How To Get The Best Rise for Your Buck? Find “Your Type” of Sit-Stand Desk Riser


It isn’t in question that you’re ready to take the next step, and treat yourself to a Sit-Stand Desk Riser that promises a lifestyle change with health benefits that can’t be denied. But if you’re going to invest into changing your workstation, you want to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck while receiving the highest quality rise.

PrimeCables offers a level of quality Sit-Stand Desk Risers, that will offer health comforts you weren’t aware needed tending to, satisfying your needs to the extent that you’ll want to give your transformed workstation a standing ovation. Since PrimeCables only builds products with the highest standards, you’ll find their Sit-Stand Desk Risers performance will more than rise to the occasion, happily giving you a daily encore, again and again.

So which Sit-Stand Desk Riser will give you the type of rise you’re looking for? PrimeCables gives you a variety of options to service your needs.

Upgrade Your Current Desk With A Height Adjustable Standing Monitor Desk Riser

If you have a favorite desk you don’t wish to part with, or a work space you would like to upgrade, you now can easily convert your current work surface into a sit-stand work environment. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Just place your sit-stand workstation on your desk and quickly adjust it to one of the 12 height settings that meet your ideal ergonomic typing posture, customizing to your own height for optimal viewing.

Feel free to check our PrimeCables® Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk Riser here >

The Pre-Assembled Ergonomic Monitor Desk Riser

This is an easy Standing Monitor Ergonomic Desk Riser solution that comes fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box. A large work surface is provided designed for two monitors, and is uniquely designed with a spacious keyboard tray large enough for a laptop. This specific design offers a retractable shelf offering further ergonomic comfort that supports the health benefits you’re aiming to benefit from.

Customize Adding a Trendy Tabletop to An Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame

If your “type” isn’t found in traditional sit-stand models, you would probably prefer something a little out of the box. If you would like to customize your own personal style into your workstation, PrimeCables offers an easy solution to you’re creative endeavors; purchase a height adjustable sit-stand desk frame, then add your own unique desk top for individual design aesthetic.

The Electrical Sit-Stand Desk Frame is more than just a stylish contemporary design that offers customizable opportunity. It features electric vertical height adjustability,

that quickly and quietly adjusts from sit to stand, with superior stability and heavy duty lifting capacity. And without low cross bars built in, the frame offers ample knee clearance for user comfort.

This simple economical option accommodates creative types to personalize their experience, while enjoying a smooth electrical adjustable desk riser under the desktop of your choice.

Whether you seek to upgrade your current desk experience with the perfect Adjustable Sit-Stand Monitor Desk Riser, or wish to fully customize a PrimeCables desk frame to suit your needs…your body, mind and soul will be immediately grateful for your investment into a lifestyle change that rises to serve your particular needs.

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