Receive a 10 Percent Discount on Monitor Desk Mounts Valid on Nov. 21

UPDATE: For the one who are looking for a budget sit to stand desk, we have a smaller version with cheaper cost for now


For a limited time only, receive an additional 10% off any monitor desk mount in Prime Cables’ catalogue. This exclusive discount is available only until 11:59 EST Nov. 21 so capitalize on it today!


Among the items in our catalogue receiving this 10% discount are the sit standing height adjustable desk ergo riser set at 26” and 35” wide; a sit to stand height adjustable desk riser for monitor black; a single monitor desk mount adjustable articulating stand; and a dual LCD monitor desk mount heavy duty fully adjustable fitted to two screens up to 27”. Choose the product you need and don’t look back.


The biggest advantage to a monitor desk mount is that it allows you to maximize your available space. Use it to transform a sit standing desk, turning your workspace into something that not only engages your mind but also your body. Use it to fixate monitors to key vantage points that do not take up space on your desktop. For many consumers, using a monitor desk mount is a must for their workspace setup, providing them with an upper display and more space overall.


Prime Cables is a Canadian-based company that believes that work should be comfortable, productive, and energizing. Sometimes, office clutter can reduce productivity and create negative feelings towards work. Add this to the prolonged sitting that affect desk workers and you have the perfect recipe for someone who is not going to be happy with their work.


By providing an extra 10 percent off, we hope to encourage more Canadians to make a purchase that could fundamentally change their life. Take your workspace to the next level with the purchase of a monitor desk mount or a sit-standing desk. There is little assembly required and by planning ahead, it is easy to configure to an existing furniture setup. These are some of our best-selling products and we are proud to be able to offer them at a lower price point for a limited time.


For anyone seeking a premium monitor desk mount, this 10% discount applies at Prime Cables. Be sure to browse our catalogue for more information on selections.


Consider the dual screen desktop mount 360-degree free switch for monitors up to 27 inches, a full-motion triple monitor desk mount for up to 32 inch monitors, or a triple screen desktop mount for up to 30 inches two-side mounts with a swivel 90 degrees.


For 10% off, these deals are hard to beat and can’t be missed. Visit Prime Cables to take advantage!

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