What’s the Best Speaker and Subwoofer Set for a Laptop or Computer – read here!

It’s rarely preferable the sound that naturally comes out of one’s laptop speakers. Even simple Skype or voice audio can be downright poor on some laptop models. The next best thing to buying a whole new laptop – which if you love your existing laptop outside of the audio issues, why would you? – is getting a proper audio system for your laptop.

Now you don’t have to go full-on surround sound speaker home theater-grade with it. In fact, problems can arise if you buy speaker sets that are incompatible with your current hardware. Instead, a multimedia stereo-powered speaker and subwoofer set is more than enough to highlight laptop sound in all the right ways.

This is essentially a desktop speaker you can use with your PC, smartphone, or pretty much any 3.5mm device. These are much less expensive than home theater-grade speaker systems and performance-wise, you’ll get everything you need to elevate the sound quality of your laptop audio. Here are a few ways you can use your speaker and subwoofer set for laptops:

  • Listen to music without having to plug in your earbuds. This way, you can wash dishes, do some house cleaning, and live your life without having your hearing obscured.
  • Set up a little mini home theater system if you have a loved one over and actually get the sound you want from your laptop.
  • Never struggle again to hear any music, podcasts, downloaded or streamed TV shows, movies, or any type of media.
  • Add a little bass to what you’re listening to with an amazing-sounding subwoofer, which is well worth the purchase price of the whole set.

So what’s the best speaker and subwoofer set in Canada for a laptop – well, calculating on performance and price, try the PrimeCables model. Currently on sale for under $14, you get wooden cabinets and a vintage-style subwoofer that ups your audio game big-time. Plug in laptops, smartphones, or anything with a 3.5mm connector. It’s also worth sharing that if your device doesn’t normally use 3.5mm, there are adapters and converters also available to help.

If you’re looking for decent quality laptop sound, unfortunately you’re not going to find it in your laptop speakers. In general, they aren’t built for anything above the bare minimum. A 2.1 multimedia speaker and subwoofer set lets you enjoy what you’re listening to with way more clarity.

For under $14, it can really surprising the sound you get out of this set. THAT’s why they’re considered one of the best speaker and subwoofer sets for computers in Canada. They’re compact, perfect for a home office or bedroom, and are on sale exclusively via PrimeCables. Shop today.

PrimeCables® 2.1 Multimedia Stereo Powered Speaker and Subwoofer Set
  • On sale for limited time!

Here’s How to Upgrade Your Home Theater Sound System with Purpose

Home theater systems and the sound that makes them has gotten smaller, sharper, and richer. Although any video editor or filmmaker will tell you they want you to experience their work in theatres or on the largest screen possible, not as many focus on sound quality despite it being equally important to what appears on-screen. A 4K image, for example, isn’t worth a thing if sound-wise, it sucks.

Now imagine a home theater sound system where you hear every word of dialogue, every atmospheric detail, and every note of the soundtrack. Ideally, this is the sort of home theater sound you want to search for. Thankfully, contemporary surround sound systems and audio speakers are small and higher in quality than ever. You don’t need massive to win the day, nor does spending $1,000s equate to good sound. You can have excellent results with speakers significantly less in cost.

Monoprice® DT-3 50-Watt Multimedia Desktop Speakers

There are many ways you can go with upgrading home theater audio. Some choose to buy premium surround sound systems already configured and easily set up. Others meanwhile will purchase speakers and subwoofers that they themselves can easily move and position in accordance with what the room looks like. You can also start from scratch with some speaker wire, an amplifier, and go forth from there.

If what you want is surround sound and you refuse to look at anything less, search for a minimum 5.1 channel speaker system. The ‘5’ refers to a 5-speaker setup and the ‘1’ indicates a low-frequency effect channel which is a fancy way of saying ‘subwoofer’.

Monoprice® Premium 5.1-Ch. Home Theater System with Subwoofer
  • List price: $349.99

Using a surround sound system, you can mount the speakers against the wall, set them up on speaker stands, or alternatively position them on a table. Regardless of where you position yours, you will need to stick with strategy to ensure audio is moving correctly throughout the room, from the right angle and/or direction.

