Beware of Black Friday Criminals, check out our Surveillance Solutions!

Black Friday Shopping
Black Friday Shopping

Add to your home security and surveillance setup with exclusive Prime Cables Black Friday deals!

Black Friday is a tough day for most shoppers. They wake up early, drag themselves to corporate retail, and try to make the most out of a very stressful situation. That doesn’t have to be you. If you are searching for accessories to heighten your security systems and surveillance, check out our catalog here.

For us, surveillance solutions fall into two separate categories. The first is surveillance accessories, meant to heighten existing security systems. Think cable couplers, connectors, power supply adapters for security cameras, security camera power plugs, CCTV camera cords, and mounting brackets for CCTV. All of this is available through Prime Cables surveillance accessories catalog here. The second are CCTV kits. The one that we recommend is this Security Camera System with 4 1080P Night Vision Cameras and 1TB XVR (Digital Recorder). Though its market price is $499.99, Prime Cables currently has it on discount at $349.99 including free shipping to anywhere in Canada!


There are a variety of Black Friday surveillance options that can secure your home. Add to an existing system or build your own with an all-in-one solution. There’s no reason to brave the cold, crowds, and chaos on Black Friday trying to find these items anywhere else for the same price. From the comfort of your own home, you can completely re-design your security setup. If you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to build your own surveillance solutions, now’s the time. Black Friday sales are second to none and only come around once a year. Contrary to how it’s been depicted in the media though, you don’t need to battle the crowds to get what you want. Do it all from your couch. Forget the long lines. Browse our catalog, decide on your purchase, and for any order above $49, receive fast, free shipping. Within days, you’ll have everything at your doorstep from either of our shipping locations in either Montreal or Vancouver.

Online sales on Black Friday hit $2 billion last year and this year, they’re expected to be even bigger.

Prime Cables enjoys being able to provide some of the most affordable deals in Canada to consumers who don’t need to leave the comfort of their homes to make a purchase. Keep yourself cozy and wake up when you want to wake up. Online sales on Black Friday grew 16 percent last year and this year, we are expecting a huge crowd so be sure to get in early while quantities last.

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