Enjoy 5 Audio Cable Types on Limited-Time Canada Day Sale from PrimeCables

Canada Day is fast approaching and in celebration, PrimeCables is serving up some exclusive discounts, deals, and promotions on audio cables. Enjoy the fun-filled Canada Day week with PrimeCables and enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in the country on orders above $49.


See this list of the top 5 biggest selling audio cable types PrimeCables has had on Canada Days of yesteryear. To start, there’s ‘speaker wire’ which is a great resource for any DIY specialist seeking to build their own home theater system or sound system. Speaker wire can be cut and manipulated according to the needs of the buyer.


‘Professional audio cables’ such as XLR, TRS, RCA, MIDI, and more are a great resource for any professional musician or video technician. If you’re looking to beef up the professional audio cables in your collection, PrimeCables has numerous cables, adapters, and other products in this category on great Canada Day sale discount.


‘3.5mm audio cable’ is designed for quality computer audio applications, connecting things like PC sound cards, portable CD players, and similar devices. In many cases, 3.5mm audio cables are not used very much these days however they certainly still have their place among people who know how to use them. Get 3.5mm audio cable on Canada Day this June and July 1!


‘Toslink digital optical audio cables’ is the fourth audio cable type on our list. Toslink digital audio cables are used to connect home theater receivers, digital signal processors, DAT machines, DIVX players, DVD players, CD players, and more. Before you get out this Canada Day to enjoy the sun, pick up the digital audio cables you need on discount from PrimeCables.


‘Digital coaxial audio cables’ is the last entry on our list of the top 5 audio cable types on limited-time Canada Day sale. Coaxial digital cables are some of the most common types of connection cable specialized in digital audio. Similar to RCA cables – which PrimeCables also has in its catalogue – digital coaxial audio cable provides a higher quality signal capture and ultimately a better performance.


This Canada Day, browse speaker wires, professional audio cables, 3.5mm audio cables, Toslink digital optical audio cables, digital coaxial audio cables, and RCA audio cables. Find the best deals on these and more.


PrimeCables is the perfect place to pick up additional cable accessories like banana plugs, audio and video wall plates, speakers, subwoofers, and audio equipment. Save big this Canada Day from one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce solutions, Prime Cables!

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