What Is The Best Home Theater System For You?

The ultimate home theater setup is not just about a flat-screen and a set of speakers. It’s an atmosphere and a vibe. It’s the quiet place you can retreat to after a long day of doing work, watching whatever you like in solitude and comfort.

What the best home theater is can take a bit of thought to figure out but with the right home theater accessories, you can certainly answer the question for yourself and get it done on a budget.

Here are some important questions to ask when creating your ultimate home theater.

Do You Have A Smart TV?

If you have a smart TV, awesome. Move onto the next question. If you don’t, buying an Android smart TV box will convert any flat-screen with an HDMI input into a smart TV. It’s an important investment.

What Speakers Do You Want?

Classic surround sound home theater speakers exist. So do Bluetooth soundbars that are very dynamic and often smaller. If you are particularly low on space, a simple set of multimedia computer speakers may be enough.

Where Do You Want To Put Your Screens?

Thanks to TV wall mounts, you can more or less put a screen anywhere in your entertainment space. Hang them from the ceiling, over a fireplace, on a swing arm, or keep them flush with a wall. You can also choose to mount your speakers in a similar way, should you enjoy this presentation.

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What Does Your Home Theater Lighting Look Like?

Another way to recreate that sort of theatrical and immersive look is to use lighting, i.e. LED strip lights as backlighting or a dimmer to bring down the intensity of the lights to a faint glow. Homeowners spend months working away on how to light their home theater rooms. It can necessitate some experimenting to get just right but when you do, you’ll know.

How Many Remotes Will You Need?

When you start adding up the inventory of devices you have – PC, Android box, gaming consoles, Blu-Ray player, satellite dish, etc. – that’s at least two or three remotes. Simplify things with a wireless multimedia mini keyboard. A single remote to rule them all!

Do You Have Enough Home Theater Cables?

Cables are the unspoken element of every home theater system. It’s an inevitability that you’ll need cables. Lots and lots of cables. Most likely HDMI cables. With limited HDMI inputs on your screen, this can be a problem. Consider what’s possible with adapters and switches, or buy multiples when it comes to cables, ensuring it’s not a struggle plugging in different consoles or devices.

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