Can you use the audio channels from your own TV? Sure, lots of people do. This is very basic sounding audio though. If you really want to have an experience and fully immerse yourself in something you can feel in your bones, a home theater speaker and subwoofer far exceeds the limitations of any flat-screen.

For a lot of people upgrading their home theater systems, saving space is a must. For them, a Bluetooth stereo soundbar has the quality and functionality that’s well worth installing in a small room or condo apartment. If you want more than that, a pair of high-performance bookshelf speakers or home entertainment-friendly 50-watt multimedia desktop powered speakers also work. Needless to say, there are no rules. Choose what suits your budget and space.

PrimeCables® Stereo Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wired Subwoofer

Loud, dynamic, and high quality sound elevates a home theater system, and it’s worthy of an upgrade if you don’t already have the right speaker setup. Customize your home theater experience at PrimeCables today.

Time to Shop Bluetooth Stereo Soundbars and Surround Sound Systems

Kick off the summer with a completely re-designed video-audio home media arrangement.

Bookshelf high-performance speakers.

The 2-way pair of bookshelf high-performance speakers are the right choice for smaller living spaces, such as an office, dorm, apartment, condo, or even a bedroom. These two speakers are small in size, give that amazing clarity in sound, and are quick-connect.

Bluetooth stereo soundbar.

The Bluetooth stereo soundbar is one of the most popular home theater speakers in Canada. Included when you buy from PrimeCables is free shipping to anywhere in Canada. The advantages of a Bluetooth soundbar are that it can connect not only to your TV but it can also make a connection to smartphones, DVD players, tablets, and anything else with Bluetooth capability. Although a surround sound system can seem attractive, for when you want more functionality or need to save on space, the Bluetooth stereo soundbar is perfect.

5.1 surround sound speaker and subwoofer.

Surround yourself with high-fidelity sound using this 5.1 channel surround sound speaker and subwoofer. In this package, you have everything you need to enjoy a great home theater experience with 4 satellite speakers, a center channel for your mid-range and high-range frequencies, and an 8” powered subwoofer. Included is also 4 C-brackets to mount the satellite speakers to a wall. Give your electronics and media the speaker system they deserve with this collection of surround satellite speakers.

25-watt speaker amplifier with Bluetooth.

If you want some more freedom to design your own home theater audio experience, this tube amplifier is equipped with 25 watts of power and makes for a unique hybrid hi-fi speaker. Use Bluetooth capability to connect a wide variety of devices to this hub. Features include RCA and USB inputs, 20Hz – 20kHz frequency response, and dual channel stereo analog. You won’t be let down by the power this amplifier carries.

PrimeCables taps into Canadians’ desire for high quality products at cheap prices. Suit up for summer by upgrading speakers, TVs, and whatever else you need. Any deal priced above $49 also qualifies for free shipping to anywhere in Canada. It’s well worth taking a look!

6 Tips on How to Set Up Multimedia Speakers and a Subwoofer like a Professional

A new set of multimedia speakers and subwoofer are easy to set up in a configuration pleasing to the eye. Will it be as pleasing to the ear however – sometimes, not so much. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to set up your media speakers and subwoofer the right way!

1 – Take stock of what you’re working with.

An empty room is very easy to set up speakers in. A room already cluttered with furniture is going to be more difficult. Sound waves are going to be bouncing off of unexpected places, and absorbed or reflected with what they come into contact with. High and mid-range frequencies are notably absorbed by heavy furnishings, upholstered couches, and more. Note what you’re open to re-arranging if it gets you better sound.

2 – Choosing your right speaker for your room.

If you haven’t yet bought multimedia speakers and your subwoofer, for small spaces, you may want to re-consider. Sometimes, a Bluetooth soundbar is all you’ll need to get great sound from your home theater system or computer. Just remember, bigger isn’t always better.

3 – Never place a speaker in a corner.

A speaker in a corner increases the ‘boom effect’. This is when the bass is overloaded because of a lack of spherical resonance. Essentially, when a speaker faces outwards from a corner, the sound waves end up just bouncing off the walls next to the speaker. Ideally, place the back of a speaker a foot away from any wall to help create distance and avoid boundary loading.

