What’s the Best TV Wall Mount – Swivel, Full-Motion, or Fixed?

When fitting a TV wall mount to your home theater, you’ll be met with at least a few different options. From flat, fixed, and basic models to full-motion and swivel, brackets vary not only in function but also size and shape. If it isn’t obvious what the best TV wall mount for your entertainment needs is, here is a quick side-by-side comparison of how these three models work.

Fixed, Flat TV Wall Mount

A basic TV wall mount that’s flat and doesn’t have any more movement than a tilt is the most affordable option. They are the easiest to install and take up the least amount of space.

A flat mount is best for small condos or small home entertainment spaces. If you’re new to the world of TV wall mounts, you may not need much more than this. They’re ultra-thin and they’re built well.

You aren’t necessarily missing much choosing a fixed, flat TV wall mount over a full-motion bracket.

Swivel TV Wall Mounts

A swivel TV wall mount is one that allows for a little more movement. You can angle your flat-screen and swivel it back-and-forth left to right.

For large, wide rooms, this is where swivel mounts thrive. For open-concept spaces where you’d like to have a screen in multiple areas, a swivel solves the issue by allowing you to angle it according to where you are.

A swivel isn’t necessarily a need, however. Just ensure your wall mount has at least a slight tilt to it which can help combat glare from windows and such.

Full-Motion TV Wall Mounts

When you start looking at full-motion TV wall mounts, this is really where the premium high-tech mounts are.

A full-motion mount allows you to affix the flat-screen in a single location. It also provides you the ability to move it left-to-right, up-and-down, and in some cases even offer a mechanism to pull it downward, such as if it’s mounted high up.

With a full-motion TV mount, you get the most in flexibility however some models can be bulky. Particularly for smaller rooms, a full-motion mount can actually be a detriment. A more basic mount or a full-motion that doesn’t carry a lot of shape to it is a much better option.

The best TV wall mount depends on your preferences and the size of the room. Flat, swivel, and full-motion all have their place in the right home theater. Shop all three types of TV wall mounts in Canada at PrimeCables.ca today.

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