How to Get the Best Home Theater System With What You Already Have For Under $100

A cheap home theater system, in a lot of cases, can be easily achieved with what you already have. All it takes is a few simple adjustments, some recalibrating, and perhaps some creativity depending on what you’re looking for. Here’s how to get your TV, audio, and home theater accessories just right.

Microfiber Cloth

Buy a microfiber cloth. Once a month, give the TV screen a dusting. If there’s one thing that’ll make your home theater look pristine, it’s a lack of dust. From dust to fingerprints, a microfiber cleaning cloth will take care of everything.

Have 1 Remote

Buy a multi-use multimedia remote that can span across all devices. This will make it much less problematic to find which remote to use for what. A multimedia keyboard is also very easy to set up.

Consider Ethernet

You are probably using Internet on your TV in some way. If the connection’s ever dropped or has been unstable, an alternative to using WiFi is setting up a wired Internet connection. All that’s required for that is an Ethernet cable.

Mount Your TV

This is what will make the most visual difference in achieving a better home theater vibe. Buy a TV wall mount. By mounting a TV, you save on space, create a more theatrical presentation, and achieve a cleaner-looking TV room.

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Recalibrate Picture And Sound

It doesn’t hurt to occasionally recalibrate your picture and sound settings. In some cases, you’ll drastically improve picture quality. When it comes to speakers, adjusting their positioning even by a few inches can alter what you’re hearing and define for you where to place what, from subwoofers to surround sound speakers.

Tidy And/or Hide Cables

Home theater cables are a tough bunch. They are necessary but very much in the way at the same time. There are lots of ways to tidy them up, from using cable tires to using cable management channels and the like.

Consider Some New Accessories

Splurge on one thing. It can be anything. An Android smart TV box. An HDTV antenna. Go for something that speaks to you and that will get you excited about your home theater area again. Make a commitment to buy yourself one new thing as a gift every year. This way, you’re continually freshening up your entertainment area.

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