4 – EQ customization.

If you have manual control over your EQ, adjust it to make it the type of sound you want. Depending on if you’re watching sports, watching a movie or TV, or listening to music, you may prefer to set up different EQ settings. Though this can be tricky, you may have some presets to play with which can help.

5 – Setting up your subwoofer.

Subwoofers provide extra bass you won’t get from your regular multimedia speakers. This will protect your multimedia speakers by lessening the bass strain on them while widening your bass sound overall. Consider placing your subwoofer closer to the wall than you would for other speakers. This will help emphasize the bass effect and help with the ‘rumble’ effect.

6 – Calibrate and tweak.

Play with your speakers. Calibrate them, tweak them, and get them just right. ‘Good audio’ is subjective. If you don’t trust yourself to get them to your liking, there’s plenty of hardware and software which can be used to calibrate audio. You can even download smartphone apps to get it done.

Shop all your favourite home theater products, multimedia speakers, subwoofers, Bluetooth soundbars, and more from PrimeCables today.

Get your 2.1 Stereo Speaker with Subwoofer from this Cyber Monday / Black Friday Sale

Nowhere will you find a deal as good as our 2.1 stereo speaker for Black Friday 2018 deals courtesy of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce brand in PrimeCables.

PrimeCables black friday 2018 deal
PrimeCables black friday 2018 deal

A great time to upgrade your home theater system’s speaker system and audio setup, Black Friday’s going to come with price cuts as deep as ninety percent off select items. For this 2.1 multimedia stereo powered speaker and subwoofer set, leave nothing out when you tackle your favourite Black Friday deals.

This 2.1 small speaker setup is perfect for computer desktops, PC use, smartphone, or portable 3.5mm devices. Features include a classic box design showing some of its vintage style, and wooden cabinets which serve to maximize a crystal clear audio experience and guaranteeing the highest level of acoustic performance. The bass reflex tunnel on the front panel provides deeper bass, the woofer driver outside the bottom of the subwoofer box amplifies bass frequencies, and there’s also a master volume control on the back panel.

Savings like this are a potential game-changer for many Canadian households. As useful as a computer or TV’s own speakers are, they’re nothing like having a dedicated audio setup. Demand is red hot for Canada-based speaker deals below $25 and this fits the bill. You don’t need to pay $100s to get great quality speakers. Furthermore, sales days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday are built for this. Don’t pay a dollar more and get a great quality product. PrimeCables is a deal to watch.

Buying Cyber Monday deals this November, you’ll enjoy a ‘free shipping’ coupon applied to any order above $49, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. This is all for a one-day sale. See radical deals off cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, and network solutions. Shopping with PrimeCables, you’ll need to move fast. While quantities last, see major discounts and go big on sales. We got speakers, speaker stands, speaker mounts, audio accessories, and more.

Enjoy 2.1 audio in a speaker set containing two satellite speaker powered by a 2.5” driver and a subwoofer unit. If you enjoy watching movies, TV, listening to music, and consuming media on your computer, this is a great speaker system suitable to a PC setup.

Get involved in Black Friday – but, save yourself the long lines by shopping at home with us. We are one of Canada’s favourite home theater online shopping sites for a reason. Hundreds of discounts await.

How to Place your Speakers to Maximize your Home Theater Experience

Computer speakers, home theater speakers, and surround sound systems all have a science in how to maximize the audio experience for the user. They involve knowing where to place speakers, in addition to how to use the different speaker channels. Even with the most expensive equipment available, if your speakers have not been properly configured for the room, they can sound cheap. Comparatively, if you set up a cheap pair of high quality speakers just right, you’d be surprised at the audio performance you can derive from them.


Imagine having a brand new high-definition TV setup with amazing picture quality, and all the accessories and gadgets you could want. So you sit down to watch a movie or a sports game or your favourite TV show and the sound is horrendous. Suddenly, no matter how good your flat-screen’s picture is, the experience is ruined. People give way more thought to what kind of TV they want and usually don’t give much to what speakers are preferable. Speakers are not a casual purchase. In many cases, they can make or break the home theater experience.


