PrimeCables is having its Biggest Ever Warehouse Sale this Month!

UPDATE: We will update our new warehouse location address after we moved.


See big news for Canadians and eCommerce shopping enthusiasts. One of Canada’s biggest and fastest growing eCommerce sites, PrimeCables, is throwing its biggest ever warehouse sale this month only.


Combining products across PrimeCables,, and, this is the absolute biggest collection of items marked down for quick sale that we’ve ever had. Browse and you’ll find all products varying from 30% to 90% off until the end of this month only.


The great thing about a warehouse sale is that the benefits go both ways. As a company, we get to clear out some much needed space, moving inventory out quickly, and from the perspective of Canadians, they get to save some pretty good money on high quality items like cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, network solutions, and more.


PrimeCables has products like the ergonomic height adjustable sit standing desk at 43% off for $89.99 and an electric sit to stand adjustable desk riser at 34% off for $169.99. Build the ultimate home office for yourself and save $100s off ergonomic office accessories.


There’s also the ultra slim height adjustable sit and stand desk at 53% off for $69.99, an electric height adjustable sit-stand desk converter at 15% off for $169.99, and a portable height adjustable sit-stand desk at 58% off for $49.99. So many different options to choose from for computer desks!


There’s a lot of home theater accessories and related products to see in the warehouse sale as well. There’s a 200 watt Bluetooth aptX speaker amplifier at 50% off for $49.99, height adjustable metal satellite speaker stands for rear installation at 30% off for $13.99, a massive fifty-foot HDMI to DVI dual link high-speed cable for $9.99, an ISTANT portable adjustable laptop stand at 33% off for $19.99, and a PrimeCables 43” FHD DLED TV with IPS LCD three-HDMI input for $299.99.


There are hundreds of products in our biggest ever warehouse sale this month only to browse. A lot of great summer products that we need to clear out and a lot more. If you’re a fan of IKEA, Walmart home products, Winners, or similar corporate retail outlets, consider PrimeCables.


There’s a lot to appreciate about a good warehouse sale. For ours, we’re including fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49. A once-in-a-lifetime warehouse sale, help us unload some of our inventory into the hands of consumers who’ll appreciate the finds. Browse today and save big!

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