Is DVI Or VGA Better?

When connecting your computer to a screen, you need to determine what cables you need. Ports are on both of your devices. They can vary from HDMI to VGA, DVI, USB, and others. While HDMI and USB are well-known, DVI and VGA are less common to modern tech users. Here is a comparison of both.


DVI, or Digital Visual Interface, is more recent than VGA. This connector can transmit both analog and digital signals, and can easily convert to VGA and the current HDMI technology.

DVI offers a sharper, better picture, and can be removed or installed while the computer is running. The different types of DVI cables perform different functions.

  • DVI-A uses analog signals only, and is used to connect the DVI card to the older CRT monitors.
  • DVI-D uses digital signals only. It is available in single link and dual link formats, and connects the DVI card to LCD monitors.
  • DVI-I can use both digital and analog signals, although it is unable to convert DVI-D signals to analog.


VGA, or Video Graphics Array, is older technology and is not often in use anymore. This technology uses analog signals, and is used with video cards, CRT monitors, television and laptops.

Due to the design of these connectors, the outputs and ports contained 15 pins that were used for separate functions, such as a pin for the color red, and so on. These components were rather delicate and could be easily damaged. Also, the VGA cables could not be connected or disconnected while the computer was running. To use the connector, you had to shut down the computer, install the cord, then restart the computer.

VGA connectors can be adapted using HDMI converters. This can be used in case the computer is analog and the monitor may be HDMI, or vice versa.

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So Which Is Better, DVI Or VGA?

Usually, the newer technology is better. That would indicate that DVI is the better choice.

With its ability to use both digital and analog signals, DVI-I is more versatile than the older VGA cables and may work with more devices.

Due to being older, VGA signals tend to convert a lower-quality product than the newer DVI technology. DVI cables can be installed and removed without having to shut the computer down, which increases efficiency. Due to their design, there is less potential for component damage with DVI cables.

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To get the best possible display, it’s best to be sure what connectors your devices are able to accommodate. Once you’ve managed that, choose the best technology available, sit back and enjoy the show. Shop DVI cables and VGA cables at today.

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