Where to Shop AUX Cable for Audio from PrimeCables

Shop your next AUX cable, home theater accessories, and audio cables from Canada’s top brand, PrimeCables. Specializing in all sorts of cables and adapters, we can help you in finding high quality products at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere. Enjoy better quality, better performance for all of your replacement audio cables. Use these cables for DVD players, CD players, TVs, monitors, smartphones, cars, speakers, MP3 players, computers, laptops, and more.


Some of the great features you’ll find in a PrimeCables AUX cable includes gold-plated connections, a tin-plated copper core, zero distortion in complete transmission, Nylon fiber sheathing, a unique design, and insulating materials. For top quality AUX cables, browse deals like the 3 ft. 3.5mm male to male stereo audio cable with Nylon braided protection for $4.99, or the 6 ft. 3.5mm male to male stereo audio cable with Nylon braided protection for $5.99.


For PCs and stereo systems, a 3.5mm stereo auxiliary cable like this will work wonders to provide high quality sound. See this massive 80 percent discount from its market price. It comes with a lifetime warranty and free return included. Across both of the aforementioned designs, enjoy the beveled step design tip, Nylon fiber sheathing, flexible PVC jacket, and polyethylene foam (PF) insulator leaves you with one heck of a cable.


There are other audio cable options to enjoy in the PrimeCables as well, including the premium 3.5mm male to male mobile audio cable for $5.49, the PrimeCables’ official premium 3.5 mm audio cable for $4.49, the premium 3.5 mm male to female extension cable for $4.49, and the basic 3.5mm flat audio cable in black from Monoprice for only $5.47. If you’re looking for an extension cord or a good audio cable to help spread the support for home theater speakers, this is it.


Auxiliary cables are just one of the products that has made PrimeCables a go-to eCommerce source. Canadian households far and wide have come to PrimeCables seeking home theater accessories like TVs, speaker systems, wall mounts, projectors, high-definition TV antennas, A/V receivers, switches, adapters, media streaming devices and so much more.


It never hurts to have one, two, or three AUX cables on hand for when you need them. You’ll be thankful to have them if you don’t have the capacity to go wireless or if you want to hook up some new speakers. Use your AUX cable for TVs, computers, and so much more!

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