Cyber Monday 2017 Deal Tips, suggested by Prime Cables

Cyber Monday 2017 deals are going to be some of the lowest prices Canada has seen all year. To find the best deal tips in Canada, know that Prime Cables has offered several exclusive Cyber Monday discounts in select categories.


More than 12 million Canadians are planning on doing some Cyber Monday shopping this season, according to the latest projections. If this does hold up to be true, it will make for a record Cyber Monday.


In terms of finding the right pricing, it’s not as easy as going with the lowest price in every case. For example, Prime Cables has several discounts that apply across its product categories. In the end, you may save more money from buying with Prime Cables than you would buying the same products in many different places. This is why we recommend, yes, compare pricing but also weigh the amount of money saved according to loyalty discounts.


Another thing to keep in mind with Prime Cables is that any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada. If your intention is only to purchase a few products from Prime Cables and if the total amount does not meet the $49 threshold, you may end up actually paying more by not combining some additional products.


Among the most highly requested products in Prime Cables’ catalogue are sit-stand desks, monitor desk mounts, and a range of select items in its cables, adapter, tools and appliances, home theater, and network solution categories. The bargains are highly compelling. Due to the extensive catalogue available at price reductions sometimes as deep as 70 percent, we recommend picking up everything you can handle budget-wise. Though the items on sale might not be as flashy in some cases as a TV or a new computer, the list of accessories is plentiful and worth a look.


As a Canadian brand that has been serving Canadians since 2007, we’ve offered a number of special deals throughout the years. In celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017, we hope to set a number of new sales records. Be sure to plan ahead. The promotions are going to be short-lived and the prices are never going to be better here or anywhere.


All in all, stick to your budget, make a list of the things you need across the stores you need them, and enjoy Cyber Monday from the comfort of your own home. Be sure to visit Prime Cables on Cyber Monday for deals you won’t find anywhere else.

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