Home Theater Accessories to Buy for This Season’s Christmas Sale


The onset of Black Friday and Cyber Monday means that the holiday shopping season is upon us. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your home theater setup, want to add new home theater accessories to your existing home, or are looking at mixing and matching products to create the ideal home theater setup for you, this is the deal for you.


Starting from $0.99, Prime Cables has a range of home theater accessories and items that can help fill out your Christmas season. Buy them as gifts for friends or family, or use the latest deals to save yourself a couple bucks on something for you!


There are a range of different items in a home theater setup. They vary widely depending on the person. Just sticking with the basics, there are mounts and stands that can be used to set up a TV speaker, projector, or monitor. Then, there are speaker systems and speaker system cables which can be used to build that sort of ultra-enhance, immersive sound you want when watching a TV or film.


From there, there are accessories that can be added on to those basic. For example, many pro audio and music instrument accessories sometimes get chosen to personalize home theater systems. These may include cables, control units, lights, and stands. There are also online media streaming devices that will let you connect to sites and platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and others.


Beyond these, an area that oftentimes goes overlooked is what cables you use. Even with the most expensive equipment at your feet, if you don’t have the right cables to connect them, your picture and sound quality will be limited. Prime Cables specializes in getting the right cables for your home theater setup, with a variety of TV A/V cables, A/V receiver cables, Blu-ray and recorder cables, and projectors and cables. Also, we have computer and laptop cables, smartphone and tablet cables, and smart home accessories that can sometimes be paired with a home theater system to add something really significant to the home.


Any order from Prime Cables over $49 is provided at free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Though cables are largely inexpensive, building an order to meets the $49 threshold may help give you more bang for your buck.


This Christmas, home theater accessories will be on massive discount leading into the New Year at Prime Cables. Please feel encouraged to coordinate what you need for your personal home theater system and benefit from discounts that you won’t find anywhere else!

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