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Here’s How to Upgrade Your Home Theater Sound System with Purpose

Home theater systems and the sound that makes them has gotten smaller, sharper, and richer. Although any video editor or filmmaker will tell you they want you to experience their work in theatres or on the largest screen possible, not as many focus on sound quality despite it being equally important to what appears on-screen. A 4K image, for example,…

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Time to Shop Bluetooth Stereo Soundbars and Surround Sound Systems

Kick off the summer with a completely re-designed video-audio home media arrangement. Bookshelf high-performance speakers. The 2-way pair of bookshelf high-performance speakers are the right choice for smaller living spaces, such as an office, dorm, apartment, condo, or even a bedroom. These two speakers are small in size, give that amazing clarity in sound, and are quick-connect. PrimeCables® Bookshelf Speakers…

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6 Tips on How to Set Up Multimedia Speakers and a Subwoofer like a Professional

A new set of multimedia speakers and subwoofer are easy to set up in a configuration pleasing to the eye. Will it be as pleasing to the ear however – sometimes, not so much. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to set up your media speakers and subwoofer the right way! 1 – Take stock of what…

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Get your 2.1 Stereo Speaker with Subwoofer from this Cyber Monday / Black Friday Sale

Nowhere will you find a deal as good as our 2.1 stereo speaker for Black Friday 2018 deals courtesy of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce brand in PrimeCables. A great time to upgrade your home theater system’s speaker system and audio setup, Black Friday’s going to come with price cuts as deep as ninety percent off select items. For this 2.1…

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How to Place your Speakers to Maximize your Home Theater Experience

Computer speakers, home theater speakers, and surround sound systems all have a science in how to maximize the audio experience for the user. They involve knowing where to place speakers, in addition to how to use the different speaker channels. Even with the most expensive equipment available, if your speakers have not been properly configured for the room, they can…

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Get PrimeCables PC Speaker for $14.99 plus FREE SHIPPING today!

Hi all, PrimeCables is having this 24h deal for the PC multimedia speaker for $14.99 plus the free shipping (No coupon required), at the same time, all the customers made this purchase will get 10X S-Points, which will allow the customers to redeem gift like certain products and gift cards depending on the gifting points / option. This PrimeCables doorcrasher…

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Considering the Best Cheap Home Theater Speakers for your Living Room

PrimeCables’ home theater speakers are cheap, high quality, and start as low as under $50. You don’t need to spend $1,000s to get good quality speakers to supplement a high quality TV or projector screen. Considering its price point, nothing else comes even remotely close. There are some real room-shaking surround sound options to browse in addition to smaller sound…

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What are the Best Computer Speakers to use for Home Theater Systems – read here!

For condos in Canada, in small basement spaces, and multi-purpose living rooms, some consumers choose to manufacture their home theater experience using a combination of traditional and more advanced tech elements. For example, computer speakers sometimes double as home theater speakers.   If you’re looking to turn up the volume and get home theater-level sound though, not every pair of…

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How to choose the right speaker wire gauge for your home theatre at!

Picking the best speaker wire for your home theatre system starts with understanding the wire gauge. Speaker cables measure gauge by AWG, and using this value, you can determine precisely what you need for your setup. We have cables of every shape and size, so, once you figure out what most suits your needs, you can browse our massive catalogue…

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