How To Mount My TV

There are lots of creative ways to mount a TV. If you really want to bring out the charm of your home décor, mounting a TV needs to be treated like any other aspect of interior design. TV mounting ideas can be fairly diverse. Here are a few of them that have caught our eye over several years of helping families and homeowners set up their home theaters.

Build It In-Wall

You may have seen in-wall speakers. What about an in-wall TV – you can do it! Create an add-on. Mount your TV and then build a large encasing around it. If you have shelving, this is also something you can blend in around it.

Over The Fireplace

A TV wall mount over the fireplace can be pulled down or pulled up and put back into a safe position. This will require a premium TV wall mount but is a great feature of any home’s interior design.

Do A Ceiling Mount Instead

If a wall mount isn’t quite working in your head, try a ceiling TV mount instead. This mounts your screen from – you guessed it! – your ceiling. It’s a workaround if you can’t use your wall for whatever reason or you want to position a TV centrally or in a part of the room where a wall is unavailable.

Put In Décor On Shelves

Hide your TV in amongst shelving and décor of your favourite art, plants, or using other forms of décor. You’re creating a whole entertainment unit, all mounted and positioned in the immediate surroundings of your TV wall mount. There are lots and lots of options with this. Even using movie posters or memorabilia works.

Use Paint For Patterns

Paint can be used in a number of ways to paint the wall you are about to mount your TV on. Create rhythms, atmosphere, and experiment with different finishes to try and come up with a unique home theater room that works with your personality and interests.

Wallpaper Instead of Paint

If you aren’t crazy about using paint, try wallpaper or wall decals instead. Create a unique backdrop. A set of LED lights backlighting your screen can also work to give it a theatrical atmosphere.

Change The Room

You can put a TV wall mount anywhere. Don’t discount trying it in a master bedroom, on your summer patio, in your dining room, or even in the bathroom if the electronics are appropriately protected from moisture.

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