How To Build A Home Theater For Under $300

“It doesn’t matter how amazing a home theater is, if we can’t afford it, we can’t afford it.”

That’s a sentiment shared by many. As fun as it is to dream up this amazing flat-screen setup, affordability really matters.

At, you can build a home theater for under $300. It can take some minor adjustments but it’s more than possible. We say this because we’ve done it ourselves. It’s easy, assuming you’re prioritizing the right elements for you. Here’s how you do it.

Your Flat-Screen

A screen is, by far, going to cost you the most. You can buy a 1080P 43” for under $250 but it’s going to eat up a lot of budget. You can buy a 720P 32” TV for slightly less and still retain the HD image you want.

Try A Projector Instead

Another way to save money on the screen and free up some budget is to buy a projector or a mini projector. These can be slightly less expensive, take up less space, and still deliver a quality picture.

Home Theater Speakers

If you’re working with a budget under $300, you don’t need a set of speakers per se. If you’re prioritizing audio though, you can find some excellent quality speaker systems in the $50 range equipped to handle all the volume you want.

Home theater diy dream home theater

Android Smart TV Box

You need something to watch with your home theater system. If you don’t have a smart TV, convert what you do have into one with an Android smart TV box. It’ll connect you to your Internet and give you access to all sorts of apps and media.

HDMI Cables, Adapters, Etc.

You may have some things you want to hook up, like gaming consoles and the like. Buying new HDMI cables or adapters and switches can help retool your home theater to connect different devices and further expand its capability.

Should You Mount Your TV?

A TV wall mount can cost as little as $10 or under and adds a different dynamic to your home theater. It makes it feel a little more like a movie theater. A luxury, we know, but to some, well worth it.

Couches And Seating

Home theater spaces are all about comfort. That means where you sit. If you’re determined to remain under budget, spending money on seating is a no-go. Every day, people are moving. Couches and chairs are given away routinely. Find a decent and comfortable set you can recover and repurpose for your room.

It takes some compromise, of course, but anyone can create a home theater system with creativity for under $300. Shop all these items from today and get your home theater set up!

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