Have you heard of Toslink with metal braid and connector? Check it out!

Toslink cables connect audio devices in your home theatre. PrimeCables.ca has the sexiest, most durable and affordable Optical Toslink cable available in the country.

Toslink  Audio cable from PrimeCables
Toslink Audio cable from PrimeCables

Our 10ft Premium Optical Toslink Cable with Fancy Metal Connector, available for just $7.99, features a heavy-duty, premium mesh metal jacket, protecting the cable from knicks, cuts, and kinks, heavy-duty square metal connector heads, gold plated ferrule, and precision polished fiber tips designed for maximum signal transfer.


Get clarity and accuracy in your every audio output by switching from stereo to optical Toslink. These cables are made to distribute high-definition, multi-channel audio, without risk of electrical problems, like ground loops or RF interference.


Wire it up from your media player or gaming console to your TV display for superior sound quality, or from your sound card for excellent audio on your desktop PC.


Measuring 8.0mm in diameter, this ten-foot cable is sheathed in metal mesh, with gold plated ferrule and square metal connectors, showing off a completely metal aesthetic perfect for personal set ups and heavy-duty home theatre installations.


PrimeCables makes stronger cables! All our cable products come with a lifetime warranty, with free return shipping. If you receive a faulty wire, a wire that breaks down, or you aren’t satisfied with the hype, send it back to us at no extra charge.


With warehouses in Vancouver and Montreal, PrimeCables.ca has the best shipment speed in the country. Fast shipping, for deliveries needed in 1-2 days, is available on any order, for just $5.95. Free shipping comes with all orders of $49 and up.


If you’re a hardcore gamer and need to hear every footstep, every movement, every environmental interaction, then optical Toslink audio is unbeatable in delivering the definition you need to tune in to your game and get in the zone.


If you’re using an Xbox 360 “Slim” released after June 14, 2010, then you’ll need our 5.0mm diameter Toslink.


Give your home theatre an aesthetic upgrade, with a professional, metallic allure by adding this premium optical Toslink cable to your setup. If 10 feet is too little or too many, consider our 7 sizes of premium optical Toslink cables, available in 1.5, 12, 25, 35, 50, 75 and 100 feet lengths.


Whatever you need, whether it’s home theatre gear, A/V equipment, office furniture, or cables of any function, size, and colour, with the highest quality and lowest prices, visit PrimeCables.ca and place your order today!

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