It’s Not Too Late to Update to a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


Upgrading to a waterproof Bluetooth speaker comes with many advantages. Not only do you get that portability and ease of use that we all love with our Bluetooth speakers but you also give yourself the space to take your speaker out on a swim by the pool or at the beach. Even in the shower or in the washroom, you don’t need to worry about moisture getting in and messing around with the electronics.


Among the most trusted brand names in waterproof Bluetooth speakers is Monoprice. We are proud to be able to offer Canadians everywhere the opportunity to carry these deep blue waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Price today at only $17.99, these waterproof Bluetooth speakers are on sale and at a significant discount. Pair this purchase in the same order with enough items to boost you over $49 and get free shipping to anywhere in Canada!


The Monoprice deep blue waterproof Bluetooth speakers come with eight hours of battery life, ensuring that you’re not constantly running around trying to charge it. Small, portable, and surprisingly loud, these Bluetooth speakers have garnered rave reviews by Canadian consumers and experts in the industry.


In terms of price, $17.99 cannot be beat. Many people do worry about the sound quality of waterproof speakers. In fact, we have found this to be consumers’ main concern prior to purchasing. We can assure you thought that these waterproof speakers are not built the same as they may have been in the past. They sound great, have much longer battery life, and you can take it anywhere without it looking out of place.


In the settings where your everyday Bluetooth speaker doesn’t make the cut, these waterproof ones will. If you like being in the outdoors, exposing this waterproof Bluetooth speaker won’t be an issue. Wherever adventure may take you, you will never be without your speaker. Fit for purpose and ready to be taken along for the ride, these Bluetooth speakers are all about enjoyment. It’s never too late to update and upgrade to a waterproof Bluetooth speaker from a company you can trust.


Prime Cables has been helping Canadians purchase affordable audio accessories since 2007. With shipping locations in Montreal and Vancouver, the company has served Canadian consumers far and wide.


All you need to do with these waterproof Bluetooth speakers when they arrive is give them a quick charge, grab your favourite playlists, and let the volume roar!

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