RCA Audio Cables Versus HDMI Cables: Which Is Better?

More people than ever are purchasing home theater systems, home entertainment systems and gaming systems, which means there is a larger market and a greater need than ever for audio cables.

RCA audio cables and HDMI cables perform many of the same tasks, yet they are not the same thing. However, they are both very useful. Here are some facts to help the buyer choose the correct cable.

The Basics of RCA Analog Audio Cables

RCA audio cables are considered older technology, but are still very relevant today. They are designed to carry analog audio and video signals.

RCA cables consist of three color coded plugs, and connect the signal source, such as DVDs and CDs, to televisions and projectors.

There are two types of RCA cables. Composite cables carry analog signals, while component cables can be used with HDTV, and have higher resolution than the composite cables.

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The Basics of HDMI Digital Audio Cables

HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) cables are evidently a newer digital cable. HDMI cables are considered the way of the future in video-audio transfer and offer high definition, high resolution audio and video signals.

The signal from an HDMI cable is clean and not compressed, offering sharp video images and multi-channel audio, along with a high refresh rate for better overall performance.

The way these cables are designed is that both ends of the cable are the same, making them compatible with any device that is HDMI compatible. There’s no right or wrong way to plug the cable in, as the ends fit all HDMI ports. HDMI cables can connect cable boxes, game consoles, Blu-ray and media streaming devices as well as other components, to whatever display is in use.

How RCA Analog and HDMI Digital Cables Compare To Each Other

To compare the cables, HDMI works best with newer technology and are the standard cables for future technology. A single cable can handle many connection needs, and the digital technology makes this a better cable with high definition output.

RCA cables cannot carry HD signals, but they are cheaper overall, very reliable and relatively simple to use. RCA cables are still popular with those who use DVD players, VHS players and game consoles.

Both RCA and HDMI cables are good and will meet different consumer needs. As for which cable is the better choice, it depends upon the signal source that is in use, the display that the cable connects to, what the cable is needed for, and the quantity needed. Shop both types of audio cables today at PrimeCables.ca.

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