Does Your Home Need A Surge Protector?

A surge protector is more than a power strip. It’s more than outlet expansion. You safely protect your devices when you use one. Does your home need a multi-outlet surge protector – this is an easy question. Here are a few reasons why we’d answer with an enthusiastic “yes!”

It’s More Than A Power Strip

A power strip is all about giving you more outlets. It can take a single outlet and safely provide four, six, or eight in its place. If you’re buying a power strip, you might as well go for a surge protector for a little extra.

You’re Protecting Electronics

We use more electronics today than ever. We often don’t realize. Devices. TVs. Appliances. Clocks. Lights. Bathroom accessories. We use so much electricity. If a power surge occurs, it’s a risk. A surge protector redirects the unexpected increase in voltage away from any at-risk electronics.

You Extend The Life of Devices

A lot of people do not realize that there are power spikes happening all the time even when it’s not storming. Most of these are protected by the design of outlets and devices having built-in protections. That said, this does wear down devices over time. A surge protector extends the lifetime of devices.

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If You Have Big Systems…

Some homes have large and expensive systems – i.e. home theaters, desktop computers and accompanying devices, audio equipment, etc. A lot can happen with these large systems, especially if they’re using older components. A surge protector provides some added peace of mind.

You Get Added USB Inputs

A lot of outlets were not built with USB outlets and so one has to normally use a USB adapter to charge devices. A lot of wall mounted surge protectors offer USB inputs. This means no more adapters. You plug directly in. It’s very handy and a major space-saver.

Takes Up No Space

Another advantage to wall-mounted surge protectors is how little space they take up. In the past, this has been a big issue with a lot of larger surge protectors. They can be fairly bulky and somewhat difficult to fit into behind a TV or in certain corners. A wall-mounted surge protector plugs in and remains flush with the wall.

Any home can use a surge protector in at least one area. The way it adds regular outlets, adds USB outlets, and, most importantly, protects your devices, makes a surge protector a certain necessity for many homes with home theater systems, appliances, and electronic equipment they can’t lose. Buy surge protectors and more today at

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