What HDMI Cable For Gaming Should I Buy For My Console?

Gaming, one of the best pastimes out there and you’ll want to make sure your game is uninterrupted.

How do we accomplish this? HDMI cables used in gaming allow us to plug into the latest and greatest of 4K TV, and soon to be 8K TVs.

Why Is the Game Streaming Slow or Stopping and Starting?

Some of us look at that funny-looking little port connecting our graphics cards and wonder, “What does that do?”

That port, with an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable allows our gaming system to transmit the digital audio and video from our gaming system to our monitor, TV or projector. Without this HDMI cable. you would be staring at a blank screen with no sound. Doesn’t sound too much like fun, does it? Having a decent quality HDMI cable will allow the process of the game to stream the way it was designed to do, giving you the best experience in gaming that you can have.

How Do I Know Which Cable Is Right for My System?

With the overwhelming options of HDMI cables, you need to make sure of what your gaming system is trying to handle. If you have the latest next-generation gaming console, then you will need to step up to HDMI 2.1.

Although this type of cable is not necessary now unless you are planning on obtaining an 8K TV. Keeping in mind that HDMI cables are backward-compatible, this means if you have a newer gaming console with an older TV that isn’t HDMI 2.1 ready the games will still play perfectly well. You also don’t need to go outside of your budget to achieve great gaming.

I’m At The Store, Now What Do I Do?

Packaging and salespeople take advantage of fancy pictures, words, and tech-specs that a lot of people don’t understand.

Basically, the higher the bandwidth, the greater resolution and the higher the frame rates. The frame rates on games are displayed when you launch the game, usually grayed out in a corner. Take advantage of matching or exceeding the frame rate of the game to FPS (Frames per second) listed on the HDMI cables.

If the bandwidth listed on the HDMI cable package is rated 60Hz then you know that the refresh rate of the game on the screen while playing is 60 FPS.

The 2.1 version of HDMI cables can carry resolutions of 120 FPS, giving a clear and improved streaming picture. This is a good option if you are looking to upgrade your console and/or TV in the future.

You don’t need fancy gimmicks or fast-talking salespeople to choose a great HDMI cable for your gaming console. A bit of research is all you need before you shop. As for ‘gold plated HDMI cables’, they don’t perform any better than regular HDMI cables, expensive does not necessarily mean better.

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