Canada’s Lowest Prices for Sit-Standing Height Adjustable Desk on Black Friday


Sit standing height adjustable desks don’t come cheap. To get started with sit-standing height adjustable desks, you want to take advantage of the opportunities that come along. This Black Friday, this is one such opportunity. Prime Cables are proud to present Canada’s lowest prices on sit-standing desks available for a limited time only this Black Friday. Browse some options that are actually affordable and do without the $600+ desks that provide the same advantages that these items do.


Low prices for a sit standing desk can be hard to find because of the number of features that can be added on to an ergonomic model like this. When you’re looking for a desk that is height adjustable, wide enough to hold the items you want it to hold, with support grooves for smartphones and tablets, and a design to ensure that you’re not going to accidentally clamp yourself, that can get the price upped quite a bit. For one of Prime Cables’ best-selling sit-standing height adjustable desks, check out this Sit Standing Height Adjustable Desk Ergo Riser ADR 26″ & 35″ Wide. The market price for this item, despite its many features, is already a low $284.59. The list price on Prime Cables normal site, which is maintained at a significant discount, is $209.99. For Black Friday, get a sit-standing desk at Canada’s lowest price of $189.99 with free shipping to anywhere in the country included!


As consumers have come to us seeking affordable sit standing desks for their home office, they’ve not been able to find a price anywhere near as good as this. Now is the time to make a switch to a sit standing desk. Yes, they’re expensive but for the first time ever, we’ve been able to bring down the pricing for these to make them comparable to a non-sit standing desk. Save big by sticking with Prime Cables throughout the Black Friday season.


The time in your life when your neck, back, and/or shoulders hurt from doing basic desk work is over. Invest in a sit-standing height adjustable desk at Canada’s lowest price with Prime Cables. The quality isn’t cheap but the price is, especially compared to similar models in corporate retail. For so many Canadian consumers, this is the ultimate solution to their aches and pains from prolonged sitting. After just a few weeks of use, you should notice a big difference in how your body feels. Visit Prime Cables this Black Friday to get the lowest price in Canada on a high quality sit-standing desk.

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