Cyber Monday 2017 Tips for Choosing the Right Smart Home Accessories

Every homeowners wants to make the most out of their smart home setup. We understand that. The number of Canadian households choosing to automate the home is increasing and there’s no chance of that slowing down.


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No matter if you’re a newbie to the world of smart home tech or whether you just want to get your hands on the newest piece, take a spin through our classifieds to see what’s available and don’t hesitate to take us up on some of these once-in-a-lifetime prices.


Any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada and as a Canadian-made business who stands by the products they sell, we offer a 1-year guarantee on any item that leaves our warehouse.


The first step to choosing the right smart home accessories is in finding out what you want and whether you will have to retrofit your home to get there. There are some homeowners who have to retrofit big parts of their property in order to accommodate smart devices. Fortunately, there are many options that are as easy as plugging it in. Depending how many changes a homeowner may have to make to accommodate any one smart home device, they may want to consider alternative options.


The next step is to ensure that your smart home device is fully compatible with everything you need it to be. This is why it makes sense to buy smart home accessory products all from the same company or to get them in a package deal.


At Prime Cables, we have a few package deals on Cyber Monday that will get you everything you need for a basic smart home setup. These are worth checking out if there are compatibility concerns.


The third step is to check the level of security that you want for your smart home. Different devices come with different features. Additionally, you don’t want to open yourself up to viruses or hacking. Ensure that any smart home devices have strong security specifications with proper verification, authentication, and regular updates.


Today, tech in Canadian homes continue to grow and will add to any property’s comfort, efficiency, and safety.


Follow these three steps for choosing the right smart home accessories this Cyber Monday. Don’t hesitate to browse thoroughly through the Prime Cables catalogue to find all the accessories you want!

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