The Best Smart Home Accessories Deals on Cyber Monday have Arrived

Browse below for some of Prime Cables’ best smart home accessories on discount for Cyber Monday!


The Orvibo ZigBee Smart Hub for your Smart Home comes in at $59.99 and supports everything from lighting to air conditioners, TVs, curtains, screens, and other home appliances. For consumers already set up with ZigBee products and devices, this hub is a stable, reliable way to connect everything into home home base.


The SimpleHome Smart Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera is available for $169.99. This weatherproof outdoor camera will withstand even the harshest of Canadian winters alongside rain, dust, snow, and wind. Also, you can set it to record when motion is detected or leave it rolling 24/7. Hook it up to the camera’s official smartphone app and tap into a live stream from anywhere in the world.


The SimpleHome Smart Plug Energy Monitor and Motion Sensor Value Pack is on the market for $99.99 for Cyber Monday. Purchase this product to automate your home so that lights, and other appliances can be automatically turned on with motion. This motion sensor can be set to turn on anything plugged into its smart plug. Diverse and reliable, this is a great product for anyone just getting into the smart home accessory market and who might not be sure where to start.


If you’re looking for something a little more extensive security-wise, go with the Orvibo Wireless Smart Home Security Kit. This smart home security kit includes motion sensors, a door window sensor, a camera and a ZigBee hub. Easily installed, get access to all the sensors in your home and every camera within a single app. Priced at only $139.00 for Cyber Monday, this is among the highest recommended security systems in the Prime Cables catalogue and we stand by it!


There are many other options to choose from in Prime Cables’ smart home accessory catalogue. This Cyber Monday, we are offering exclusive discounts on each of these items and more so be sure to stock up.


There are many different ideas that people have with regards to what a smart home is. Though it can be extensive, it doesn’t have to be. By having some additional home security and smart home accessories in place, you add safety and convenience to your home. If it’s something you’ve been toying with for a while now, this Cyber Monday is an ideal time to buy in. Check out our smart home accessories catalogue for more details!


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