Why MacBook’s New USB-C is the Lead for the Future

Macbook usb type c cable
Macbook usb type c cable

In 2015, the announcement of the new Apple MacBook incorporating USB-C ports was big news. After all, USB-C ports are reversible, and capable of handling power, HDMI, and data transport easy. Compared to USB-A and USB-B specifications, USB-C was very much built as a cable for the future. In the years since the MacBook’s release, it only served to prove the usefulness of the Type-C standard.


In the context of the MacBook, USB Type-C was used as its one and only port. Years before this, one could not imagine a laptop having only a single input. When the MacBook was initially announced with USB-C, the questions that followed included how to charge it, where the memory card went, and why multiple devices could not be hooked up at the same time. To each of these points, USB-C provided answers.


MacBook’s USB-C plugs are small, slender, and yes, reversible. Plugging in is simple and direct. The fact that USB-C was bi-directional meant that it could be used to charge its host device at the same time it charged a peripheral device. The power it can handle is up to 20V or 100W. In application, USB-C proved to be significantly faster than USB-B. At times, speeds were as high as 10 Gbps. Also, using a backwards adapter, USB-C can be made compatible with older USB standards as well.


Despite all of these impressive findings on USB-C, many users still had the question of what to do when they wanted to plug in more than one device into their MacBook. To answer this, Apple and other manufacturers came up with some adapters to do the trick. This, in combination with the rise of wireless and Bluetooth technologies, has firmly established USB-C as the go-to Apple port and connector type.


Though the MacBook would popularize USB-C, its ports and connectors have since expanded to numerous other manufacturers and device technologies. USB-C has become the industry-wide standard, accomplishing everything from basic sync to being able to charge a laptop. As a Canadian company specializing in data transfer and consumer cables, we have been highly excited at the support Apple has shown to USB-C, a standard we consider to be the most promising technology heading into the future.


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