the standard are a big problem, they are. When a Canadian consumer pays a premium cost for a premium cable, they expect the speeds and functionality as advertised. Receiving a lower quality cable, it has the potential to damage products such as hubs, chargers, and/or devices.


Why it’s a bad idea to buy a USB Type-C cable from eBay is because you simply do not know the quality of cable you are to receive. In most cases, it may be up to USB-C standards however there’s no way to verify this. Even though you think you might be saving some money, if you’re not receiving the cable advertised, you may be putting your devices at risk and/or are wasting money.


For Canadian households, eCommerce marketplaces such as PrimeCables take pride in offering high quality USB Type-C cables at the most affordable, competitive pricing. Though you may pay a few bucks more, it’s more than recommended to pay a couple extra dollars and to not put your devices at risk.


At PrimeCables, we stand by the quality of our cables to the point where we offer free returns, ensuring that if there are any problems, just send it in for a replacement. Beyond that, there is a 1-year guarantee on any and all purchases, and for orders above $49, fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Browse numerous USB Type-C cables and related products through PrimeCables, and save time, money, and worry. With PrimeCables, there are several USB-C cables priced below $14 that are high quality, meeting every USB Type-C specification standard.


Instead of going to eBay to buy USB Type-C cables, take the time to go through a trusted Canadian retailer. PrimeCables has been providing high quality consumer sync and charge cables to Canadians for over a decade. Buy with PrimeCables today!

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