Do I Need A New HDMI Cable For A 4K TV?

HDMI cables do not come with your purchase of a 4K TV, all manufacturers assume you will have an existing HDMI cable that you will attach to their brand of TV.

How will you know if what you currently have is going to be an efficient HDMI cable for your 4K TV? Read on to find out.

What To Consider When Buying Cables

When looking for an HDMI cable, there are a vast array of choices, both in-store shopping and online.

If you are not familiar with the technology, it is best to do some research. This way not only are you going to be able to make an informed decision but will be able to obtain exactly what you need at a price point you are comfortable with. Expensive does not necessarily mean the best quality.

What Specifications Should I Follow?

Your 4K TV will have technological specifications that allow it to function with the greatest resolution.

Should your TV require 48Gbps then an Ultra High Speed HDMI cable is what you will need. Check your manufacturers’ guidebook for what is required. Standard HDMI cables can support your 4K TV, but you need to look at what you are expecting from your TV. Following the manufacturers’ guidelines will help to keep your 4K TV under warranty.

How to choose the Right HDMI Cables

Regular or Ultra High HDMI Cables?

You can use a standard HDMI cable to hook up all HD devices to your 4K TV. Something important to remember is that with some gaming systems and 4K TVs you will not experience the 120Hz that brings the game to life with such incredible clarity. The game can still be played, but the intense streaming will not be as high.

Not usually visible to the naked eye during play, this will not interfere with the game as such, but if you are looking to upgrade to an 8K TV soon, having a 4K HDMI Cable would be beneficial.

Will A New HDMI Cable Enhance The Image On My 4K TV?

The oldest upsell, “You need to buy this XYZ Brand cable, and you will receive better sound, quality and picture.” High-end stores, retailers and commissioned salespeople are famous for upselling you items you don’t need.

An expensive HDMI cable will not give you anything more than a less expensive cable will. There is absolutely no difference of the quality of the picture your 4K TV will obtain with an expensive cable. The only difference is the price that you will pay.

Look at your budget, determine what the manufacturer recommends, what components you are attaching to your 4K TV and this will guide you in what to purchase. A new 4K TV does not necessarily mean you have to purchase new HDMI cables. Shop high-quality HDMI cables at

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