What Cables Are You Missing For Your Home Musician Instrument Setup? – Read here

If you’re a musician and you enjoy having your friends over to play or simply want a nice performance space for parties, you need the right music cables to back you up.

Let’s face it. No one loves cables. They’re always in the way. They get tangled. It can get real messy…But for a music space or instrument area, you need cables. You can’t do home performances without them. Here are a few of the cables you may need for your instrument space.

USB Cables

Music has progressed to such a degree that it’s inevitable you will be using some form of technology to make it. USB cables are necessary for everything from charging a smartphone and similar mobile devices to connecting devices to sync or power up.

There are many types of USB cables available, with many adapters as well. Be sure to take stock of what you need.

3.5mm Audio Cables

3.5mm audio cables offer professional-grade audio and are used on everything from speakers to headphones. They aren’t as popular as they once were, replaced by other types of cables, however, some devices and instruments still make a point to use them. Take note if you have any musical instruments that need a 3.5mm audio cable or 3.5mm audio connector.

7530f 3 5mm 2 5mm audio cables 3 5mm 2 5mm audio cables

XLR Cables

XLR cables are used most often on microphones. When someone asks for a microphone cable, they’re most likely wanting an XLR. There is a male and female end on an XLR cable which understandably means you have a few different kinds of XLR cable to choose from. If you work with microphones or a PA system, absolutely, have some extra XLR cables at the ready.

1b122 professional audio cables professional audio cables

1/4 Inch Cables

1/4 inch cables are also very, very popular and may be the #1 music cable you need. Quarter-inch cables are used for guitars, basses, electric pianos, pedals, recording gear, consoles, and lots. If you have a recording room or live performance area in your home or if it’s in a place of business, such as a bar or restaurant, you can never have enough 1/4 inch cables.

1/4 inch cables also come in lots of lengths so extremely long or extremely short cables are also available.

You may need other music cables, of course, but these four will generally be the types that you definitely want. For all of your cable needs, buy them in Canada for the best prices at PrimeCables.ca today.

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