Best Home Theater Deals for Black Friday You Can’t Miss!

Love it or hate it, Black Friday’s nearly upon us. There’s no denying it. Black Friday’s knocking at the front door. Thankfully, you don’t need to swarm the mall for the best deals on home theater systems. You can get them right from home, making it as easy as a click and a purchase.

The best home theater deals on Black Friday this year are coming from Canada’s own PrimeCables. In the catalogue, you’ll find a wonderful range of Black Friday deals from $5 or less through to the more big ticket items. Here’s a few of those very can’t-miss deals!

Android smart TV box

So many streaming services are setting records in the marketplace this year. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime are favourites, as is Crave. Joining them is Disney+  and Apple+. If you don’t have a smart TV though, you may not have access to these and other content channels like YouTube without a pretty advanced setup. Buy an Android smart TV box and turn any ordinary screen into your very own smart TV paradise.

Surround sound system

What’s 1080p HD quality content without the equivalent detail preserved in sound – you need home theater-level audio. You will find plenty of home theater speaker Black Friday deals, including on Bluetooth stereo soundbars, bookshelf speakers, speaker mounts which can be incredibly useful at designing a home theater speaker look, and of course, our critically acclaimed selection of surround sound systems. Choose the speaker setup that works for you.

Outdoor TV antenna

If you’re cutting the cord with so many other Canadians, you may still want a connection to regional content such as the local news and sports. This makes sense! An outdoor TV antenna nabs you up to 25 channels or more, including local programming. Especially if you live in a city environment like Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, or Halifax, there’s more free over-the-air signals you can pick up. An outdoor TV antenna installed on your home is a sound investment.

What other Black Friday deals do you have?

The home theater Black Friday sale keeps on coming with a wide array of excellent deals, like multi-outlet wall mount surge protectors with USB ports, a portable wireless keyword, satellite speaker stands, headphones, 1080p TVs, and more. Anyone can click on PrimeCables and effectively design a home theater system brand new from top to bottom.

Don’t lose yourself in the unstoppable force of Black Friday. Spend wisely, know what you want, and shop it at PrimeCables. Give yourself the home entertainment and media system you’ve always wanted to have. Now’s your chance! Have a click.

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