To know the right speaker placement for home theater audio, you must get to know the channels you’re working with. Most of us will be working with a simple two-channel stereo setup. In some cases, you’ll add a subwoofer for three channels. Additional channels can be used to create a 360-degree envelope of sound that sits around the listener. Multi-channel surround sound usually require an A/V receiver to amplify and distribute the sound signal as required. There is no maximum amount of home theater speakers required however the biggest mainstream home theater speaker collections are either 5.1 which is five speakers and a subwoofer, or 11.2 meaning eleven speakers with two subwoofers.


The subwoofer is the simplest speaker to place as it can be placed almost anywhere within the room and it should still deliver amazing low-frequency sound. Let’s say you’re working with a stereo two-channel audio speaker setup, sitting one on the left and one on the right is relatively easy to put together but there’s more to the puzzle. You want to ensure they are at listening height to the viewer, which is accomplishable using speaker mounts, in-wall speakers, or speaker stands. Also, angle the speakers inwards towards the listener, as opposed to facing outwards. Regarding larger surround sound home theater speaker systems, thankfully, a lot of those systems come with guides that show where to place speakers.


To maximize your home theater system, learning where to place your home theater speaker system is a must. Browse PrimeCables for the best deals on speaker systems and more!

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Primecables computer speaker deal for pre black friday
Primecables computer speaker deal for pre-black Friday

Cheapest PC USB Speaker at PrimeCables
Cheapest PC USB Speaker at PrimeCables

Considering the Best Cheap Home Theater Speakers for your Living Room

PrimeCables’ home theater speakers are cheap, high quality, and start as low as under $50. You don’t need to spend $1,000s to get good quality speakers to supplement a high quality TV or projector screen. Considering its price point, nothing else comes even remotely close. There are some real room-shaking surround sound options to browse in addition to smaller sound setups, appropriate for spaces of all shapes and sizes.


Some of our favourite options include a Bluetooth home theater wireless speaker setup w/ fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. Available for $49.99, indulge in multiple input options, a full functioning remote, superior sound quality, and a modern slim design that can fit into more or less anywhere in your living room.


For only $39.99, you may also want to go with a pair of high-performance bookshelf speakers. Perfect for gamers or Canadians using an office desk for a desktop computer, home theater bookshelf speakers like these are perfect for home offices, dorm rooms, and smaller multi-purpose setups. Less expensive than the Bluetooth model, this is a great choice for start-up home theaters. If you’re planning to build an in-wall speaker setup, consider the PrimeCables’ 6.5” 2-way frameless speaker pair for $49.99. Including a paintable frameless magnetic grille, these guys provide superior sound quality at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere.


Compared to value brands, PrimeCables models consistently outperform on price, availability, and sound quality. If you want to spend more, there’s no shortage of home theater speaker options out there to take advantage of. Enjoy a detailed, faithful, and subtle listening experience with PrimeCables speakers. You’ll never have to struggle to hear dialogue, hear distortion across certain frequencies, or see your speakers struggle with higher volumes. For audiophiles, home theater enthusiasts, and Canadian homeowners, get the benefit of paying for less for an advanced system that’s relatively easy to set up. Combine your speakers with other accessories from PrimeCables for a full home theater experience.


PrimeCables has worked with manufacturers to provide the best quality products at the best possible prices. See exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions on cheap home theater speakers and more. See fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $29 September-only, as well as free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Just a click away, your favourite home theater speakers are available today from Canada’s top eCommerce brand. Shop PrimeCables today.

What are the Best Computer Speakers to use for Home Theater Systems – read here!

For condos in Canada, in small basement spaces, and multi-purpose living rooms, some consumers choose to manufacture their home theater experience using a combination of traditional and more advanced tech elements. For example, computer speakers sometimes double as home theater speakers.


If you’re looking to turn up the volume and get home theater-level sound though, not every pair of desktop speakers is going to do the trick. If anything, most won’t. That makes it important to find speakers you know are going to be able to deliver in performance.


