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DIY Ethernet Cables with PrimeCables Crimping Tools!

In the market for crimping tools? Looking for a DIY Ethernet cable solution? If you want to customize your Ethernet cable lengths and save money doing it yourself, then PrimeCables Network Cable Tester & Crimping Tools Combo is for you! Make Ethernet cables cheap, make them custom length, appropriate for any situation, and do it right, with this test and…

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When Will you Need an HDMI to DVI Cable?

For Canadian households and professional environments where devices, computers, and/or monitors have DVI-only outputs, an HDMI to DVI cable is a great way to upgrade an audio-visual system. Among the top technology resources in an entertainment and visual setup, HDMI adapters and cables such as these are integral to updating to the latest tech.   Though HDMI is one of…

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Looking for the Best Digital TV Antenna in 2018?

Digital TV antennas get you free TV without having to pay any telecom giant for it. Imagine that. Being able to cut down your utility bill without sacrificing the ability to watch your favourite TV channels. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about digital TV antennas. For example, many think they won’t be able to get high-definition TV with…

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PrimeCables’ Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Boost

The PrimeCables’ Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Boost is an exclusive item only available through PrimeCables’ online catalogue. For a limited time only, receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada on this item and receive it all at the low price of $89.99. For over a decade, Canadians have been coming to PrimeCables seeking products just like this battery booster…

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Meet the Ethernet Network RJ-45 Crimper Tester

For anyone searching for a crimping, cutting, and stripping tool, the Ethernet Network RJ-45 model is among the highest quality in its category. This impressive tool is a 3-in-1 nine-piece combination set, available exclusively through PrimeCables at a price of $38.99.   Buy the Ethernet Network Stripping Crimping Tester Punch-Down Tool 9-piece Combo and receive a professional, high quality set…

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How to use a Crimpling Cabling Tool to make your Networking Cable

Did you know you can make your own networking cable with a crimpling cabling tool – you can! Sure, it’s always easy to take a drive down to the store to buy network cables however their predetermined lengths sometimes pose a problem. At times, you may find networking cables to be a little on the short side, in which case…

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Meet the Perfect Mini-Amplifier and Speaker Stand for your Home Theater Setup

Mini-amplifiers and speaker stands are not the flashiest of purchases, we admit, but when developing a home theater setup, they can add quite a bit. To find the best mini-amplifier and/or speaker stands for your home theater system, it can be a challenge. After all, expenses add up quickly and no one wants to be blowing hundreds of dollars just…

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How to Choose a Sit Standing Desk like a PRO?

In the last decade, office ergonomics have jumped ahead with the latest innovations in sit standing desks. For when you’re looking to take your office setup to the next level, knowing how to choose a sit standing desk will ensure you buy the right one for your needs. The first step in learning how to choose a sit standing desk…

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