See the #1 Back to School Sale in Canada for Summer 2018 with New Deals for Students of every age!

PrimeCables is the place to visit for back to school deals in Canada. Shop exclusives and discounts on cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, network solutions, smart home accessories, and more.


Why more Canadians are treating PrimeCables as the #1 back to school sale is because of the value to cost factor. See some of the lowest prices in Canada on key tech products and catch some truly innovative back to school deals you won’t find anywhere else. For students of every age, they’ll find something in the PrimeCables catalogue that is unmistakably appealing.


Summer 2018 back to school deals have never been so good. Though we know we’re now in the last few weeks of summer, this is prime season for back to school shopping. While others are enjoying the sun, the smart ones are out there combing through deals and finding the best products. If you’re looking to maximize your dollar, PrimeCables is the place to shop. Browse hundreds of products and receive fast, free shipping on any orders above $49.


Save up to 50 percent off for Canada only on products such as sit-standing desks, monitor desk mounts, small to medium sized TVs that are perfect for the dorm or the bedroom, surge protectors, power strips, phone charging cables, headphones and earbuds, and more.


As industry experts are predicting a slight increase in back to school spending, we’re happy to be able to offer some of the best products on the market for lower prices than you’ll find anywhere else. For the back to school shopping season, buck the trend and search out what speaks to you.


For notebooks and pens, go elsewhere. We all know the basics, what they are, and where to find them. Where PrimeCables specializes is in the products that are going to make your life a little easier when you’re at home studying and researching, or when you need to relax after a long day engaged in schoolwork. Adults buying for kids, university students buying for themselves, and kids making back to school wish lists are all a part of the audience we receive here at PrimeCables. Please feel encouraged to browse and see for yourself why we continue to be considered one of the top back to school sales in Canada.


Customize your back to school shopping experience with PrimeCables. While you’re buying all the traditional school supplies, consider the more personalized products that are going to make life so much easier – especially during stressful periods. Shop with PrimeCables today!

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