Get the PrimeCables Ultra-Thin Hard Case for iPhone X just $1.99!

This iPhone X case, an ultra-thin hard case, is on sale for just $1.99 with The PrimeCables phone case is a high-quality polycarbonate case to protect your phone from dust and scratches, as well as dropping, and comes with a tempered glass screen protector. Normally listed at $9.99, you can’t miss this opportunity to get a cheap solution for all your phone protection needs.

iPhone X phone case from
iPhone X phone case from

Lightweight but heavy-duty, this iPhone X case is precisely measured and cut to fit the form of your mobile, leaving enough room for speakers and charging/sync port while protecting the entire body of the phone. Its polycarbonate body is shock-resistant and adds to the lifespan of your phone by protecting it from being dropped, scratches, dust, grease and liquid, and it’s easy to clean, keeping your phone safe from the slings and arrows of everyday use.


It’s easy to install, durable, reliable, and perfect for city life and on-the-go lifestyles. Ultra-thin means this is a bulk-free casing solution, adding only 0.05mm to the height of your iPhone. Bundled with a tempered glass screen protector, you can completely protect the entire body of your phone with this single purchase.


Fast shipping is just $5.95 with, and you can score free shipping on orders of $49 and up. So deck out your iPhone and shop with PrimeCables today!


With precise form, the case and screen protector grant you access to all the ports, buttons, speakers and front-facing camera, with tactile response, never impeding the usage of your phone. Solid and trustworthy, its minimalist design guarantees you can still slide it into your pocket or bag, without adding much weight to the overall body of the device.


Do you like to use your iPhone as an MP3 player while exercising in the morning? Do you take your phone with you to work? Do you rough and tumble day to day? Have no qualms, the PrimeCables Ultra-Thin Hard Case for iPhone X will keep your phone safe from danger.


Its polycarbonate body and screen protector allow you to wipe it down after a night out, when its covered in fingerprints, dust, or grease. Just wipe it off and your phone remains unscathed beneath the tight-fitting PC case.


Don’t normally protect your mobile devices? Don’t care for the exorbitant prices of the other cases on the market? Don’t worry. For just $1.99, this iPhone X case is the best way to get protection quick and put it on without breaking a sweat. It won’t stop you from clipping it to your belt, mounting it on your dashboard, or using it in your charging port. Keep your phone safe from here on out and order yours today!

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