Buy Bulk Cable for Cheap and Save 20% Plus get Free Crimping Test Tool Before Black Friday!


Prime Cables is a premiere Canadian supplier of bulk cable, serving consumers from sea to sea for over a decade. For a limited time only, buy bulk cable for cheap and save an extra 20 percent off select items. Plus, pick up a free crimping test tool at no extra cost! All you need is to apply the coupon code BULKEXTRA2017 to your cart and you’ll be good to go. (Limited time offer)


We know how expensive buying bulk cable can get. Ethernet bulk cables typically don’t come cheap. In an effort to make things more affordable for buyers, we’ve knocked off 20 percent from select Ethernet cables. Browsing through our bulk cat 5e cable, there’s a wide range of different cable to choose from. Select the right setup for your home or office arrangement and reap a little extra reward with a free crimping test tool to boot.


Buying in bulk to set up a home has never been more affordable than it is today with Prime Cables. For new constructions or renovations, you won’t find a higher quality cable than what’s available for purchase in our catalogue. Whether it’s 500 feet, 1,000 feet, or more, we have what you need.


Along with this exclusive deal, Prime Cables also carries a range of additional items such as computer cables, audio cables, data cables, phone cables, video cables, connectors, adapters, converters, smartphone accessories, and instrument cables. Be sure to add to your cart what you need and get all your cable shopping done up in one place.


Putting in your order today with us, we know how valuable delivery time is. With shipping locations respectively in Montreal and Vancouver, no matter where you are in Canada, we make it priority to get you your items fast. Many Canadians prefer buying from Prime Cables when it comes to bulk cable for cheap because they know they can count on us for the best prices and for the fastest delivery.


There are more expensive cables on the market, yes. Comparing quality between their cables and ours though, you won’t find much difference. High quality cables from Prime Cables are second to none. If you need a handful of cables, just come on over and we’d be happy to open our catalogue to you.


You can’t go wrong with 20% off and a free crimping test tool on some of the highest quality cables on the Canadian market. Buy from Prime Cables today, no matter how complex your cable needs are, and get some major savings.

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