What Comes with the iOS 11 – Release Date, News, and Features



This fall, iOS 11 is going to revolutionize the way that people use their iPhones and iPads. This marks the biggest software release ever for the iPad with hundreds of updates in tow.


Among the features are new multi-tasking options, the Files app, more ways to use Apple Pencil, easier ways for developers to build apps that let users place virtual content on top of real world scenes, CoreML which will provide on-device machine learning capabilities to make predictive apps, higher functionality with Apple Pay, a ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature for drivers, a new voice for Siri, and more professional capabilities for both Photos and Camera.


When it comes to the iPad, a lot has been re-designed and optimized including ‘frequently used apps’, the ‘app switcher’, moving images and text, and Apple Pencil among other features. On both iPhones and iPads, Apple is introducing an AR experience using the built-in camera, powerful processor, and motion sensors located in the device. This is going to allow for more immersive experiences when it comes to shopping, interactive gaming, industrial design, and much more.


Additional features with iOS 11 include a redesigned App Store, the addition of indoor maps for shopping centers and major airports in Apple Maps, better home automation accessories, AirPlay 2 which provides the opportunity to customize speaker control, a more integrated Apple News, and a number of impressive asides for developers. Current iPhone and iPad owners are encouraged to download and install iOS 11, which was released on September 19. In anticipation of the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, this marks exciting times for Apple smartphone fans.


Though some users have expressed disappointment with download times in regards to past software updates, if you can stand the wait, the reward is well worth it. If you are new to the world of iPhones and Apple, and want to know how to download a software update on your iPad or iPhone, here’s how. Go to Settings > General. There should be a red notification badge there indicating a software update that you can download. If not, go to the Software Update section and you should see it waiting for you to download. Download, install, and confirm with a passcode.


If you’ve recently bought the iPhone 8, iPhone X, or have downloaded iOS 11 onto your Apple device, we invite you to take a look through our phone and tablet accessories. If you need a charging or sync cable, we got you covered!


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