PrimeCables is a top Canadian eCommerce brand selling home theater speaker systems, surround sound, and computer speakers. The thin, tinny sound of computer speakers is not something any consumer wants to hear when trying to catch their favourite TV show or movie. Thankfully, there are some inexpensive computer speakers available through PrimeCables that’ll provide a huge audio upgrade at big discounts.


Choose from powerful bookshelf stereo speaker pairs, full surround sound options, or wireless Bluetooth soundbars that can also make for a great home music system. None of these options cost an arm and a leg. Browse today if you don’t believe us.


Keep an eye out for the more popular computer speakers for home theater use in the PrimeCables catalogue, including a stereo Bluetooth soundbar with wired and wireless speakers for under $50, a portable mini-home theater system Bluetooth soundbar speaker for under $40, a two-way pair of bookshelf speakers high-performance also for under $40, and the official Monoprice 5.1 channel home theater satellite speakers and subwoofer all-in-one offer for only $149.99.


If you’re just looking for a basic set of two speakers, you’re not alone. A set of two is easily the most recommended option for computer-home theater combinations. That said, in some cases, consumers choose to have the thumping bass of a subwoofer, full surround sound with a 5.1 system, and/or Bluetooth connectivity. Thankfully, when you browse with PrimeCables, you have the opportunity to customize and select only what you need.


PrimeCables’ computer speakers and home theater products stand among top household brands in quality. The only difference is you’ll notice these products at significantly lower price points with us. See great designs, nicely rounded builds, and with some fantastic features and high-class audio comparable to the world’s biggest home theater names.


How to choose the right speaker wire gauge for your home theatre at PrimeCables.ca!

Picking the best speaker wire for your home theatre system starts with understanding the wire gauge. Speaker cables measure gauge by AWG, and using this value, you can determine precisely what you need for your setup.

We have cables of every shape and size, so, once you figure out what most suits your needs, you can browse our massive catalogue of top-quality PrimeCables® speaker wire to enhance your home entertainment experience and get the most out of your amplifier and speakers.

Buy the best speaker wire deals for home theater system at PrimeCables.ca
Buy the best speaker wire deals for home theater system at PrimeCables.ca

PrimeCables® speaker wires include a lifetime warranty and free return shipping. If you ever have a problem with it, whether it breaks, corrodes, or the cable’s performance simply doesn’t match your expectations, you can send it back, free of charge, and we’ll help you get what you need.

The utmost important quality of speaker wire is not how big the AWG number is, but what resistance works best with your amp and speaker. More specifically, it’s the insertion loss and damping factor which ultimately influence the resistance of your cable, in turn affecting the output of your speaker.

Insertion loss can be mitigated by reducing its overall effect to your system. Installing speaker wire with lower AWG is better for distant wiring (meaning your amplifier is in the front of the room and your speakers at the back, for example). Because there is less resistance over a greater distance, you minimize the influence of insertion loss in the system. Conversely, if you have speakers standing on either side of your amp, for instance, hugging the sides of your display, then you would want wires with a greater AWG, which are less thick and more resistant, delivering the best current to your loudspeaker over a short distance.

After a distance of around 10 feet, an AWG of 16 or lower will deliver the best results with a speaker load of 8 ohms.

The same goes for the damping factor. With a lower resistance, you can run longer lengths of wire. That’s because it’s a ratio between the loudspeaker impedance and the source impedance (for example, your amp + wire): too low, and you’ll experience excess frequency variation; too high, and you’ll hear booming from the bass.

All in all, if you’re doing a short-length sound system installation, then you’re going to want a high AWG value to improve the efficiency of your speaker and amp system, and if you’re doing an elongated setup, then you’re probably going to need low gauge cable to keep the resistance in check across the length of your floor or wall, however you’re wiring up your speakers.

Don’t forget to check what ohms impedance your speaker is before attempting to estimate the gauge you should use. With 8 ohm speakers, for example, 10 AWG would be good for 100 feet of cabling, whereas 18 AWG would be better for 10 feet; with 4 ohm speakers, these distances are halved for the same gauges, respectively.

For all your speaker wire needs, visit us today at PrimeCables.ca.