What is Mac OS Mojave about in the new iOS update

The upcoming Mac OS Mojave update is big news. Reportedly set to be released in fall 2018, Mojave will stand as the fifteenth and latest official Apple desktop operating system release. Providing updates to a range of apps and features, Mojave has already been praised as a necessary step to arriving at the ultimate contemporary Mac computer.

Mac OS Mojave update
Mac OS Mojave update

Capitalizing on the success of the operating system High Sierra, the Mojave update will bring a number of iOS applications to the desktop for the very first time, including Apple News, Voice Memos, and Home. Years from now, we may look back on this Mojave update as being the first desktop operating system to make a committed effort to turning one’s desktop into more of a smartphone or tablet.


There are a dozen of unique features to look forward to for users of Apple desktops and laptops. To begin with, Dark Mode will transform one’s desktop into a darkened color scheme, making it friendly to nighttime use or any time a user wants the focus to be more on content and less on controls. There’s Dynamic Desktop which will automatically change the desktop picture according to time of day.


There’s also Desktop and Finder apps which will de-clutter desktops by stacking files as well as allow users to browse through files in a more digital format. The implementation of Home into the desktop Mac OS Mojave also means that by one’s desktop, a user can control lights, thermostat settings, and whatever else they may have enabled.


Another huge benefit is with the FaceTime update which is set to expand group chat to include as many as 32 people simultaneously. This is going to be big news for the business community or multi-person groups that are looking to chat regularly. These are just a few of the areas that will see some pretty sizeable changes when it comes to how their operation system functions. There are some Mac devices as old as late 2012 that will be able to carry the Mojave update however anything pre-2011 is unlikely to have the capacity to handle it.


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