Get the Prime Cables Black Friday 2017 Coupon Code for 20% Off and Free Shipping!

primecables black friday.pngPrime Cables is proud to announce that for Black Friday 2017 only, it will be releasing a coupon code that takes an additional 20% off select items and that provides free shipping. With the number of people out there shopping for Christmas items for family and friends, as well as what they can add to their own homes, skip the long lines and shop with Prime Cables.


Serving Canadians since 2007, consumers have come to us to find cables, adapters, sit-stand and ergonomic accessories, instrument and audio accessories, and home theater system accessories, among other items. This Black Friday sale has never been like anything we’ve done in the past. These will be, on record, the lowest prices in Canada. There’s no need to look for these types of items anywhere else. They will be available exclusively via Prime Cables at a special discounted price and any consumer will be able to put in their purchase on the big day.


Better yet, with free shipping, you won’t have to pay any additional fees and you will still get your product in a timely manner. There’s no need to worry about not getting your purchase in time. Prime Cables has two official shipping locations, in Vancouver and Montreal respectively. Wherever you need your product in Canada, we will ensure it gets to you within a reasonable time frame.


Black Friday is a great time to make the most out of the prices out there in the marketplace. Businesses like Prime Cables are competing against each other to win big with consumers. We believe we’ve gone the extra mile to provide these items at the most reasonable cost, unbeatable on the big day even by corporate retail standards. Shopping with Prime Cables, you should not have to leave the seat of your couch to save hundreds of dollars across our extensive catalogue.


Give some thought to not only what you might want to buy to help improve your own home setup. Also, Christmas is just around the corner. We’d be remiss if we didn’t communicate the number of accessories in our catalogue that would make great gifts. Keep your friends and family in mind when browsing the Prime Cables site on Black Friday. Also, tune in on November 23, 2017 to receive the official coupon code you will need to save even more. Above all else, have fun and enjoy the black Friday deals!

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