How to Choose the Best Impact Driver for your Home Renovation Needs

There are many reasons to invest in an impact driver for any DIY home renovation projects. Improve your work efficiency, speed, ease-of-use, and accuracy. If you’ve never employed an impact driver before, you’ll be shocked at the difference it makes on some projects.

PrimeCables Electric Driller
PrimeCables Electric Driller

Cordless power drills are wonderful for a variety of things however they struggle with projects like installing decks, roofing timbers, and ceilings, or constructing a shed. For when you need something that packs an extra punch – such as with harder woods – a cordless impact driver’s where it’s at.


How you choose the best cordless impact driver comes down to these things. First off, if you’re assembling IKEA furniture, you probably don’t need an impact driver at all. Impact drivers are heavy-duty tools. If you’re driving long screws, you’re going to need it. An impact driver’s body is also small, ensuring they’re well-suited to confined spaces.


A great impact driver is able to screw into wood without hassle. The way impact drivers work is actually quite interesting. The screwing into wood happens in an up, down, and sideways hammering motion. For this reason, it’s very fast albeit noisy. The screws should go in with minimal effort, which puts less stress on your wrist and forearm, allowing you to work longer hours.


There is a downside to impact drivers however and that is, they don’t have an adjustable torque clutch. So if you’re inexperienced or plain don’t know what you’re doing, you may drive a screw deeper into the wood than needed. DIY workers have a ton of trouble with this, although professionals and seasoned veterans do not. To combat this, some impact drivers have variable speeds. This can help provide more control in getting a screw in at a more leisurely pace.


The last piece of advice we want to give is to buy an impact driver with a battery included. Manufacturers of power tools sometimes don’t include the battery with the impact driver as incentive to buy other product from them. Those types of deals will cost you more money by locking you into a brand. If you already have a battery pack from the manufacturer, great. For those that don’t though, double-check to make sure you’re getting a battery.


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